Cartoon Porn Videos! Yeah, you won't find any real women on here! Being bias towards one porn category when reviewing a porn site is probably not a good thing, but you can’t deny that the world of hentai is where the kinkiest shit happens. Well, I am here to introduce a great hentai website called cartoonpornvideos.com, and here you will get to watch all kinds of kinky shit, which is to be expected; right?The real reason why people are fucking in love with this genre is quite simple; every slut featured in a hentai movie is perfect, not to mention that everything is allowed. Since this is not reality, but animations, that means that there are no limits… you can see all the forbidden shit that you might not be able to see in real porn.Now, I am pretty sure that all of the fuckers reading this know what ‘hentai’ actually is, but in case you were living under a rock this whole time, let me explain. Hentai is pornographic animation from Japan, and it's fucking amazing. All the animations here are subbed, which is a great thing for those who love to hear the bitches whine.One thing I really love when it comes to these naughty animations is the fact that some of them were fan-made and they feature characters from an already-existing game or anime. This means that if you ever wanted to see your favorite characters fuck, you will be able to see that shit here.For example, there are plenty of 3D animations of OW characters, and I know that everyone can get off watching Mercy, Mei, Widow, and other hot characters get fucked hard. However, you also have the weirder animations, such as the little mermaid Ariel, getting fucked by the old butler…I will say one thing; before you actually start browsing the shit this place has to offer, you need to be prepared if you did not watch hentai before. Like I already mentioned, everything is allowed in the hentai world, which means that a lot of weird, bizarre or fucking twisted shit is shown as well; from categories such as gore, rape, lolicon to some more basic tags.Now, Cartoon Porn Videos' design is quite basic if you ask me… it’s like they did not really try to make this shit a bit more presentable. But, while this place looks quite basic, it does its job of offering great videos in a very simple way, which is the only shit that matters, right?In the beginning, you will get a random list of clips, which are most popular, and as I have noticed most of them are labeled to be HD clips. Those that are labeled are actually HD, which was a nice surprise for a change since many websites say that they are offering HD but apparently many of them do not know what that fucking means.While I was browsing I did find a couple of clips that were not actually subbed, so I guess not all of their clips have subs, but the majority of them do. On the side, you have the categories, and you can also choose to list them in a separate tab. I was slightly disappointed, since they only covered the very basic tags, and I expected to see much more than that.However, while their categories stayed basic, if you scroll all the way down in the Categories section, you will get a shit ton of tags… maybe too many even. Well, if you are searching for something quite fucking specific, you do not have to worry about finding that shit, because I honestly found all of the kinky videos I know I’d enjoy, which means that you will find the shit you want as well.Since plenty of already-known characters are featured you also have a tab dedicated to ‘Characters’ only. This is the first time I see a hentai website offer such search options, and I am quite surprised, in a positive way. Here you will get a list of series that you might be interested in, from OW, Street Fighters, Skyrim, to Pokémon, One Piece, Sailor Moon and others.There is also a special part where the members of the site can post their naughty images, so if you are into amateurs showing off their naughty side, have fun browsing. I honestly get nothing from the images and all that shit, but I am sure that some of you get a kick out of watching a horny amateur chick or lad get naked.Besides the wonderful videos that cartoonpornvideos.com has to offer, there is also a special section dedicated to porn games. But, I did run into a couple of videos from the games instead of having actual gameplay, which was quite fucking weird. Nevertheless, there are plenty of porn games if you are into that, and if you do not find any satisfying content here, you can browse other porn game sites I reviewed instead.Of course, since you can become a member on the site and view other people’s shit, you can also just list the members if you want. Every member will have a profile pic and some details listed, and once you become a member you will be able to send them a message or add them as a friend. I guess here you can get to know more about other people who share the same love for hentai as you.This place is also a part of a porn network, and the sites within that network will be listed on the side as well. Other than that, I do not think there is anything else I missed. You can download all the crap that cartoonpornvideos.com offers, and if you love hentai as much as I do, I am pretty fucking sure you will enjoy your stay.