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You know, I never understood those weird kids in high school that jerked off to Hanna Barbara porn. Getting a hard-on from seeing George Jetson shit in Betty Rubble’s mouth while Space Ghost jerks off onto her tits never did it for you, but then again, this kid I’m thinking about did wear a cape, so maybe there’s a correlation there. All I’m saying is when I had the chance to sneak a peek at some porno, I chose the real thing, not fantasy.Today’s cartoon porn is fucking realistic, and I can see why some people could bust a nut to some of this shit. Whether you’ve been cumming bucket loads to Bugs Bunny dressed as a girl for decades or you’re into this growing video game kink that every camgirl and their mother is capitalizing on, head on over to PornHub.com/Cartoon and look at the thousands of cartoon porn movies and clips waiting for you to ejaculate to. From the most realistic animations you’ve seen to traditional, hand-drawn animation that may or may no scar you for life, play with fate, and head on over there.Over 24,000 cartoon porn videosIf you have ever wanted to watch tens of thousands of cartoon porn videos in a row, PornHub.com/Cartoon can make it happen. For those that want to challenge their sanity and how often they can ejaculate before their cocks look redder than Superman’s cum-stained cape (because you know it has to be), click the Play All button to play every cartoon porn video in order. Think you can watch every fucking video on this site? Bullshit, ThePornDude knows you can’t!That’s more of a testament to how much cartoon videos and movies that the free tube site has moreso than your endurance for watching cartoon smut. Even if you managed to watch every video in this section, guess what? There is always something new being added to PornHub.com/Cartoon, so you would not be able to see everything that the section has to offer anyway! When I was reviewing this den of cartoon smut, I noticed that when I would browse by new (more on the sorting options later), there was always something new to watch!While I cannot tell you fellas how many videos were posted throughout my review, I believe it is safe to say that content is consistently posted here. I mean for fuck sake, this is PornHub we’re talking about – the biggest, most popular fucking free tube site (and one of the largest adult communities) on the planet. If any free tube site is going to have tons of content getting posted to it all the time, it’s this site. So browse to your heart’s content and know that there is always something new ready for you to watch.A strong community of creatorsOne of PornHub’s greatest success stories is creating a community around the art of porn. Most niches and kinks are represented on PornHub in some capacity, and because community engagement is a big part of the PornHub experience, they have spawned their communities. It's similar to how NSFW subreddits have their own, tight-knit communities as part of the much larger Reddit platform.PornHub.com/Cartoon is in a similar position. Because PornHub now allows creators to be tipped, this is resulting in a lot of XXX cartoon creators getting paid for their work for once. Those on Patreon seem to be using PornHub.com/Cartoon to get their work known as well, attracting fans and, ultimately, new subscriptions that result in more financial freedom and the luxury of making more, intricate art.The result - as you might guess - is a plethora of unique content that cannot be found on other platforms. This isn’t the same kind of bullshit, shitty cartoon porn you might have seen on questionable forums years ago. The level of talent among some of these creators is off the wall, and if Disney or similar animation studios are not keeping an eye on this space to see the kind of talent that’s out there, well, they’re bigger fucking dipshits than I thought.Look, bro, even if PornHub.com/Cartoon isn’t something that you are into – fuck, I sure as hell don’t get off to this shit – you have to appreciate what a unique space this is. Yeah, creators getting tipped and paid for their videos isn’t anything new – look at the amateur section of the site. But the fact that there is a place as mainstream as PornHub to be paid for creating cartoon porn, getting instant engagement from fans, and having fans request and tip what they love the most is something entirely new and special.If you’re earning a living creating cartoon porn videos of Ed, Edd, and Eddy gangbanging the princesses from Adventure Time on your own time and have a blast doing it, then goddamn, go do you! What a time to be alive where people get paid to draw this shit. I can’t even conjure up a, ‘what the fuck, who pays for this shit,’ response: it’s a great time to be creative.If you love video game-themed porn…If you’re reading this and thinking to yourself, ‘goddamn ThePornDude, you’re making me want to try my hand at creating my dirty Sesame Street animations again,’ well, I didn’t give you the idea so let’s get that fucking clear right here and now. Secondly, I hope you enjoy playing video games because that seems like a requirement regardless of whether you’re a viewer or want to create content on PornHub.com/Cartoon. I can’t say with any accuracy that most of the cartoon content on the free tube site pertains to video games or gaming in general. Still, it’s undoubtedly the most popular kind of content on PornHub.com/Cartoon.Unless you have some bizarre hatred for video games or gaming in general, none of this is going to matter. A lot of the video game content is actually done in 3D animation, and the artists that create the content do a fucking good job at creating the content. I saw a blowjob scene someone created starring characters from The Witcher (it isn’t much of a stretch to say that there’s a legit blowjob scene in the game, to begin with), and it looked fucking identical to the in-game graphics. Another person created an animation of Daisy from the Super Mario series with her dress off, and while the tiny tits were a bit unsettling, it looked as if the design had been ripped out of a Mario Party game. And don’t even get me started on how much content features The Sims…It's not all video game content, though. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, but you’ll find plenty of Rick and Morty clips and porn videos of The Simpsons. Why do people keep making this kind of shit after all these years is beyond me, but few things in porn make me want to pour bleach into my eyes more than naked, yellow Simpsons characters spreading their genitalia. Whether you’re into that bullshit or you generally want to get off to cartoon porn that’s both cartoonish and realistic, PornHub.com/Cartoon has what you crave.Find exactly the kinky cartoon shit you wantIt’s a good thing that PornHub.com/Cartoon allows you to sort and filter content with ease because there are all types of cartoon porn available for viewing. When you want to watch a particular kind of cartoon smut, all horny fuckers should first look at the sorting and filtering options. You can sort by featured recently, most viewed, top-rated, hottest, longest, and newest. Moreover, fans can choose the duration of the content (between 0-40+ minutes), whether it’s HD or All, and even if the content is homemade or professional. Though in this case, I don’t think Asa Akara is going to be starring in any Sims 4 lesbian sex clips, those this isn’t exactly a valid option for PornHub.com/Cartoon.At the top of the page, notice the keywords that can be bound to the category. Click any of these keywords, and visitors will be able to see content that matches both the keyword cartoon and the keyword selected. For example, choosing lesbian binds the keyword to cartoon, meaning only the content that matches the keywords for cartoon and lesbian will be shown.Can’t combine more than one keyword to category searchIf you wanted to bind cartoon with lesbian and teen, you’re going to have to choose one or the other. PornHub.com/Cartoon does not allow you to combine more than one keyword with a category, meaning that you can only fine-tune your search results only so far. It’s an annoying blockade, especially when other free tube sites provide this kind of feature. The free tube site should consider amending this decision and allow people to bind more than one keyword to their browsing category.Suggestions:PornHub.com/Cartoon provides a crazy amount of cartoon porn and a huge variety of it. However, handicapping how many keywords people can bind to the category they are browsing is a missed opportunity and needless. The site should consider changing this decision.