Do we live in a Hentai Era? Well, I don’t think anybody who’s ever looked at Reddit could tell you otherwise. We’ve got a whole generation who grew up whacking off to Naruto, and now they’ll casually bring up anime in off-topic conversations about everything from wearing fedoras to maintaining their neckbeards. Hey, I ain’t judging, and in fact, I’ve got something nice for the weeaboos to entertain themselves with today. Who’s up for some free anime porn?HentaiEra.com, as you’ve probably deduced from the name, is a site catering to your most perverted desires to bang furry cat ladies, rape schoolgirls with tentacles, or suck a futanari’s dick while her giant tits lactate all over your face. Their sprawling free library is full of X-rated manga, doujinshi, Western-style porn comics and image sets. It sounds like a one-stop-shop for all my illustrated smut needs, but I won’t know for sure until I browse the joint for the next 12 hours while locked in a masturbation chamber. Wish me luck.Half a Million Naughty Bits of HentaiHentaiEra.com has been online for less than a month, but I have to wonder if the site existed somewhere else before. Why? Because for such a young domain, they’ve got a fucking ridiculously huge collection. One of the first things I noticed when I was taking in the front page is that it’s only the first of a cool 25,427 pages. If I’m doing my math right, that adds up to over half a million fappable comics and pervy art galleries.I’m not sure how they’re sourcing material, but holy fucking shit! That’s more impressive than the time I filled a Big Gulp cup up with my sperm during a marathon fap session. My anime waifu pillow drank it down, and she’s been a crusty mess ever since. I’m sure you can relate.Hentai Era seems to put the vast majority of their effort into collecting the material, because there ain’t a lot of polish to the presentation. It doesn’t look bad, but it doesn’t have the flash of a premium site or a higher-end tube. Really, it looks similar to a lot of other hentai sites, with a thumbnail view out front that leads to those half-million galleries. Sometimes it’s as simple as putting a big plate in front of a hungry customer.Speaking of hungry customers, there’s a cartoon chick on the front page with her mouth all stretched out from sucking on a big, veiny ding-dong. Clicking the image brought me to a massive 592-image gallery by this dude named Fellatrix, whose work here encompasses ahegao, ball-sucking, BBWs, futanari, impregnation, and parodies of Fate Grand Order and Jessica Rabbit, just to list a few of the tags on the fat collection.You’ve been on the Internet before, right? HentaiEra.com doesn’t have the fancy baked-in comic reader like some of the more upscale hentai sites, but their gallery format is the same convenient thing you’ve been jerking off to since you got on the Internet. Click a thumbnail and you’ll get the full version, with Previous and Next buttons to flip the pages.Harems, Fat Girls, Mind Breaking and DILFsI’ve already hinted at the types of perversion contained within the halls of Hentai Era, but it’s hard to do justice in just words. Text is just too clean to convey all the slippery fluids and tight, wet orifices filled to the brim with cock and other appendages. On the front page alone, I see a babe taking 3 dicks, a fat-belly BBW Star Wars parody, a chick getting fucked by an elaborate and scary-looking machine, a lesbian BDSM scene with all kinds of restraint devices, and a 151-page lolicon harem comic.The full HentaiEra Tags list contains literally thousands of kinky subgenres of hentai. The Tags area is more than a little unwieldy, clocking in at over 650 pages. There’s a fair amount of clutter and repetition, so I recommended sorting them by Popularity instead of the default Alphabetical. That’s when you’ll see a ton of the good stuff rising to the top.Some of the biggest, most popular comic categories here include porn standards like Big Breasts, Anal, Group and Blowjob. There’s also a lot of stuff you expect from NSFW manga, like Lolicon, Schoolgirl Uniforms, Defloration, Incest and Futanari.Of course, if you’re a fan of the genre, you already know that hentai and doujinshi gets way fucking freakier than that. Their Furry section alone has over 43,000 pieces, and their Tentacles area is up to 35,670. There’s Netorare and Lactation, DILFs and Tankoubon, Mind Breaking and Urination, Catgirls and Monsters, Inflation, Scat and Bestiality, and I’m not even 5 pages into the Tags.If we live in a Hentai Era, maybe it’s because so many of our modern fetishes are extremely difficult to replicate in live action. I reviewed a premium site recently called Hentaied that had stuff like live-action tentacle rape and cum inflation, but it’s the only site I’ve found like that, and it costs money. HentaiEra has a crazy range of kinks and fetishes that I guarantee you’re not going to find on any free tube or paysite out there. Not fucking bad for a free site!See Your Favorite Characters Violated!I’ve mentioned some of the parodies I saw on HentaiEra, but that’s only just scratching the very top of the surface. They’ve got thousands of different parodies starring your favorite characters in filthy situations. Like their Tags list, the Parodies menu is a sprawling, 200-page extravaganza of masturbatory options.What are you in the mood for today? Do you want to read some Pokemon comics with big dicks, or how about My Little Pony with big tits and sperm rainbows? They’ve got a huge Idolmaster collection, a ton of Naruto porn comics, Sailor Moon, Grablue Fantasy and Neon Genesis Evangelion, all sexed up, so it’s easier to jerk off to than the originals.With a name like HentaiEra, the collection naturally leans toward anime and manga parodies. The list gets pretty obscure in that respect, so you true otaku dweeb perverts are going to be well taken care of. There are also X-rated parodies of Western properties, like The Simpsons, Space Jam, Teen Titans and Spider Man. Even when they’re parodying American stuff, there’s often an anime influence, as can be seen in the big-eyed, big-boobed, dick-riding manga version of Gravity Falls.There ain’t much Disney perversion on the menu, which was kind of a surprise. I also ran into a weird bug with the search engine. Searches for categories like Giantess, Femdom and X-ray turned up thousands upon thousands of results, but searches for parodies like Naruto or Dragon Ball sometimes resulted in errors. If that happens, no biggie, just find your preferred characters on that Parodies list.Off to a Nice, Kinky StartGiven how young the HentaiEra.com domain is and how big their collection has already grown, it’s no surprise that they’re updating all the fucking time. Since I started writing this review, enough material has been added that the entire front-page selection is different from when I started writing this review.I checked out one of the very latest galleries, a 105-page doujinshi called Onna Kyoushi to Eiken. It’s in Japanese, so I can’t read the text, but the Tags tell me it’s got Blackmail, Bunny Girls, Group and Sex Toys. That’s good enough for me, especially with the big dildo and spread ass cheeks in the preview.I noticed a Download button, so I gave it a shot. Even after registering for a HentaiEra.com account, I got the same error: “There was a problem downloading this gallery, please refresh page and try again.” Refreshing the page never helped, so I wasn’t able to download anything.Hopefully, the download issue is just a kink that hasn’t yet been ironed out because the site is still so young. For a site that’s only been online for a couple of weeks, they’re off to a really impressive start. I usually wait to review the newest porn sites because I want to see if they have lasting power, but I already have a good feeling about this place.Hentai Era’s biggest strength is easily the size and scope of its collection. There are over 635,000 full comics and image galleries already, and they’re building the library fast. With a rich and diverse range of kinks, fetishes, and porn hentai parodies, you ain’t going to get bored around here.