Fakku was founded by a computer science major, Jacob Grady, in 2006. At first, the project was called All About Hentai and, after being shut down for a bit, was revived by fan funds and relaunched as Fakku.Over the years, Fakku scored a streaming license, published remastered versions of classic hentai, and uploaded entire magazines of English-translated hentai. With all of this content and growth, Fakku has become the leader in providing hentai all over the world outside of Japan.Don't believe me – then check out their homepage. Even without an account, you can browse through pages without worrying about being distracted by popups or catching some malware. Just to be sure, I checked SafeWeb, and it looks like Fakku is a safe and secure website which isn't crawling with on- or offsite malware.Cummy ComicsI know what you want me to get right down to – how hot and horny will these comics get you?Short answer. Very.Long answer. Fakku has undoubtedly earned its reputation as the number one place to go, outside of Japanese websites, for hentai. The art style varies, but the quality is consistently at a professional level. You can find comics in every porn genre which you're familiar with like bondage, stocking, toys, cunnilingus, femdom, and big dick. Since these comics come from the other side of the Pacific, there are exotic genres which might seem weird, but if you give them a shot, you might like.Ecchi – This term comes from the Japanese words for ‘naughty’ or ‘dirty.’ To be specific, the girls featured in this type of hentai are always horny and just can’t get enough appendages or phallic things shoved inside their hot holes.Interested in this category? Of course, you are. After all, who doesn't love a naughty girl?Yandere – This word roughly equates to a woman being head-over-heels in love with a man. In yandere hentai, the love-struck women obsessively eliminates any obstacles or rivals to finally be with the man of her affection.Oni – Meaning ‘ogre,' this genre centers around busty gals who look like sexy demons doing all kinds of naughty things to their poor male "victims."Paizuri – Like titty fucking? Then this breast-oriented subcategory is perfect for you.Yuri – Meaning ‘girl love,’ this hentai type features sweet, lipstick lesbians being cute and licking clits. If you’re into lesbian sex and pretty involved, romantic plotlines, you’ll like this genre.Bakunyuu – When translated literally, this word means ‘explosive breasts' which I think gives you an idea of what to expect.Harem – ever fantasied about having a group of girls to pleasure you at your whim…or even chase you down to get your meat? Then this category is for you.Kogal – People in Japan really love girls in school uniform. If you like seeing chicks suck dick in their fancy scholastic togs, this will probably be your jam.Yaoi – This category is the guy-on-guy version of yuri. But since the stories typically involve two guys rather than girls, the action is a bit rougher. From what I’ve heard, this hentai type is popular both with gays and girls.The one drawback of all of these comics is that most of them are illustrated and inked in black-and-white. However, if you check out the categories section under "Color" you'll be able to find dozens of full-color comics.Another thing I noticed that this site lacks is one kink which I thought was mandatory for hentai – the "sensation" that is tentacle porn. Seriously, I've looked over this site pretty extensively and haven't found any girls being gagged or diddled by octopuses (or is it octopi) or any kind of sea monsters tendril. Not terribly disappointing to me, but some of you guys might feel let down.Still, if anyone does find any tentacle X-rated material, message me and let me know. You know, for research purposes. I’ll give you a gold star and a gentleman’s virtual high five.Like any good smut site, there's fresh stuff being translated into English and upload for viewing and download all the time. To give you a tease for you what can look forward to as of the publication of this review, here are a few titles:•Fanaticism (Siokonbu)•S&M Ecstasy (Michiking)•Tittylating! (Okumoto Yuta)•The Katsura Family's Daily Sex Life (Higenamuchi)Actual Erotic AnimeIn addition to all of there comics, Fakku has erotic animated entertainment in full color, too. To give you an idea of what you're in for each anime follows a story – or at least what passes for plot in porn. Anyway, each episode follows a scenario which can be vanilla but steam stuff, campy comedy, or super kinky shit – all of it explicit, of course.They’ve Got Sexy Sex Games, TooSince we’re talking nerd stuff, let’s get into video games. Fakku has a whole list of porno video games with all kinds of different scenarios. They’re really more interactive, erotic adventures, so you can game with one hand and wank with the other. From what I can tell, all of these games are available in English, have great graphics, and run the gamut when it comes to sexual fetishes.Besides being fun to play, some