We’re never going to have enough hentai themed sites, and that’s a fact. I’ve never met a man who didn’t love himself some animated pussy and the Japs are the absolute best at this type of content. I mean, they pretty much invented an entire genre of porn out of thin air. That’s fucking amazing.  Ever since they defined what a perfect drawn pussy is supposed to look like, they’ve been hard at work shelling out hentai after hentai, but they usually start by drawing a comic book first. I know it’s weird as hell, but it’s usually the way they do things. If you’ve ever seen a Japanese cartoon, chances are it started out as a comic book.A Great Place to Jack OffWell, ManhwaHentai is here to bring you the raunchiest comic books from the land of the rising sun and beyond. That’s right; this hentai isn’t made exclusively by eastern artists. We’re way past that. Hentai now belongs to the world of smut, and anyone is welcome to make their own naughty comics. Isn’t it amazing?But the fun doesn’t stop there! There are so many artists out there that take hentai into new and uncharted territory. They innovate with their art style, drawing all kinds of new and impressive breasts and asses that’ll make your head spin. If you’re sick of watching the exact same kind of hentai mangas – that means comics – then this is the site for you.Super Original HentaiI went into this review expecting to see the exact same shit that I always see on manga sites, the old ass hentai style that everyone and their grandmother has seen by now. These comics are fucking original. I mean, every single artist on this website has their own style that they’ve pretty much invented for their comics. I didn’t even know this type of shit was a trend. I mean, you look at the home page of this site, you’re going to see a shit ton of different styled tits and asses and eyes and all kinds of goodies on women of every shape and size. No two artists on this site draw in the same way. I love it. There’s nothing my dick likes more than variety, and that’s what you get with this site.With the art variety, you, of course, get a ton of writing variety. It’s not all schoolgirls and sex offender teachers. There’s a lot of weird-ass stories here that, again, are all very original. Take, for example, this random-ass manga I found called The Mask Two Faces. That title defies English grammar, but I moved past it and jumped right into the action. Apparently, it’s about some sort of mask that lets you shapeshift or whatever. Sounds original enough. I just jacked off to the smut because it was super-hot. Feel free to get immersed in the story on your own time.Korea to The RescueAll right, I’ve teased you enough. Let’s talk about what makes these comics super original. I mentioned that they’re not necessarily made by Japs. Well, I was being a bit of a cheeky cunt. Japs do not make them at all. Koreans make them. You see, Manhwa is the word that Koreans use to describe comic books.This is basically a Korean sex comic website. All of this shit is Korean. And as it turns out, where the Japs like drawing everything exactly the fucking same, the Koreans have a bit more sense than that. They know that you’re not supposed to copy what everyone else is doing. They like to actually experiment with their boners and their artist tablets.I’ve reviewed a few Korean porn sites in the past, but this whole Manhwa business is kind of news to me. I mean, I’ve seen it before, but this is one of the few sites that specializes in bringing a ton of Manhwa Korean smut to one place so that you can browse it for free. That’s admirable. I mean, it’s basically an entire country’s worth of faps for you to enjoy and you don’t even have to pay for it. It’s like Christmas.And no, you don’t have to know any Korean to navigate this site or jack off to the content. All of this shit is translated really well. I don’t know if it was translated by the original artists or not, but it damn sure looks awesome. There’s none of that broken English you might see in other eastern translations. Whoever did these translations knew exactly what they were doing. And, who knows, maybe some of these comics were written in English, to begin with. It’s not that hard to believe. I mean, Korea’s a big country, but when you write in English, then the whole world is your audience. And, what artist wouldn’t like to know there’s a sea of boners flapping worldwide thanks to his work. I know I would. But I don’t make porn content; I just review it.The Technical Website StuffI’m a man of few words, and this website looks like dog crap. Now, don’t get me wrong; I still think you should use it. I still think they deserve your boners. I just think they could use a cleanup. You see, it’s obvious that they spent all of their time on getting high-quality content in one place. They didn’t really bother with the design at all. It’s mostly just a white background with pictures down the middle. Normally, this is a great idea. I mean, it doesn’t waste any of your time or your precious screen space, and most of what you see is hot smut.However, the way that ManhwaHentai does it is a bit disappointing. First of all, there are huge gaps between every single image, and since comics load image by image in a list and you have to scroll down, you’re going to hit carpal tunnel before you’re done rubbing one off. I don’t know why they have these gigantic ass margins between every single image, but it looks terrible. They should either smash the images together or, at the very least, add some borders so that you know where to look.Other than that, they run ads all over the place and oddly enough, I don’t mind at all. I don’t hate ads; I just hate being interrupted. Now you could make the case that animated ads on a static image website can be very distracting, but I have a very focused boner. Nothing keeps me from the pussy, except redirects. I haven’t been bounced off the site so far, so I give it a passing grade. They don’t move you away from the content; they just bombard you with ads. For a free website that gives you access to primo Korean smut, this is to be expected. They have to keep the lights on somehow.Categories of SmutThis is a bit of a mixed bag because among the categories, you’re going to see Manhwa with over 250 titles. But, this is a Manhwa site. Aren’t all the comics in this category? I’m not sure. Maybe there’s cross-referencing. Either way, the other categories like Fantasy and Action have a couple of dozen comics or so, and the less popular ones offer a handful at most. It’s kind of sad that their categories seem to be completely fucking pointless, but from personal experience, I can tell you that they’re unnecessary, to begin with.I mean, all of these comics have some sort of original spin to their story and art. I don’t even know how you would categorize them. No two comics are alike, so you might as well just dive in headfirst randomly, unless you have some specific fetish like a mommy complex, and you just have to have some MILFs. I mean, I like MILFs, but, I’ll take schoolgirls as a replacement any day. I don’t care. If you’re a picky fapper, then I wish you good luck.This is the kind of website you go to when you want to read a short story that has titties in it, and you don’t want to reread the same hentai bullshit you’ve been shoveling down your pants for the past 10 years. The Koreans have proven that even though they didn’t invent porn comics, they’ve certainly perfected the art.These comics consistently give me harder boners than any other porn comics out there. The stories are all original, the art is diverse, the tits are hot, and it’s all free. What else could you possibly ask for, am I right? So dive right into ManhwaHentai the next time you get the taste for some animated Korean.