Rule 34 Porn! If you have spent any kind of time around porn communities like Reddit, 4Chan, and so on, you have no doubt heard about ‘Rule 34.’ For those that are either too old or too goddamn stupid to know what I’m talking about, let me fill you in like I filled up your mother last weekend behind the bowling alley. Rule 34 at its core means that if you even imagine something being pornographic, no matter how ridiculous it may seem, assume that the porn already exists.If you can imagine it, chances are someone has already sexualized and degraded the subject matter somewhere on the Internet. So while you may have thought that you were being clever by writing 20 seasons of Golden Girls pornographic episodes, someone beat you to the punch. It exists somewhere, somehow out there, so don’t think you’re fucking original.I don’t think it’s an absurd rule either. Rule 34 Porn basically proves that every character to ever exist in anything has basically been sexualized in one form or another. The massive tag list essentially proves that (much more on that later). And if Rule 34 Porn doesn’t have it for some reason, buddy, do your own Google search and you will find any obscure character that you can think of has been sexified. Don’t bet against horny fuckers on the Internet.Some of the wildest animated porn I’ve ever seenListen, I have seen some pretty goddamn insane porn over the years. Especially when it comes to hentai and all kinds of animated porn. But let me tell you, that porn pales in comparison to some of the porn that I fucking watched on Rule 34 Porn!It isn’t that I found porn on Rule 34 Porn that made me squeamish. None of it offended me, either. I’m not a goddamn pussy; I can take more of a hefty dose of edge with my porn than you can, mother fucker! Even so, many of the videos on Rule 34 Porn were so fucking wild that it made me sit back and say, ‘why, what the fuck, why?’ Then I would laugh hysterically, get a boner for some reason, and before I know it, I’m masturbating to Captain Falcon from Super Smash Brothers and F-Zero fame eating some pussy.If you think there is anything that is off limits on Rule 34 Porn, you’re a naïve little shit that is about to get a goddamn education on what rule 34 really means. I found a video of Woody fucking Marie Rose from the Dead or Alive fighting game series of all fucking things. Someone that’s way out of his small dicked league. But if you thought that wasn’t bizarre enough, I also found a clip of Andy fucking Jessie.Now you know why he keeps all his toys close to him as a college student. He somehow discovered that they had genitalia, and now he’s fucking each and every one of them. What a sick son of a bitch! I’m sure Rex enjoys getting butt fucked by Andy every night though.There was also a lot of porn you probably won’t be surprised to find. I noticed a lot of My Little Pony porn, which is like saying there is hentai on Rule 34 Porn (more on all of that later). Pinkie Pie was sucking a lot of horse dick and human cock alike, which doesn’t surprise me in the very least. I also found a clip of Patrick fucking Squidward from Spongebob Squarepants, which again should surprise absolutely no one anyway. Adventure Time characters were present, as were characters from video games like Resident Evil, Fortnite, Overwatch, and more.One of the videos that stood out and may have been even more disturbing than watching Andy butt fuck Jessie was watching a Meeseeks fuck Beth from Rick and Morty. I was intrigued yet disgusted at the same time, and I didn’t want to look away. Apparently, the full clip has him eating her out too, which sounds fucking weird as hell. That’s what rule 34 porn is all about, and who knows, maybe you will get a hard on watching this kind of shit!Surprisingly well-done pornIf you are like me and have watched porn for most of your fucking life, then you know that the kind of porn that you find on Rule 34 Porn has traditionally fucking sucked. In most cases, porn that featured popular characters from all sorts of mediums was generally created by people that didn’t know what the fuck they were doing. The visuals sucked, they usually didn’t look right, and you always felt like you were watching a bad parody.Today’s XXX fan fiction is in a whole other class. When you look at it today, the artists are clearly talented as fuck and know what they are doing. Maybe it’s because the tools and information available are so vast that anyone can become an expert if they fucking feel like it. Whatever the reason, the quality far and away surpasses anything that came before it.Rule 34 Porn proves this. Whenever you watch the bizarre fucking porn available on the site, you may find yourself wondering if what you are watching is an official clip or if it was made by someone with a fuck load of talent. For example, I saw a clip of Ocean from Fortnite riding her boyfriend. I fucking kid you not; I could not tell the difference in quality between what is shown in cutscenes on the official game and what I found on Rule 34 Porn.She’s fucking hot too, so I’m not afraid to admit that I beat off to it. If you are looking for hentai parodies as well, expect the same quality in the content. From sex clips featuring characters from Attack on Titan to Beastars (fucking obviously) and so much more, no matter what kind of manga or anime you love, you are going to find a rendition of it somewhere, somehow on Rule 34 Porn.Insane – and I mean insane – wall of tags!There are porn sites that have a lot of tags. Then there are those that have a massive wall of tags where you have to use the ‘find’ function on your browser to navigate. Then there are walls of tags that defy belief, and you wonder how anyone came up with that many tags in the first place.Then there is Rule 34 Porn’s wall of tags page. Let me be fucking real with you all. I have never seen a bigger list of tags on a porn site than on Rule 34 Porn. If you can fucking think of a character from a video game, anime, cartoon, comic, or in the case of wrestler Alexa Bliss, sometimes in real life, a tag will most likely exist for them.I found characters from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood of all things. And Bang from the original Space Jam. What a fucking obscure character.But what the hell did I fucking tell you earlier? It doesn’t matter what character we are talking about. Somewhere, somehow, there is a porn clip or picture featuring that character. I founded ThePornDude mother fucker; I know what I am talking about!From Nintendo characters like Mario, Zelda, Link, Fox McCloud, and all of the Pokemon characters you can imagine to literally every character in the Disney franchise right down to a droid from Star Wars you may have forgotten about, rule 34 porn is alive on well on Rule 34 Porn. Whether you get hard for characters from Sonic the Hedgehog or recent Disney films like Wall-E and the endless content featuring characters from Zootopia, it is all here and waiting for you.One thing to note is that it would have been convenient if there was more comics available. There was only about three pages of comics, or 30 comics in total during this review. The comics library needs to be fleshed out a bit more or thrown out altogether. I’m not sure how much of a priority the comics section truly is for Rule 34 Porn, but at any rate, it leaves much to be desired.The real star of the show is in every other section of Rule 34 Porn. If you want an all-encompassing destination for everything related to rule 34 porn, you have come to the right fucking place! Keep it here and visit often to see new rule 34 porn, and get off to some of the weirdest, wildest, impressive, and sometimes hilarious porn you have ever seen. Now, if you will excuse me, I’m going to go back to watching that Meeseeks plow Beth Smith and Woody fucking Jessie on a loop.Suggestions:Rule 34 Porn is the place to be if you want to see an insane amount of porn that proves that rule 34 always has and always will be in effect on the Internet. The comic section needs new and regular content. But other than that, if you want to look at actually talented pornography featuring characters from video games, animated content, manga, anime, and even mascots from commercials (like the fucking M&Ms), this is where you are going to find it!