Hentai Here! As an honest hentai lover, I must say that I really enjoyed the time I spent browsing and reviewing hentaihere.com. Obviously, this site is filled with hentai content, and I am here to tell you everything in detail because saying that a site is filled with ‘hentai’ can mean a lot of things. At the same time, just by looking at the name of their site, you already know if this is a place you’d want to visit or not.It is quite simple really if you love hentai pornography, then you should continue browsing, and if you do not, then go away; there is nothing for you here. First of all, I need to say that the site has a weird design... The navigation shit and all of that is listed on the side, while on top you basically just have a search box and not much else.The first thing I should probably mention is that here you will mostly have hentai manga, but that does not mean that the site does not offer any kind of hentai videos; I will talk about that a bit later, right now let us discuss what this site really has to offer. As I said, Hentai Here is mostly a manga site, and for those who did not know, manga are basically Japanese comics.The main reason why I love all things hentai is that everything is possible in a hentai world, and sometimes it is relaxing not to have any kind of limits, even the ones that are necessary. Well, since these are all animations and in this case, they are drawings, there are no limits as to what these hot girls can do. Believe me, there is nothing more beautiful than that.Obviously, I spent my sweet time browsing what this place has to offer, and I am satisfied with their naughty selection of manga. At the front page, you will be introduced to plenty of random manga that you can browse all you want since the site is actually free… For me it was actually weird to see a free site that offers such great shit, one could say that we are all blessed.Anyway, in the beginning, you will be able to choose to list the manga that was picked by the staff, anime, real porn and sex games, but all those are just links that will lead you to other sites, while the ‘Staff pick’ is the only content from this place. When you open a manga, you can see some of the details on the side, like the name, rank, status, ratings, categories, and so on.Some of my favorite manga included a beautiful blonde maid who was more than happy to please her master, together with a petite babe with gigantic tits who knew exactly what her man needed. The types of women you can see here will vary quite a lot, from busty to flat, from blondes to green-haired chicks, or even supernatural beauties. As I said, this all depends on the manga since everything is possible in the anime world.On the side, when you hover over the given icons, you will see what they represent, and that is a very stupid way to design that shit. Well, there you can choose to view the tags and let me just tell you that they have a lot of weird and useless tags, as well as the ones that are actually worth opening. I mean, there are over 7800 tags on the site… just, why?Once you choose to view all the tags, you will be given an option to filter the search, which was honestly very weird. I have never visited a site that allows you to filter the search options by more search options… At least, you can choose to only view the actual categories this place has to offer, and there are about 30 different categories for you to explore.Now, I am sure that those who do not frequently browse this type of content will not know some of these terms, which is why I advise you to check the meaning online first. For example, you have tags such as doujinshi (erotic manga created from an already existing anime/manga), Futanari (chicks with dicks), Lolicon (usually involves underage chicks or ones that look like that) … etc. I think you understand what I mean.That is all about listing the manga here, you should also read the “legals” if you are interested in becoming a member. This site offers a forum page for those who want to talk to other people who enjoy the same kind of pornography, and you can also request different manga you always wanted to read. There are a lot of options for you to explore, even if hentaihere.com might seem like a very simple site.Other than the actual content, you have a lot of links that will lead you to other sites which all offer kinky animated videos or manga, so if you liked the content here, you should check out everything else they have to offer. Some of those links will just be Ads, but most of them will lead to actual sites that offer great content.If this is your first time browsing such naughty content, and you do not know what to read first, the last given option on the side will randomly give you a hentai manga to read, so why not give that a try? They cover a lot of different tags, and if you have any issues feel free to talk to other members or contact their admin. Overall, I really enjoyed the content on hentaihere.com, and I am sure that you will too.