Doujins (Doujin Moe)

Let's check classic old "doujinmoe"! Where can you find three naked women moaning in bed, a devil slut smothering someone between her massive tits, and a schoolgirl called My Little Sister jerking a dick all over herself? They’re all at the very top of the site I’m going to look at today, (previously known as "") has been around a while—the domain was registered way back in 2002. That’s a long time to build a collection of spank material, so you know they’ve got to have some stash. They’ve also built quite a following over the years. Doujins currently pulls nearly 7 million views a month.WTF is a DoujinA doujin, according to Wikipedia, “is a general Japanese term for a group of people or friends who share an interest, activity, hobbies, or achievement.” So, basically, it could be a sewing circle or after-school prayer club. There’s nothing inherently sexy about it, at least not if you’re going by that basic definition.The term is also used in Japan to refer to independently or self-published works, like manga, novels, music, and video games. On the Internet, it generally refers to a specific type of material. You’re reading this on The Porn Dude, so I think you can already guess what kind of indie media you’re going to find on Doujins.If you guessed that Doujins is a hentai site, we have ourselves a winner! Your prize is thousands of hentai galleries, all available for your free masturbatory enhancement. Losers get the same.One thing you’ll notice right away is that the quality of the smut on Doujins is very professional. This may be unlicensed, unsanctioned manga pornography, but they’re not letting any teenage Pokemon fan with a boner submit their art. No, the 153 galleries of Pokemon hentai were drawn by artists who know their shit.Naked Girls and Dirty Nerd NewsBeneath the Doujins header are three big images. One goes to a new movie on their sister site, Hentai0, another to a popular new doujin, and one to a blog post. They come up randomly, so refresh the page for a new set. You can also access the Movies and Blog from the header.In addition to the massive collection of hentai, Doujins’s second big feature is its regularly updated blog. It usually gets two or three posts a day, covering topics like anime, video games, and manga. The site has a very active community, so you’ll always find some good discussion in the comments.Doujins is a site for adults, so most of that nerd news is sex news. Sometimes you’ll get clean updates, like info on the upcoming Blade Runner anime, but it all comes through an adult filter. I can respect that. I’d probably talk about eating pussy if I wrote a PS4 review, too.A post about censorship in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate caught my eye. It talks about how Nintendo made the girls less sexy: smaller boobs, flatter asses, etc. I like that Doujins represented the story with pics of Princess Peach and Samus with their huge tits and shaved pussies exposed, even if it kind of misrepresents the story.Of course, the blog posts about hentai, camgirls, and pussy-fingering games are sexy on their own merit, without having to force in a semi-related porn image.Speaking of forcing things in, let’s see what these doujin girls can take. I’m heading back to the main page.New Galleries Every DayBeneath those big-picture links on the front page you’ll find updates going back a month or so, broken down by the day. They’re folded away into dropdown menus as you get towards the bottom, but the girls at the top are letting it all hang out.Holy living mother of fuck, there are a ton of updates. There have been half a dozen galleries added today, all represented by one of the images within. They all seem to share a theme. I see sexy babes with giant breasts in each pic. Some are getting fucked, others fucking themselves.A couple of today’s new additions are galleries of naked anime girls getting humped. The other ones are full comics with storylines, dialog, and a ton of dirty sex.Maybe it’s just early in the day, but six new galleries is a slow day for Doujins. It looks like there are usually more than ten. Yesterday, they added 19. That’s a pretty healthy rate of growth for a porn site, free or paid.I noticed pixelated genitals in the first gallery I opened. It was disappointing, and a little surprising. Only officially released material in Japan needs to be censored by law. If doujins are technically unofficial, independent releases, why would they bother to censor the dicks and pussies?Fortunately, the next gallery I looked at had fully exposed, wet, glistening, gaping cunts in all their glory. I guess it’s a mixed bag on Doujins.Cherry Popping is a Mother’s DutyOne of today’s updates is a new chapter in a series called World Where Cherry Popping Is A Mother’s Duty. Hentai creators are some of the most depraved motherfuckers on the planet, so you’re always sure to find super kinky shit on hentai sites. Some people go in for the tentacle rape, but I’m more of an incestuous anime mom fan.Unlike most of the galleries I’ve looked at that break down the comic by page, the new chapter of Where Cherry Popping Is A Mother’s Duty features the one-panel-per-page layout. I’m actually not a fan of this style, but I like that Doujins has variety in their hentai formatting.The first panel shows me Otta Kimie, a 36-year old housewife who is very serious about playing tennis and being a mother. It lists her measurements and her cup size, which I’ll get to in a second.“Passionate about education about morals,” the biographical blurb tells me. “Always makes sure to discourage her son from any kind of sexual touching or behavior.”You know, I think she’s going to have an issue discouraging the sexual touching or behavior. Oota Kimie is wearing a sweater that doesn’t do much to hide the head-sized j-cup breasts nestled within.The story is told from the perspective of Oota Kimie’s son, who masturbates to fantasies of his naked mom even before the unexplained announcement about sex education in the home: “It was decided that it was a mother’s duty to take her son’s virginity.”Maybe the announcement was explained in further detail earlier in the story. I have, after all, jumped in at panel 530 of 824.Epic-Length Porno ComicsWorld Where Cherry Popping Is A Mother’s Duty is a long and growing story, but that’s not unusual here. If you like to get really into your hentai, absorbing the characters and getting lost in the perverted world for long periods of time, you’re going to love Doujins’s selection of series.I get the feeling the Series section is one of the main attractions, as it’s ahead of even Artists and Top Rated in the header. The sheer scale of it is insane.The full, extensive and exhaustive Series list is divided into alphabetical pages, but it opens to a list of Popular series. I mentioned the 153 Pokemon galleries, but that’s small potatoes. There are 782 galleries in the Kantai collection and a whopping 1252 in Touhou.Premium Perks for Premium PervertsWhile there’s plenty to browse on Doujins for free, they also offer a premium membership for $19 a month. If 13k galleries aren’t enough to get you off, maybe 25k is.The membership also gets you triple the number of movies and higher resolution at hentai0. Members can request translations and have access to exclusive translations. They also get unlimited Zip downloads, versus ten a day for non-members.The free material is more than enough to last me the entire rest of my life. That said, if I was a big hentai fan, I might consider subscribing. The site is very well organized. You can tell the perverts who run Doujins really care about the material.Most viewers will be content with the free version of the site. With my ad-blocker enabled, I didn’t get a single bit of spam during my visit. Considering the price, the collection size, and quality, and the site’s ease of use, Doujins (often misspelled as "doujin moe", "doujinshi" or "doujinmoe") is an easy winner for horny anime fans.