Are you the kind of waifu-addicted weeb that turns his nose up at the sight of a real slut getting railed? I can’t say I get it, but I’ve heard you incels argue about it enough to get a general idea. You want hot animated babes that can do anything and everything. Real girls are flawed and limited by dumb shit like, you know, the human anatomy. Your waifus can do so much more kinky shit since you don’t have to worry about getting sued for trying to shove an 8-foot long gyrating horse cock up some unsuspecting pornstar’s pussy.Your dream waifu could take that shit in stride. And you want to see some truly degenerate shit. There’s nothing like jerking off to 2D or 3D whores getting raped by tentacles, monsters, animals, or your second favorite waifu. So, I went and did the hard work for you. I found a site that is utterly dedicated to animated porn of all shapes and sizes. We’re talking about hentai, SFM, and cartoon fucking galore. It’s all available to you free of charge at Xanimu.com.A Sleek, Modern Site Design that Makes it Easy to Browse for HoursThere’s a chance that you guys may not have heard of this one. It’s a brand-spankin’ new site that launched back in 2018. But don’t let its relative newness full you. This site came out swinging out of the gate and has managed to skyrocket in growth over these last couple of years. This site brings nearly 3 million horny fappers in every single month. That’s an impressive fucking number.But enough about data and all of that nerdy shit. I want to cover some ground here and talk about looks. It’s my favorite thing to judge bitches on, and it’s one of the most important things for a site. You cucks can talk about not judging a book by its cover all day, but you’re all full of shit. We do it every day. And it’s one of the most important factors for keeping horny fappers coming to your site. It’s got to look good if you want people to stare at it for hours on end.Browse a Lengthy Catalog with Thousands of Hot Animated Porn VideosXanimu has a pretty modern look to it. You’re not getting any crazy designs, menus, or snazzy logos. But you do get a simple, clean dark-themed site with a list of tags up top and a bunch of video previews taking up most of the space on the front page. Sometimes simple is the best way to go. There are ads that you’ll need to contend with, but these aren’t too intrusive. There are a few banners and most videos have an ad at the top of them. That’s it. No annoying redirects or pop-ups are going to get in the way of you and your waifus.Navigating this sizable catalog of hentai and SFM content is easy. There are a few thousand videos, so making use of this site's filter options is a must. You can use some of the most popular tags at the top of the site to get to the good shit in an instant. Or you can pop on over to the categories page to, you fucking guessed it, get a list of every genre on the site. Each one will have an HD image that showcases what the content is. You’ve got loads of kinky options like vore, ahegao, cum inflation, gender bender, furry, and tentacles.Jerk off to Free Videos Featuring Your Favorite Busty WaifusIf you don’t give a flying fuck about categories and want to focus solely on content with your favorite animated slut in it, then you should check out the character page. Here you can browse by waifu and pull up a complete list of every video they are on. There is no shortage of cum-hungry animated whores on here. You’ve got D.Va, Elsa, Ruby Rose, Lara Croft, Bowsette, Gardevoir, and so many more.Your favorite piece of animated ass is bound to make an appearance. Whatever you search by, you’ll have a lengthy results page full of previews. You can then sort those by newest, best, most viewed, and longest. Oh, and you don’t have to worry about making an account or jumping through any hoops to get your hands on this content. There’s no account support or anything like that. It’s a slight bummer that you can’t curate your own playlists or save videos to your favorites, but you can always do that through your browser if you find a hot tentacle rape scene that you simply can’t let yourself forget about.Stream any Full-Length HD Video on this Site for FreeThe video previews tell you just about everything you betas will need to know before clicking over to the full video page. You get the title, view count, video length, and a rating out of 100%. You also get a hot video preview that seems like it’s supposed to play a clip from the scene, but it would just endlessly buffer when I hovered my cursor over the preview. Weird. The full video page simply hits you with a decently-sized video player with basic toggle options.Though I do wish they said more than just “HD” or “SD.” What the fuck does that mean? If I had to guess, I’d say most of the videos on here are around the 720p HD mark. You can’t save or download any of these videos unless you want to be a nerd and use some sort of external extension. I also recommend checking the mobile version of Xanimu out if you feel like jerking your cock to hardcore videos of hot waifus getting fucked without having to be seated at your crusty battle station. It’s a sleek mobile site that works and functions just as well as the desktop version of the site.ThePornDude’s Favorite Features    I’ll be real with you betas. I can’t fucking stand some of the free animated porn sites out there. Those pages are often full of incredibly dated clips from hentai or videos that nobody gives a shit about anymore. And then you’ll get hit with a shit ton of ads that ruin the goddamn experience. This site was like a quality breath after you’ve been going down on some bitch for the last 15-minutes. There are barely any ads here compared to most competitors. The content catalog is robust and actually contains content that was made in the last decade.I know those don’t sound like high bars to beat, but you’d be surprised. And it was easy as pie to browse this catalog and find content worth blowing a load to. I loved that this site made it so that you can filter videos by character. I don’t get why more pages don’t do that. You horny fucks are usually visiting these sorts of sites to nut to your favorite waifu. It’s about time that a website made that task easier.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsThe video previews not playing correctly was a bit of a bummer. I tried a few different browsers and couldn’t get them to load up right on any of them. That should be fixed. And, really, I wish that this site let you download these kinky animated videos. Just let me right-click and save that shit to my spank bank for later. They could also just let you make an account so that you could revisit videos. I wouldn’t mind not being able to download content if they let me make a playlist of my favorite videos. Other than those small gripes, this site kicks ass. I can already tell that some of you weebs are going to have a new favorite porn site.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, Xanimu.com is a must-visit site if you’re looking to shoot your goo to your favorite waifus. You’ve got a ton of great videos on this site that you won’t find for free anywhere else. The catalog was easy to sort through. There’s a lot of fresh, new content on here from popular hentai studios and SFM animators. Really, you’d be doing yourself dirty by not going over and at least checking out the catalog. I highly recommend all of you horny weebs give this site a visit!