Slushe is still in its beta version, at least according to the BETA stamp on the logo out front. We often associate the term with half-ass unfinished products that, frankly, should have been left in the dark to ferment a little longer. For that reason, I wasn’t sure the site would be worth my time or yours. Then I looked at the numbers and realized this is no bullshit porno art library; they’re getting nearly a million visits a month now, a trend that doesn’t show any sign of bills itself as an online community for sharing adult art. The concept itself puts it a couple of notches above your typical hentai library that just scrapes the web for content people have uploaded elsewhere. The whole gimmick here is meant to encourage artists to upload their own original material, which potentially makes it a goldmine for fans of both 2D and 3D sex art. I’ve been trying to whack off to Disney Channel cartoons all morning, and something tells me my fap session is about to get a lot more productive. Somebody call the sperm bank and let them know I’ll be bringing in a big donation later.This is What They Mean by Beta?The polished, modern look of the front page doesn’t jibe at all with my idea of what a “Beta” site should look like. These dudes have clearly put a lot of time, effort, and presumably money into the production, creating something that does feel more like a cutting-edge art site than your average thrown-together sex tube. The logo is clean and classy, and so is the overall has a thumbnail-based layout, which in and of itself ain’t anything groundbreaking. Pretty much every free porn site does the thumbnail thing, but Slushe makes it their own with tight, symmetrical square tiles showing futanari princesses, blood-slurping vampire sluts, babes with giant milk-leaking tatas, and a couple of alien orgies.From the images at the top, I thought that this might be a CG-oriented site, but there’s a nice range of both hand-drawn and computer art. The standards seem pretty fucking high, too, at least for the stuff out front. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of these guys do this stuff for a living. You’ll find everything from realistic 3D models of beach bimbos to detailed illustrations of musclebound warrior bitches to cartoon sluts with just enough detail in the curves to make the lizard part of your brain ready to breed.Of course, it doesn’t take much to stimulate that part of the brain, does it? I mean, shit, maybe you get wood watching fucking Nickelodeon, or Pixar flicks. In that case, you’re probably going to love all the X-rated parodies on display at Slushe. I’m still just peering in the front window, and I already see Elsa in a dominatrix outfit with a huge fucking cock, Kim Possible getting some oral action on the toilet, a lesbian scene with a couple of Overwatch babes, and Harley Quinn jerking off her own big boner.Naked Mermaids, Futanaris, and MoreI knew right away was going to have kinky stuff. For one thing, it’s all over the front page, where I see horse cocks, naked mermaids, monster sex, and futanari galore. The weird shit comes with the territory; it’s difficult and expensive to pull off in video porn formats, but fans of deep niche kinks can more easily create their own art of the stuff.One of my first stops was the site’s Categories page. I wanted to see how it compared to those crazy-ass indexes you find on hentai sites, with thousands of micro-niche fetish categories like Schoolgirl Penis Butt Drop, Tentacle Panties Harem, and Pregnancy Fur Inflation. By contrast, Slushe has a beautifully trim selection of porn art categories.They’ve managed to narrow it down to just a few dozen genres; each thumbnailed in the Channels gallery. Some are format-related, like 2D, 3DX, and Animation. Others refer to porno genres like BDSM, Big Butt, and Group Sex/Orgy. Since this is an art site, you also get a couple of freaky categories like Monster and Dickgirl/Futanari. Still, I was surprised not to find a deeper exploration into niches like BBW, Rape, Lactation, Furry, or Lolicon.If you can’t find your preferred kink in the Categories menu, just use the search function. I was able to find a nice collection for each of those “missing” categories I just mentioned, with the notable exception of Lolicon. That made me curious, so I checked out the site’s rules.What Goes and What Doesn’t at SlusheThe rules at Slushe expressly prohibit uploading photography, film, and shit you didn’t create. I don’t think anybody would complain about these particular rules because they encourage artists to add their own fresh and relevant material. They’ve also got a pretty standard set of “Be nice” and “Don’t spam” guidelines. However, some of the other rules will be a buzzkill for those seeking more “extreme” content.While rape is allowed, bans snuff, gore, and extreme violence, so you won’t get those bloody porn comics you sometimes find elsewhere. They also prohibit incest but do allow the same kind of “taboo” content as the mainstream porn sites, where everybody is just related by marriage.Finally, they ban any underage art. There are sites out there that put out page-long disclaimers about the legality of the stuff and why they choose to host it, but it looks like Slushe would prefer to avoid the headache of Lolicon and shotacon altogether. I know this will be a dealbreaker for a particular segment of the porn art community, but I’ve got to tell you guys that nobody else will miss it.Where’s All the Action At?Since prides itself on being a real community of artists and fans, not just another pirated art archive, I was curious how hopping their forum would be. It’s not quite a ghost town, but it isn’t nearly as bustling as I thought it would be. There haven’t been any posts in any of the subforums for a few days now.It turns out the action is elsewhere. The community is fucking active, but they’re not really chatting it up in the forums. Instead, they’re adding a steady stream of fresh content to all day and night. Since I started writing up this review about an hour ago, users have added an interracial beach bang scene, a chained-up demon broad with huge knockers, and a couple of 3D hotties checking themselves out in the mirror. Oh, and a few dozen more scenes of nudity and all-around depravity.If you are looking to interact a little more with the community than just shaking your dick at the pics, you’ll find a bit of conversation going on in the comments section beneath each piece of porn art. The site has some social media features baked in, so your username and icon will pop up below the pics you like. There’s also an easy button to share to Twitter, provided you aren’t some total loser who got banned from the platform.The folks who run also keep it interesting by regularly running art contests. They’ve just announced the Space Invasion Art content winner and gave the artist a nice interview. They’re now running a 4th of July contest, so render those cocksucking whores with American flags on their bikinis for a shot at the prize. Even if you aren’t an artist yourself, you can join the fun by casting a vote for your favorite.After spending a while browsing the site with my pants around my ankles, I can see why has been getting so much attention. Even in its beta form, it’s a great-looking site with an active userbase of artists adding good stuff to the pile all day long. Fans of more extreme subgenres of porn art may want to look elsewhere, but most 2D and 3D content fans are going to be well served by what’s on the menu.I look forward to seeing how this one evolves and grows because they’re off to a fucking great start.