Manga Hentai is a free porn site with a name that doesn’t fuck around at all, telling you exactly what you’re getting before you see so much as a single pair of anime titties. As a man who’s spent untold hours wondering what a Brazzer is and what xHamster’s got to do with rodents, I appreciate the titular simplicity. Sometimes all you want is a nice marathon fap to some Japanese comics about big-eyed princess whores and demon sluts, and these guys give you a simple URL to aim your browser and your cock at.MangaHentai.me is a new contender in the online hentai scene. First making its public appearance in mid-February 2021, the site has continued to grow as steadily as the number of COVID-19 infections in the world. Hell, the graphs look practically the same; perhaps the site owes some of their popularity to social distancing. Thankfully, the 3,000+ daily visitors ain’t drowning on their own lungs; they’re just filling crusty gym socks with their own unborn babies.Hentai fans get a lot of flack for being smelly, friendless losers who spend all their money on perfumes for their body pillow waifus. Well, if mom gives you any more shit today about getting out of the basement and interacting with other humans, tell her you’re kicking it with your buddies in the MangaHentai Discord. Regular porn sites struggle to get more interaction than “plz fuck me” comments below the videos, but these guys are growing a legit community of anime porn fans within months of starting up. When I checked in, there were nearly 3,000 members and over 150 online.Let’s Beat Off to Manga Hentai and ManhwaAs far as layout is concerned, MangaHentai ain’t going to win any awards. The setup is pretty basic, though they’ve taken the time to work up a samurai-headed logo that loosely fits the theme. If you’re not using an adblocker, they’re going to hit you pretty hard with fake IM spam, tranny banners, and animated hentai game ads that challenge you not to cum. Hey, getting off is exactly why I came here!The page cleans up a lot with an anti-spam plugin, leaving a nice selection of recent and popular manga to peruse. Each thumbnail has a user rating, quick links to the latest chapters, as well as a release date. Most are labeled with an ONGOING tag, letting you know the story is still unfolding and there’s more to come. A lot of the front-page hentai is long-running, some already clocking in 50 chapters or more.Typically when I review hentai sites, I’m cranking it to Japanese hentai and doujinshi. As soon as I started browsing the selection at MangaHentai.me, I noticed they also include plenty of manhwa in their collection. For most perverts, manhwa is the same goddamn thing, but I know how some of you weeaboos like to split hairs about this shit. Manhwa is technically any Korean comics or cartoons, but the focus here is obviously going to be on the sexy kind.Hover over one of Manga Hentai’s thumbnail of naked anime schoolgirls, kissing lesbians or big-titted manga MILFs and you’ll get some more quick info about the piece. Stats include authors, artists, and genres, plus the first couple sentences of the summary blurb. The fields aren’t always filled in completely, but there’s usually enough to help you pick a good comic to beat off to.Holy Shit, That’s a Lot of MangaHentaiMangaHentai.me is home to a quickly growing hentai library, with new content added frequently. The newest additions include a MILF romance in Undying Romance, a sexy kidnapping story in The Client, and a story about married women taking a swim class in Is It Okay To Get Wet? I’m a little excited about the thumbnail and blurb from Stepmother Friends, selling the sordid tale about a boy who discovers his young stepmother and friends doing kinky shit on the Internet.The front page has an infinite scroll of MangaHentai thumbnails instead of the usual page-by-page layout of other sites. The format has its perks, like quicker load times, but does make it harder to figure out just how much hentai is being hoarded at Manga Hentai. Clicking the Advanced button beneath the search icon gives you an alternate view with more sort/filter options and the total content count right there in hard numbers.As of this writing, there were 71,367 chapters or Manga Hentai in the collection. That’d be impressive enough if we were talking about a site that’s been around a decade, but these guys have only been doing their thing for about 8 months. I’m not sure exactly how they’re sourcing their material, but they’ve clearly got a good plug. This is exactly why I buy personal lubricant by the barrel.Dozens of Manga Hentai CategoriesIt’s not uncommon to find a sprawling, unwieldy list of tags, genres or categories on a hentai page. I’ve seen sites that have whole Tag sections running for pages, with thousands of micro-genres like inverted nipple lactation and uncle bus molestation. MangaHentai.me streamlines the fuck out of their categories list, which has both benefits and drawbacks.Those of you who like a simple selection process might appreciate the streamlined hentai categories. They’ve narrowed it down to just a few dozen broad niches of drawn smut, which you’ll find on almost every page of the site. It includes entries like BDSM, Big Ass and Cheating, and genres like Adventure, Horror, Mystery and School Life.Personally, I think MangaHentai’s list is a little too streamlined. Besides Ecchi, you don’t even see the major expected hentai categories like Cosplay and Futanari. The list itself is really clean-looking, too, avoiding common porn site tags like Lesbian, Blowjob, and Creampie. If you’re the type of hentai viewer who runs straight to the Pregnancy section or Incest aisle, I’ve got bad news for you.They do have an Uncensored category, for those of you who hit CTRL+F as soon as you loaded up this review. As you’re well aware, censorship is a major fucking problem in hentai manga, generally speaking, with most of the private parts covered up by black bars or otherwise obscured. The Uncensored section here is relatively slim, with only 59 chapters included, but I think there’s actually a lot more uncensored material buried in the full collection.I hope the streamlined categories list is just a temporary thing and the formula is refined with time. I see new porn sites of all types neglecting their tags, and I think that neglect is often a byproduct of trying to rapidly build a collection from scratch. When you’re working with this quantity of sci-fi porn hentai and kinky harem adventures, it’s got to be a challenge finding the time and resources to tag them all with an autistic level of precision. Still, it would improve the site's searchability and browsability to give us more categories and tags.Loading Up Some Fresh Manga Hentai SmutMangaHentai.me doesn’t have a fancy baked-in hentai reader like you’ll find on other sites, instead opting to present each chapter as one continuous scroll. A couple of dropdown menus near the top let you skip chapters or switch the image server if you’re having trouble loading the sex manga pages.Which brings me to my main complaint about the site. For most of my visit, every Korean comic about BBWs and Japanese story of MILF romance loaded without issue. Toward the end, the manga images stopped loading, presenting me with a page of image-missing icons. The dropdown menu for servers turned out to be useless since they only had one server listed.Shortly after that, the whole site started giving me problems. The pages wouldn’t load completely, forcing me to try jerking off to a very stripped-down version of the site. Maybe I’m jaded, but I couldn’t get off to a hentai site without pictures.Speaking as an online porn expert, it’s pretty clear that these are just growing pains. The site has grown so rapidly over the last few months that they’re currently struggling to keep up with the traffic. These issues are almost always temporary, as any decent site will adapt accordingly. By the time you read this, the pages should load without issue.MangaHentai.me’s biggest strength is definitely that monster-sized hentai library they’ve already got on their hands after being online just a short time. If you’ve been looking for a new place to get your daily fix of manga girls getting into adult situations, take a look at what they’re offering. It’s free, it’s current, and backed by a growing community of anime smut enthusiasts.