M-Hentai has such a familiar name that I was absolutely sure I’d whacked off to it recently, browsing dirty parodies of Naruto where everybody has giant tits and a giant dick. It turns out I got a little mixed up, but can you blame me? Slap a letter in front of “Hentai” and you end up with a big handful of doujin libraries I’ve reviewed here at ThePornDude, from E-hentai to ExHentai to WHentai to half a dozen sites claiming to be the original nHentai.It sounds like kind of a crowded market, huh? In that case, I guess the big question is what M-Hentai.net does to differentiate itself from all the competition out there. The site popped up in 2020, so they aren’t exactly the newest kid on the block, but they have been getting a lot of attention lately from the weeaboos and otaku neckbeards of the web. As you may have guessed from the title, it’s a big, throbbing and fully free collection of hentai and doujinshi. The premise alone is enough to get a lot of you in the door, but let’s see what they’ve got for the pickier eaters in the crowd.Hentai for Serious Hentai FansOne of the first things I noticed when I hit the M-Hentai front page was a big button in the corner imploring guests to join their discord. I was a little too horny to chitchat or bullshit with the peanut gallery, but I was curious to see what kind of community they’ve got built up around the joint. I’m reviewing this on a Monday morning, and there were a couple of dozen users connected out of a couple of hundred members. If you’re looking to chat with some like-minded hentai perverts, there’s a decent little community here.Personally, though, I was more interested in what they had to shake my dick at as I ease myself into the work week. The site’s got a familiar layout, with the bulk of the front page devoted to thumbnail images of hentai covers and first pages. The site’s aimed at an international fanbase, so they’ve got porn manga in a few different languages. A flag beside each title tells you whether you’re going to be fapping in English, Chinese, or Japanese. I know a lot of you will crank off to it even if you can’t understand the words, but I know there are other purists out there who won’t read a tentacle rape story unless they understand the subtle romantic undertones.I had to do some clicking to find the upload dates, but I was definitely happy with what I found. M-Hentai.net is adding a fair amount of material to the collection every single day. I’m old enough to remember when hentai felt like a rare commodity on the Internet, with folks hoarding whatever big-eyed comic porn they could get their hands on. The collection here is big enough and deep enough that you can afford to be picky. Why crank off to anything but the hottest riff on your dirtiest fantasies?These Doujin Pervs Do It AllOne of the greatest things about hentai is how it doesn’t have to abide by the rules that govern porno in traditional photo and video formats. Without the laws of physics or the laws of man to get in the way, these perverts are free to explore the absolute freakiest of sexual scenarios. That willingness to go where no deviate has gone before is on display all over the fucking place at M-Hentai.There’s a fucking insane range of sex categories and fetishes. Just looking at today’s freshest uploads, there are big-boobed succubus sluts, a freaky little lolicon schoolgirl, an office lady MILF with an appetite for sperm, a babe getting held down and penetrated by an oppressive gaggle of tentacles, as well as a pair of bimbos getting banged by goddamn wolves. When was the last time you saw any shit like that on Pornhub?The full Tags list at M-Hentai.net gets even more specific. Honestly, it’s an unwieldy index, going on and on for nearly 30 pages now with crazy-ass fetishes like Abortion and Absorption, Ahegao and Albinos. There are Alien-girls and Anal, Amputees and Anal-Birth, and I’m still reading off the first fucking page of weirdness.I enjoy browsing the Tags area on hentai sites because I always find some weird shit I’ve never tried beating off to before, and I encourage you to take a look if you’ve never seen one of these. Since it’s such a big, long, expansive list, I really recommend reshuffling it all by Popular instead of the default A-Z view. That’ll bring a lot of the most popular and arguably craziest shit to the top.So, what’s popular at M-Hentai? Big Breasts are super popular, as they are everywhere, with nearly 120,000 comics listed under the category. Schoolgirl Uniforms are always a big seller, as is Double Penetration, Shotacon, Ahegao and Futanari. There’s a huge Rape section, plenty of Yaoi, a lot of Incest and a hell of a lot more Netorare than you’re going to find on mainstream “vanilla” porn tubes.XXX Parodies of Your Favorite CharactersThe Tags section is pretty fucking impressive, and the site’s also holding it down on the parody's front. M-Hentai.net has a fucking ton of X-rated parodies, this time with an index that goes on for more than 40 pages. As with the Tags, it’s a lot easier to browse it by Popularity instead of alphabetically. If you have some favorite video games, comics or movies you’d like to see parodied, your best bet is probably just to use the search bar.As a porn scholar, I can’t help noticing how hentai popularity really reflects on the consumers’ ages. M-Hentai.net stands out a bit because the Popular parodies aren’t quite the same as what you find elsewhere. I always expect to see Naruto on the first page, but here they’ve got copyrighted properties like X-Men, Digimon, Far Cry, Deadpool and Broken Blade at the very top of the list. I wonder what it says about the userbase here.It is a fucking massive list, though, and you’ll find at least a little bit of everything. They’ve got X-rated parodies of Ace Attorney and The Amazing World of Gumball, Astro-Boy and Slayers, Stardew Valley and around a thousand sexed-up variations of Dead or Alive in case the bouncy-jugged originals ain’t easy enough to masturbate to.I ended up falling down M-Hentai.net’s rabbit hole of Cowboy Bepop parodies. It’s a few dozen strong, including some pretty fucking perverted, full-color epics with all kinds of perversion rolled in, from shotacon to scat to more common porno categories like double-penetration, bondage and futanari.As far as the presentation goes, it’s a simple gallery format you’ve seen a million times before. There’s no built-in comic reader like some of the fancier hentai sites, just page-sized images with forward and back buttons. It’s not cutting-edge or groundbreaking or anything, but it definitely gets the job done, letting you flip through the pages with one free hand to work the junk.I couldn’t help noticing that all the Download buttons were broken during my visit to M-Hentai. They all said “Temporarily Unavailable,” which hopefully means they’ll be back soon. In the meantime, you’ll just have to use a browser plugin if you’re trying to save a big stash for your offline spank bank.My only other minor complaint about the site was all the fucking censorship. Of course, if you’re familiar with hentai or Japanese smut in general, you already know that censorship is just a regular part of the package. What always gets me is that the doujin artists censor themselves, even though their material isn’t seeing any type of “official” release in Japan. They just do out of tradition, and frankly, I think it’s a tradition that should die off in the 21st century.The blurred-out peckers and hoo-has ain’t going to be a dealbreaker, since it’s expected with the genre. On the contrary, I think M-Hentai.net’s biggest strength is the size and scope of their library, and I know it’s more than enough to get the pervs streaming in for a free taste. With my adblocker running, I didn’t see any spam at all during my visit, which means there’s nothing to keep you from enjoying yourself. Check it out next time you’ve got a few minutes to yourself.