Who’s up for some perverted comics about naughty schoolgirls getting into trouble? How about some dirty manga about chicks with cat ears getting fucked really hard? Would you like to see a French maid giving a blowjob, a warrior bitch getting fondled by tentacles, or a parody of Sailor Moon where Sailor Venus gets raped by a monster? Well, you might be in the mood for nHentai.Some of you manga perverts are probably already thinking, “nHentai.net? I jerk off to that all the time!” This is actually a different nHentai than the hentai giant operated by the same deviated geniuses behind ExHentai and Pururin. This is nHentai.com, a newer website independently owned and operated by some other fans of manga boobies, lolicon, anal penetration and paizuri, a.k.a. hentai titty fucking. Honestly, as long as the comics are good and nasty, they can call the site whatever the fuck they want to and people are going to come around, wanting to jerk off. NHentai.com gets nearly 200,000 visits per month, which sounds like they’ve got some good shit on the menu.Thank God for Uncensored HentaiSomebody sent me the URL to nHentai.com this morning and I pulled it up. I was pretty sure I was looking at nHentai.net at first because the layout and content are pretty damn similar. There is a banner ad for a crazy otaku game featuring an animated loop of a manga slut with glasses getting plowed. I don’t really like seeing advertisements, but I do like seeing the uncensored Anime cunts and cock. That tells me nHentai doesn’t play by the same stupid fucking rules as other hentai websites.Censorship is common as hell in the genre, thanks to Japan’s nonsensical and ambiguous laws on the subject. I scrolled down the page, hoping to see more nasty, unobscured genitals, and the site did not disappoint. I didn’t have to leave the front page to see a green-haired girl squirting a ton of fluid from her cunt, a futanari (dick girl) with a raging hardon, and a manga MILF getting her twat stuffed by a giant cock. The babe in the drawings doesn’t look that old, but I know she’s somebody’s mother because there is a text bubble of someone screaming, “Mom!”And those are just the hentai covers. Like other sites in the genre, the thumbnails that line the front page are simply the covers to full adult comics. Below each thumbnail is a flag that tells you what language the smut is in, a title, and a few relevant tags to help guide you toward the right masturbatory fodder for you.The tags are all in English, which really helps narrow down the selection. The titles don’t necessarily mean much to me if they’re written in Japanese, but I know that busty maid in Silicon Jichou Condessa gets into some anal adventures and that romantic drawing of the little chick hugging some big manly dude is really an incest story involving at least one elf. The cutesy cover for EnMaya Bob R GrinD spp Trim looks like it might be some stuff for nerds, but the three most prominent tags are Group, Lolicon, and Rape.Tons of Freaky Hentai Shit to Gawk AtLike other hentai sites, nHentai.com doesn’t shy away from the really kinky shit. A selection of popular tags at the very top of the front page offers up Lolicon, Shotacon, Bondage, and Rape. A Tags page will lead you further down the rabbit hole. Who’s up for Zombie sex, Abortion porn comics, Balls Expansion erotica, or some cockphagia hentai?By default, the Tags page is ordered by the most popular tags on the site. Big Breasts owns the top position, followed by some of that really naughty shit that I’ve already mentioned. The Tags page is broken up into pages featuring just a handful of tags each, plus some relevant comics for every one of them. It’s a bit of a tedious way to browse tags, especially since they take a few seconds to load every time. Once while browsing through, I got an error and had to refresh the whole site before I could do anything.nHentai also has a rich selection of Parodies, browsable through a similar menu. Right now, Touhou Project parodies are all the rage at this haven of masturbatory manga. They’ve already got 7065 Touhou comics in the archive, and the site is getting updated many times a day. Kantai, The Idolmaster, Fate Grand Order and Neon Genesis Evangelion are also rich grounds for parody, with plenty of big breasted anal action, yaoi male tomfoolery, and lesbian lingerie yuri. They’ve also got at least one Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha parody with erotic cervix penetration and pregnancy.Reading One-Handed at nHentaiI went back to the front page to take a look at some of the newer shit on nHentai’s menu. The site receives a damn near-constant flow of updates, and currently has tens of thousands of full-length adult manga stories to shake your dick at. Among the sites' newest offerings are a solo female comic with stockings, big-breasted MILFs going anal, a gay yaoi shotcan piece that also includes anal, and a solo female schoolgirl who happens to like anal. Seems like they have something of a theme today.NHentai.com is an international site, and a lot of those newest updates are in Japanese. Now, I don’t necessarily need to understand all the dialogue to touch myself to a comic book about lesbian schoolgirls getting molested on the bus, but sometimes it’s just nice to masturbate to comic books you can actually read. Remember: if you’re reading when you ejaculate, it’s exactly the same as going to college.With that in mind, I clicked on the newest English language doujinshi, a comic called A War Hero and Her Dog. There’s a Download button on the left side of the screen, but the website prompts me to enter a username and password when I try. Registration is quick, easy and free, but I opted for the instant gratification of reading the comic on the site.By default, nHentai serves up your comics in a long, one-page scroll. By hitting that gear icon near the top, you can change your reading mode from Webtoon to Manga, giving you Vertical and Horizontal reading options. The Horizontal options even let you choose whether you like to read from left to right or the other way around, letting you weaboos feel like genuine Japanese perverts.Anime Schoolgirls Violated for Your EntertainmentThe comic opens with a couple of cute schoolgirls hanging out together. They’re both kind of shy, but totally into each other. It takes a few pages to heat up, but once they experiment with some kissing, things really pop off. I mean that literally, as their tops soon flip over their heads and they’re rubbing those perky nipples on each other.Halfway through the comic, the skirts come off. Unfortunately, this doujinshi is lightly censored, with little black bars all but completely obscuring the schoolgirl twats on display. There are still plenty of juices flying all over the page as the girls have multiple squirting orgasms. There is a bunch of fingering and tribbing along the way.It’s a good comic, and by the end, I was covered in my own layer of sticky personal sauce. Still, I really wish they’d tagged the piece as Censored so I’d have known what I was getting into. Given the option, I always like seeing fully unobscured genitalia interacting with other fully unobscured genitalia.Running into some censorship is really my only complaint about nHentai. It’s really not much of a complaint, either, since you’d be hard-pressed to find a porn site in this artistic genre that doesn’t have any censorship at all. It just comes with the territory. I was ready to complain about the spam I typically see on hentai sites, but I didn’t see any of that, and nothing got in the way of my masturbatory enjoyment.NHentai.com may be capitalizing on the name of another major hentai site, but that doesn’t mean they suck. On the contrary, I found a rich and thriving collection of perverted sex comics in a wide range of really kinky genres. They’ve got a ton of parodies of popular mainstream works, only featuring a lot more lolicon and rape. If you like porno manga, there’s really no good reason not to check out this site.