I had this dream where I got hit by a car and suddenly developed the ability to draw whatever I could imagine. Naturally, I spent my time drawing beautiful naked women touching themselves, eating puss, and getting boned. When I woke up, I understood why people love hentai, so I spent a few hours browsing the selection over at Pururin.io aka Pururin.us.The site calls itself “a free hentai manga and doujinshi reader.” I had to look up doujinshi, but it’s the same thing as manga, only self-published. Manga is the same thing as comics, except they’re from Japan. Got it? Let’s go find out why 6 million visitors are playing pocket pool to Pururin’s selection of sex comics.Big Tits and Big EyesWhen I heard the name, I actually thought Pururin was going to be another golden showers website. Pure Urine, you know? It turns out Pururin is actually how Japanese people write out the sound of their phone ringing. Try yelling “Pururin” a few times and see if anybody checks their phone.Google also tells me Pururin is the name of a character from an anime called Welcome to the NHK. Weirdly, nothing comes up for her when you type her name in the search bar. I can only guess they called the site Pururin because you can look at it on your phone.The main page is a wall of anime broads with giant eyes and giant tits. Some look really slippery, covered in cum or pussy juice. I guess it could be tentacle fluid, considering this is hentai. One drawing of a really cutesy face has a big, veiny cock pressed against it.It’s a super-simple layout. Besides that main wall of images, there’s a small sidebar with some site news, help topics, top contributors, and a few currently popular images. If you click the next page button at the bottom, you can keep going until you reach page 1,634. That’s a lot of fucking hentai!Full Comics for Full ReleaseI thought at first these were just thumbnails for larger images. When I clicked on a picture of a chick in a French maid uniform, boobs out and covered in jizz, I got something much better.The semen-drenched maid brought me to Pururin’s page for Succubus Stayed Life 6. The issue is tagged with categories like Big Ass, Big Breasts, Blowjob, Maid, and Schoolgirl Uniform. The artist and uploader are listed, and you can rate the content if you’ve signed up for an account.The real meat of the page, though, is the entire 28-page comic. There are thumbnails for each page of Succubus Stayed Life 6 that lead you to bigger versions, or you can use the Read Online link. There’s also a download button if you’d rather save it for a spank later.That right there is cool as hell, and I’m not even much of a hentai fan. It’s just hard to resist the allure of free comics books, especially when they have naked maids getting hosed down with hot spunk.There’s a little intro on the first page to fill you in on what you missed in parts 1 through 5. Matsukawa-Kun and Sakuramachi-San have been having sex every day at home and school, one of them is descended from succubi, and the innocent-looking cousin is actually a carnivore. Somebody uses “cock cheats” to deliver otherworldly sex, and this little slut’s tits have grown so big they make gym class more difficult.Yeah, it’s a lot to take in. The English was a little broken, so I’m not sure I understood it all. I just skipped ahead to the sex. By page six, this schoolgirl was getting dicked in a public restroom. The artist drew the cock as seen from inside the vagina, which I’d like to see them try over at Brazzers.Of course, you may be the type who needs context in your comic about a maid licking a student’s pussy clean. You don’t have to go far to find every other issue of Succubus Stayed Life. The links to seven more are right above the page thumbnails.Browsing the Cartoon CuntsPururin’s 1,634 pages of hentai are initially sorted by Newness. Hit the Browse dropdown and you can check the Most Popular, Highest Rated, Most Viewed, Title, and Random.I hit Random, just to see if anything weird popped up. Thanks, hentai fans, for never disappointing me when it comes to weird shit on these sites. The very first hit was a gay sex comic called Like Cat and Dog. The tags include Anal and Catboy.And yeah, morbid curiosity demanded that I click Catboy. The tag search brings up 90 items, so I guess it’s a popular thing. To be fair, most of the images do have catgirls in them, too.The tags are very well-implemented. You can tell from the exhaustive cataloging of artists, characters, and contents that this site is a labor of love for some pervy cartoon fans. Clicking any tag brings you to more of the same, or you can browse an organized list of tags from the header.A Thousand Categories of DepravityThe master list of category tags runs 1,020 genres deep. It’s kind of a pain to peruse the whole thing if you’re unsure what you’re looking for, since it’s 21 pages long. You can browse the categories alphabetically, but again, that’s not much use unless you know what you want.In the weird and wonderful world of hentai, everything goes. Squirting? That’s kids stuff. Gaping? Plenty of it. Incest? Oh, hell yeah. Pururin actually has over 5,000 pieces of content tagged with Incest, so taboo freaks are going to be happy.Those aren’t even kinky categories when it comes to hentai. Pururin’s content tags also include such doozies as Inverted Nipples, Living Clothes, Selfcest, Urethra Insertion, and Balls Expansion.As much as I’d like to explore all the bizarre subgenres of manga porn, I have important masturbating to do. Looking at the blown-out cunts filed under Abortion isn’t going to do it for me.I did have to go sneak a peek at Balls Expansion, because seriously, WTF? There were half a dozen comics about chicks with huge breasts growing huge, veiny cocks that get as big as the rest of their bodies. One comic told its own variation of the timeless tale, this time including a dude whose nuts get pummeled until they swell up like melons.You can also pull up lists of tags for things like Characters, Artists, or more site-specific tags like Circle and Convention. I couldn’t quite figure out what those were, but I think they’re different groups who handle hentai releases. None of the tag lists are as useful as the category tags if you’re new to the the genre.Chatting It Up with These FreaksThe Pururin forum is an interesting place. It’s mostly people looking for very specific types of scenes, and then other people telling them where to find them.One dude wrote, “I am looking for an Incest Doujin, where the MC is close to his sister and she gets posessed by a Succubus. To which she then rapes the brother, and in the end he uses his sister secret weakness: anal, which causes the demon to seperate, saving the sister.”It sounds like some shit your creepy goth cousin just made up, but nah, someone replied with exactly what he was looking for. It’s called My Otaku Little Sister Can't Be This Annoying Chapters 1-3, and you can read it on Pururin.If this is your first rodeo with hentai, these helpful freaks may be able to point you toward whatever you’re looking for. There’s also an extremely active Discord group, with 808 members currently online as I write this.Pururin (often misspelled as "puruin", "purinin", "pururuin" and "puririn") is not really aimed at newbies to hentai. You can find some neat stuff just by browsing around, but the extensive tags mostly consist of names and terms that mean nothing to the uninitiated. Hentai enthusiasts will get the most out of it. That said, the massive, free library of full comics should be enough to entice any latently nerdy pervert into taking a look.