Longtime hentai fans have heard the name nHentai before, at least if they’ve been shaking their dicks at the Internet for years. Classic dirty manga sites like ExHentai and Pururin evolved into the original nHentai.net, and I reviewed all those sites here at ThePornDude. Collectively, they’ve reached millions of horny weeaboos over the years, and no doubt would have contributed to countless lost hours of productivity if your average anime fan ever left mom’s basement to get a job.At a glance, nHentai.xxx certainly appears to be the same old nHentai we all know and love. Of course, the obvious difference is the XXX domain instead of the original dot-net, dot-to or any of the other imitators and copycats. While it might be tempting to dismiss this as merely a clone of a classic, the traffic over the last few months tells me they’re more than just another wannabe. Today, I’ll be among 5,000 daily visitors perusing their extensive collection of free hentai and doujinshi.A New Spin or The Same Old Thing?Okay, so 5,000 ain’t quite as many as the 2000 they’re still getting at nHentai.net every day. However, it is much better than you’d expect from a free porn site that’s only been kicking around a few months now. One thing I’ve noticed about hentai sites is that the good ones tend to explode in popularity all of a sudden, rather than earn a slow but steady buildup like other sex sites. I’ve got some theories about why that happens, but nothing concrete.The catchy name sure helps, huh? I’m sure many viewers don’t even realize nHentai.xxx is a new site, since it looks and feels pretty much exactly like the old. I think there’s also some traffic shift going on since the dot-net managed to get itself DMCA’d off of Google. I’ve had motherfuckers try to send DMCA takedown notices to ThePornDude, and we don’t even host anything, so I know the hentai sites probably have their work cut out for them.Whatever the case and wherever those viewers are coming from, they seem pretty happy, and why wouldn’t they be? The name and format are familiar, and they’re continually adding more adult-oriented manga to the library. Beneath a simple header and a logo identical to their older siblings’, nHentai presents its visitors with a thumbnail view of hentai covers, mostly in full color.Right away, you’ll notice the overall quality is fucking high, with most pieces looking professional as hell. There are big-titted anime bimbos busting out of their bathing suits, doggie girls with fluffy tails and monster racks, not to mention actual monsters boning broads, each rendered by the skilled hands of a true perverted artisan. This ain’t amateur hour, my horny friends.Dirty Manga in Multiple LanguagesThis is an international site aimed at a global audience, so they stock hentai in multiple languages. You’ll see little flags below each cover designating what language each piece is in. The recent additions of princess fucking and schoolgirl violating are mostly in English or Japanese, though I see a fair number of Chinese flags out front.One of the things I’ve always loved about pornography is how it breaks through all language barriers. You obviously don’t need to be able to understand Japanese just to beat off to a bestiality comic featuring breast expansion and a touch of lolicon, provided you’re able to find that kinky shit. The library of hand-drawn smut at nHentai.xxx is tagged exhaustively, making it easy to find the kinky shit you’re into, no matter what language the manga is in.Oh, and they definitely have the weird shit you’re into. Even if you’re the kind of sexual deviate who can’t get off to fisting tubes and felching blogs because they’re too vanilla, nHentai has you covered. The genre is known for pushing the limits of obscenity and perversion, and while you do sometimes run into the censorship typical of Japanese adult media, newbies will be shocked by some of the unusual sex acts and fetishes going on here.nHentai.xxx has hundreds of sexual category tags, both mundane and extreme. The full list runs 5 pages so far and grows all the time. You’ll find pornographic staples like Stewardesses, Rimjobs, Masturbation and Deepthroating, and that’s just the beginning. Footjobs and Farting are kind of kinky, but how about Triple Anal, Ear Fucking, or Cumflation? There’s also Forced Exposure, Petrification, Piss Drinking and Necrophilia.They’ve got all the popular hentai genres, like Yaoi, Yapi, Yukkuri and Yuri. Beat off to Race Queens, Pig Girls, Frogs, and the ever-popular Futanari, aka Dickgirls. Honestly, if you’ve never browsed the tags or categories on a doujinshi site, nHentai is a good place to start.Download Kinky Doujins by the BoatfulOne of the popular pieces on nHentai.xxx right now is a sex manga called Doggie Girl In The Country. The chick on the cover looks sexy, her shapely body barely hidden by a small towel held to her chest. A foxlike tail is sticking out of her round ass and a couple of doggie ears flop from beneath her shower cap. I didn’t realize it until I saw the tags, but this doujinshi has shotacon and kemonomimi going on.The gallery page for each manga lists some basic information besides the tags, like the upload date, languages and categories. There’s also a convenient Download button if you want to grab all the images in one go. You’ll have to register for an account first, but it’s quick and it’s free. Depending on your anti-spam setup, downloading your hentai for offline use may be the way to go.Everything was loading just fine with my adblocker enabled until I tried to actually read a comic. I clicked on the first page of Doggie Girl In The Country and was met with an empty comic viewer. I had to fiddle with my anti-spam settings and ultimately make a compromise. I was able to load the pages, but had to see some webcam ads beneath the header. It’s a little annoying, yeah, but not a bad trade; ads are always expected on a free porn site.Beating Off to Japanese Porn ComicsnHentai’s got a nice manga reader built into the site. You’ve got various options to customize the experience, from image preloading and different types of image scaling, to zoom and page-turning options. There’s a bunch of keyboard shortcuts to simplify one-handed hentai reading, scrolling and fapping at your leisure.The comic opens with some dude telling Doggie Girl to keep home safe for a couple of hours. She immediately gets into an argument with this young dude over who is and who isn’t underage. She grabs the little dude and presses his face into her tits, and then talks about how she always wanted to eat him.I was nearly halfway through the story before I realized the dude was Doggie Girl’s brother. She grinds her thigh up between his legs and gets him all worked up, and they both end up all wet. The only solution is to take a bath together, where the comic switches from black and white to color. She helps clean him up using her boobs, which makes him want to come again almost immediately.There’s kind of a weird mix of censored and uncensored art in the comic, but it’s doujinshi, so what do you expect? Overall it’s a pretty fucking decent 17 pages of sequential artistic perversion. The quality isn’t necessarily a reflection on nHentai since they didn’t draw it, but it’s a reflection of their catalog's quality. They’ve got some good shit in there.I did run into a couple of navigational bugs while fap-testing nHentai today. I had trouble flipping through the 13,127 pages of hentai comics via the page numbers at the bottom of the screen, and then I had some issues with the links on the Tags page. nHentai.xxx is a new site, though, so I’m optimistic these are just some growing pains they’ll work out as they continue to develop the site.So, does nHentai.xxx live up to its namesake? Well, it looks and feels pretty much exactly the same, and they’re all stocked up with around 325,000 pieces of erotic manga and pornographic doujinshi. When you put that much freaky hentai content in one big library and deliver it in a tried-and-true format, it’s hard not to succeed. Better lock the princess waifu pillow in the closet for a few hours, so she doesn’t get jealous.