of the titles are pretty funny. I saw one, for instance, titled Obscene Medical Records of a Married Nurse. To give you an idea of what it’s about exactly, picture a big titted nurse being led around on a leash, sucking and taking cock in every position, and being covered in jizz.There are already dozens of games being uploaded with new ones being developed and translated all of the time. Plus, with an account, you get all games for 10% off.Fantastic FeaturesYou might think that a website this old might look like it’s been slapped together after so many updates, additions, and edits. However, Fakku is one of the best erotic websites I ever seen, and the single best hentai platform ever.First, to make site navigation easy, all of the comics are thoroughly tagged with every applicable label which appeals to every fetish. For example, tags include vanilla, booty, creampie, maid, blowjob, footjob, and apron.There’s even a tag called x-ray.For those who don’t know, that refers to hentai where you can see a cutaway illustration of the guy character’s knob inside the girl. Try finding that in “real” porn.Besides the tags, you can see the comic’s artist, publisher, number of pages, and how many times it has been favorited. With a lot of the hentai, the description leaves something to be desired, but between the title and the promo art, you can get a pretty good idea of what you’re in for. If you still want to get an idea of the kind of smut you're going to read, scroll down the comics preview page, you’ll typically find a bunch of comments from other users.Are you new to hentai or just don’t know what you want one day – then use the random comic tool.Buy Your Favorite ComicsWant to keep your favorite hentai on your hard drive or to print out as a hard copy to help you polish your own hard cock? Well, Fakku has you covered with their complete e-store. You can order a digital copy for usually around ten bucks or get a digital and print version for about twice that. I think that those prices are a little steep, but if you really like this kind of stuff, you might think this is a bargain.You can even pre-order hentai months before it comes out.Just like the comic section, the product pages are tagged with appropriate labels, so finding the kind of stuff that you want using the built-in search bar is super easy.Getting An AccountExcited about being able to take advantage of all of the awesome stuff that Fakku has to offer? Then all you need to do is sign up for an account. Doing that is super fast and only requires your email address, a password, and username. Of course, you have to confirm that you aren't a minor, but once you've done that securing the account only costs $12.95 a month.Full Page of ForumWhat’s almost as good as internet pron – talking about porn with other perverts, right? Well, in the real world there probably are other things, but that’s not the point. Anyway, one of the other great aspects of Fakku’s design is its forum and its community. The main threads are posts about new comics, updates coming to Fakku, discussion about the site’s games, and of course the hentai. Besides all of the smut talk, there are posts about general nerd stuff (video games, comics, and cosplay) as well as threads about music, television, and even romance. On top of all of that, there is an entire section for fan fiction and original erotic writing.So once you’ve read some hentai and rubbed one or two out, you can talk about your favorite nerdy kink with people of like mind. To take part, all you have to do is have a Fakku account.Keep Up With Fakku on Social MediaLike any good website, Fakku has an excellent social media presence. Check to stay on top of the new stuff that Fakku has to offer, check out their Twitter and Tumblr pages. Granted, ever since the prude took over, Tumblr hasn't been the same recently, but Fakku has archived a lot of great promotional smut posts and similar stuff.Are You A Talented Pervert?If you’re reading this, I think the answer is yes. But can you write, illustrate, ink, or have some other marketable skill which would add to the value of Fakku? If any of that applies to you, then you’re in luck – Fakku is hiring. Just check out there Jobs page, send an email, and maybe you can help produce or distribute great hentai for all of the rest of us enjoy.Summing Up This Sex SiteFakku checks pretty much all of the boxes. There’s a near-endless amount of quality, erotic comics to browse through with more being uploaded all the time, regular updates through the site and on social media, and plenty of bonus material – all available for free.Compared to some of the other hentai sites I've reviewed like nHentai, most of the content is pretty tame. That is, tame by hentai anyway. So some of you real freaks may be a little disappointed. Overall, the comic content is great.For all of these features, plus the fact that Jacob Grady has been hard at work providing so much localized hentai to all of us in the West, I give Fakku four out of five fappers.