Many Toon! When you’re looking for some good porn comics to beat off to on your lunch break, there’s always the question of just how many sex cartoons you’d like to have at your disposal. One piece of manga might do it, but two is even better. If you’ve got a whole stack of nasty hentai, that will keep you going a long time. At ManyToon, they aim to provide you with many pornographic toons. The number here may be vague, but it’s certainly high, and that’s what we’re looking is a new one, exploding on the web in July 2019. A lot of these sex manga websites pop off in a big way, and these fuckers are no exception. I guess you nerds are just always on the lookout for new sources of lolicon bondage and kinky beastiality comics, huh? There aren’t many sources for these things, which helps explain why the site is already getting around 6000 visitors each and every day.Sexy Bitches, Little Sluts and Really Hung DogsWhen I hit the landing page at ManyToon, I wasn’t sure immediately if the website was all about comics or animated cartoons. Why? Even with my spam blocker running, the page is kind of ugly with advertisements. The first thing I see on the page is a big, broken block that my plug-in couldn’t fully get rid of. Below that is an animated GIF for a free MILF tube.Scroll down a little bit to see the website’s actual content. The latest comic updates feature new chapters from a bunch of ongoing hentai series. I see sad but buxom schoolgirls, naked housewives, and a couple of hot bitches tied together with their cunts in each other’s faces.The little thumbnails on the front page are sexy, but they’re actually not all that explicit. You can tell some of these girls are in the process of getting railed really fucking hard, but there’s no visible penetration anywhere. On closer inspection, none of the nipples are even visible on any of these giant, glistening manga titties.Despite the lack of fully defined genital insertion out front, some of these titles give away the utter kinkiness inside. The picture for Barefoot: The Leash Manhwa Season 2 doesn’t actually show a leash, but that naked girl probably looks afraid for a reason. I’m guessing the school crime in School Crime is something that can get you permanently placed on the sex offender database, and My Aunt is almost definitely an incestuous one. The title for My Dog Fucks Me does all the explaining for me.ManyToon is proud of their huge collection of porn manga, but they’ve also got a clear dedication to the entire world of Asian sex comics. They make sure to mention manhwa, the Korean version of manga, and manhua, which is similar comic smut from China.Step into the Sexy Freak ShowI’m always a sucker for the freak show elements on all these hentai sites. My Dog Fucks Me sounds pretty goddamn freaky, and that’s coming from a guy who seeks out the freakiest hardcore porn I can find on a daily basis. Based on the thumbnail, I think this is a straight-up beastie comic, cannot a furry one. Now watch me get an email from some animal-loving neckbeard who wants to explain the subtle differences between bestiality, zoophilia, and furry fandom.My Dog Fucks Me is one of the ongoing releases on ManyToon. This is actually a shorter one, with only five chapters so far. Many of the doujins here have been running for dozens of chapters, with eager fanbases waiting for every new harem member, inappropriately friendly teacher, and creepy uncle who never should have been left alone with his niece.I get the same two pieces of spam on the comics page that I saw out front, but it ain’t too bad. I haven’t had a pop-up, and with no videos to watch, it’s kind of hard for them to force me to see a trailer for some “free” hentai game with an expensive gacha system.ManyToon doesn’t have a built-in manga reader like a lot of hentai sites do. Instead, each panel of the new chapter is presented as a long scroll down the page.Since the comics on this site have a ton of different creators, you’ll find a ton of different styles represented. My Dog Fucks Me is drawn in a very cutesy manga style that would seem totally innocent were it not for this chick lifting up her skirt to show soaking panties and telling her dog she’s been waiting for him.A Dog is a Girl’s Best FriendI can’t get over how cartoonish the dog in this beastie comic is. It’s got a cute little bowtie, floppy ears, and adorable eyes that just make you want to squish his face and say, “Who’s a good boy? Is it you? Yes! You’re a good boy. Yes, you are! Yes! You! Are! Have you ever given a blowjob, boy?”The cute little dog tells her, “Now that’s a RUFF spot you put me in!” Then he says he needs a little life breathed into his little doggy and fucks her doggystyle underneath an underpass like a goddamn bum. Or like a dog, I guess. They fuck everywhere, just like bums. I got confused because I typically see humans fucking in porn.In real life, dogs have an inflatable bulb in their dingdong that swells up once they’ve penetrated a bitch. That way, she can’t get away until he’s done. I was really curious to see if the friendly little fellow in this comic had a dick bulb, but my hopes and dreams were shattered as soon as he tried to poke her nipples with his doggy dog.Censorship is just so fucking hard to avoid with the entire hentai genre. I really believe a lot of these artists are fucking pussy-ass little bitches who censor their own material before uploading it to the Internet. I really can’t see any other reason why so many porn mangas and doujinshis are censored, since there’s no fucking way all of these pass through some official government filter.Anyway, the girl sucks off her dog. I think. I guess it’s also possible she’s eating a popsicle on the dog’s crotch, but I guess we’ll never know because mama’s boy over here censors his own material. Yeah, it’s totally not obscene to see a big-titted teen masturbating and having nasty intercourse with a dog now that the genitals are covered. This is totally kid-friendly stuff now. Somebody call Disney.Join the Community of Hentai PervertsOn a lot of porn sites, you find a peanut gallery of idiots in the comment section beneath every video. Nobody has anything interesting to say and nobody really interacts with each other. It’s just drive-by bullshit about how hot the girls are and how much some anonymous idiot wants to fuck them. Well, no shit!ManyToon is a hentai site, though. Anime fans, in general, are known to flock to the Internet to discuss their otaku obsessions, and they tend to do the same thing even while masturbating. There are a lot of buttons on the site encouraging you to join their community. A click will send you to their Discord server, which currently has over 1600 members. When I stopped by, over 100 of them were online, presumably logged in from the safety of mom’s basement, away from the prying eyes of women.ManyToon has a couple of minor issues, but they’re the same things you’d find on any free hentai site. Yeah, there’s a little spam, but a free site can’t survive without it. Yeah, some of the porno comics are censored, but that’s going to be a common problem with hentai until the creators stop being a bunch of fucking pussies about it. You can’t really blame ManyToon for these problems.I set out to see how got so popular so fast, and I think I figured it out. It’s a simple formula of having a bunch of free, high-quality porn manga on the menu. Their chapter-based layout is convenient as hell, and the content is some of the most depraved filth I’ve ever laid my eyes on. You might want to put your anime body pillow girlfriend in the closet, because she’s not going to appreciate all the neckbeard love you’re going to heap on the site.