IM Hentai! Alright, you cucks, time to listen the fuck up. All of your sex-starved weebs out there are always begging me for new sites. Y'all are like pigs to the trough when it comes to hentai chicks with big tits. And, you know what, I’ll keep them coming. This time I want to talk about doujinshi. Those kinky Japanese books with bitches getting creampied and begging for more. Usually, I’m more of a video kind of guy when it comes to porn, but doujinshi is some good shit. The Japanese have a way of making weird-ass scenarios hot as fuck. Big cowgirl getting milked and fucked by a machine? Fuck it, count me in.But so many of the other doujinshi sites you can find are pure trash. You get on and you’re getting ass blasted by hundreds of ads, the manga scans suck, or it’s full of art from artists that probably haven’t seen a naked woman in person since their mom let them suck on her tiddies. But don’t you guys worry. I did a deep dive and came across a site that hasn’t been fucking ruined by ads or shitty content yet.Full Length Doujinshi and a Sleek as Fuck Site DesignImhentai.com is a free doujinshi/hentai manga site with a massive collection of full-length doujinshi. And these fucks are brand-spankin' new to the porn scene. They really only started bringing in traffic a few months ago. In those few months, they have rocketed up to over 100 thousand views every month. For a brand new site, those numbers are nothing to scoff at. Some shitty sites never even crest that many and they might have been around since 1995. But I bet your ass that this site is going to be big. Let me tell you why.First off, they have a dark theme. I know I harp on that shit all the time, but it matters, especially for a site that’s all about reading and jerking your dick to pictures. The entire site is actually sleek as fuck. There aren’t any ads to be seen. No annoying banners, pop-ups, redirects, or any of that bullshit. And they accent the black theme with red, which looks almost as nice as some Japanese slut in black and red lingerie. I need to get a ticket back to that fucking place. It’s full of hot babes.Fap to Hundreds of Thousands of UploadsYou’ll see a short, simple header up top with options for “Random, Tags, Parodies, Artists, Characters, and Groups.” No unnecessary stuff to be seen here. Just the options you need to browse the site. They’ve also got a login option. It was a little janky. I tried signing up and it gave me an error but made my account anyway. I don’t know. All I know is that a free account lets you add hot doujinshi to your favorites for later fapping.The header options are pretty straightforward. Basically, each page gives you a different list of options to sort your search by. Each tag has a number for the number of entries in that section, but that’s it. Oh, and you can sort by A-Z or by popularity for any of these. And they have a fuck ton of options in every page. They need it though, because they have over 7000 pages of content to browse through.Get Your Freak on With a Large Selection of Fetish OptionsAnd this site does not shy away from the extreme. Do you want amputee loli porn? Alright, you sick fuck have fun with that. Or maybe you’re looking for some guro fuck fests? Again, have some fun with that. Whatever you want they got it. They have an extensive list of parodies of all the popular anime or manga that you can think of. Though I liked that Sailor Moon is still at the top of the list. Those sluts are something else.Filter by Art Style to Find the Perfect Hentai MangaBut don’t you go delving into this shit yet, because they have even more filtering options, and these ones are the real cherries on top. No more filtering through shitty art styles that you don’t like. They have options above the search bar for “manga, doujinshi, western, image set, artists CG, and game CG.” And below that they even let you sort by language in the doujinshi. That’s the kind of shit I’m talking about. This is how you set yourself apart from the other trash sites out there.Let’s talk previews. They are pretty damn solid. You get a big ass preview image of the cover of the doujinshi or whatever it is you’re looking at. You can see what language it’s written in, if it’s a doujinshi/manga/something else, who posted it, what number it is in the series, and the title. A page count would be a welcome addition, but it’s not too necessary. All of these are full-length books, so expect to sit down for a minute to crank one out. Or probably a few seconds for some of you fucks that can’t last past the first page.Great Gallery Viewer With Arrow Key Support and Free DownloadsThe full doujinshi page gives you a list of every character in it, all of the tags, the artists, and whatever else you could possibly want. And it makes shit even better, you can download any of these for free. Smash that download button and get the entire doujinshi for free in a handy zip file. From there you get a page full of preview for every page of the doujinshi. Click on the first one to get fapping. The pages load up in full screen and you can flip through using your arrow keys, which is good for freeing up your other hand for jerking your dick.Awesome Mobile SiteThe mobile site kicks ass. I was surprised, sometimes new sites don’t have that covered yet, but they kill it. Their mobile site is better than some other similar sites that have been around for decades. The only thing you can’t do on mobile that I would like to is swipe through pages without having to click on the arrows up top, but I’m sure that will get added in. Otherwise, everything is scaled well and there aren’t any wonky design choices. You have access to the entire slew of search options and all that other shit that you did on desktop.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesThe slew of intuitive search options was my favorite feature. Any shitty site can throw up tens of thousands of free doujinshi, but it takes a good one to make it worth browsing. This is one of the best doujinshi sites I have come across in terms of organization and quality. It’s so easy to flip through and find exactly what kind of kinky shit you are looking for. Especially when you can narrow it all down by preferred art style. That’s some next-level shit right there. Props to you guys.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsAdd swipe features to mobile and...fuck that’s all I got. This site does shit so well that I barely have any complaints. So, let me give some of you pathetic fucks a suggestion instead. Get rid of the fucking anime bodypillows. They are pathetic. If any of you cucks somehow manage to get a slut back to your house and she sees that shit, her pussy is going to dry up faster than the goddamn Sahara. Get rid of them. Sell them. Burn them. Whatever it takes. You’re basically cockblocking yourself with them.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, Imhentai.com was a fucking home run of a site. You get access to tens of thousands of full-length doujinshi for free. No ads. No memberships. None of that bullshit at all. This is a paradise just waiting for you weebs out there. Ditch whatever shitty, ad riddled site you’ve been using to jerk yourself raw to and take it over to Imhentai.com. The organization is next level, and they have a selection that can rival any of the other doujin/hentai manga sites out there. Don’t wait a second longer, get your horny ass over to Imhentai.com and get fapping.