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SimplyHentai! Hentai is a wonderful world where your sickest and most perverted thoughts come to life through pen and paper. While real-world 3D women can be annoying with their constant nagging, fishy smells, and questionable monthly discharges, these beautiful 2D ladies are designed to be high is a playground where you get access to thousands of videos, comics, and animated GIFs that feature all kinds of cartoon bitches. Women of all hair colors, sizes, and ages get fucked, buttfucked, and molested for your viewing pleasure.I love that Simply Hentai makes sure to note that “all characters on this site are 18+…even if they don’t look like it, they are ALL 18+”. Okay man, whatever you say…Simply-Hentai works hard to be a one shop stop. All kinds of popular series are featured here, which include bitches from Naruto, Dragonball, One Piece, and pretty much all other major animes. There’s a ton of original works as well. You’ll find thousands of videos and tens of thousands of comics at Simply-Hentai.One thing to note is that Simply-Hentai doesn’t host any games. It says it does, but actually, the games section are just out links to other websites, where Simply-Hentai probably gets a cut if you spend money. But for videos and comics, Simply-Hentai is great.Easy and intuitiveSimply-Hentai has a clean and simple layout that makes browsing easy. When you first enter you’ll be sent to the manga gallery, where you can find the newest comics of all kinds of bitches. Make sure to check the country flag at the bottom left of each manga to make sure it’s a language you can read.Well then again, who the fuck needs “words” and shit when you’re jerking.Along the top of the page, you’ll see the major categories which include mangas, videos, series, tags, GIFs, and games. The “Series” category is where all the famous series like Pokemon and Naruto are laid out, and you can check out all the hentai that features the cunts from these stories.To give you a sense of Simply-Hentai’s size, it hosts over 500 comics for Naruto and over 300 for Dragon Ball. That’s a lot of jerking off to your childhood fantasies. While most of the shit is famous Japanese anime, there is also plenty of pictures and comics for bitches from Disney, Marvel, etc.You can browse the content by their popularity, rating, newest, and most viewed. I’m not sure what’s the difference between popularity and most viewed. Browsing by rating works pretty well on this site, since the top comics have over 500,000 views with some nearing a million.Each section also has a convenient search bar on the upper right if you know what you’re looking for. In addition to names, you can also search by tags like big tits or “rape”, and you will find plenty of stuff.Finally, Simply-Hentai has solid mobile support, so don’t worry about browsing it on your phone. The layout is easy and fast to browse, and everything is resized conveniently for your dick’s pleasure.Free shit to last a lifetimeLike I said, this place is a solid one-stop-shop. All the content is free, and there is plenty of variety. With hundreds of comics representing all the most popular series, you won’t have problems finding your favorite character getting ass-raped in different positions.There’s also tons of great original work, with artwork that matches any professional studio. Some of these artists are so damn talented I have to wonder if they ever thought all those years of training and art school would be so I can jerk off for free. You’re heroes, all of you.Simply-Hentai has content in languages that include Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Russian, French, German, and Portuguese. When you select these different languages, you’ll notice that the website language doesn’t change. Rather, this only shows you content from the specific language, for example, if you can only read Korean then search by the Korean language.It’s great to see how popular hentai is with my Russian and Portuguese brothers. People all over the world are learning that 2D is better than 3D. Fuck real life bitches that balloon 50 pounds with titties sagging to the floor as they get old. My cartoon hos never expire, and I’ll jerk off to them until I die.While there are thousands of comics and videos, you won’t find any hentai games on Simply-Hentai. Simply-Hentai is misleading in this area because it really just re-directs you to other hentai game websites that will probably drain your wallet one way or another.What I LikeSimply-Hentai is a great place for comics and videos. The layout is clean, and there are tons of tags and descriptions that help you make the best decision for your fapping session. The popular works all have lots of upvotes and downvotes from users, helping you find the good shit.While there are a lot of ads, they aren’t too bad. For the comics, you’ll mostly see a few banner ads, but nothing too annoying. For the videos, you will get a popup ad when you click play, but after that, I didn’t find any issues. The videos are also played straight from Simply-Hentai, so there’s no bullshit where you are going to some other website to watch the shit.Simply-Hentai’s image section is also huge with lots of weird content. The animated GIFs serve as a good middle point between the comics and videos.One final thing I think is really underrated about Simply-Hentai is that they have lots of descriptions and reviews of the works. It’s nice to read a little blurb of each comic and video before diving in, so you can get a better picture of whether you’ll like it or not.What I hateMy main issue with Simply-Hentai is that it is misleading about its game section. It’s obvious that the site just serves as a portal to check out these hentai games, and Simply-Hentai probably gets a cut of profits or something for taking people there. There are no games on Simply-Hentai, and that stops it from being the ultimate one-stop-shop.I also don’t like that there’s no “list view” option for the comics. List view is where all the images are laid out on one page, so you can read the entire comic without having to click “Next” over and over to get to the next image. Once you get used to this, it’s hard to tolerate reading comics one page at a time.Simply-Hentai can also have some slow load times on some of the pages, making this issue more of a problem. So not only am I forced to read only one page a time, but the next page can also be slow to load if the images are high-quality. This is annoying.A final nitpick is that I didn’t find HD content in the video section. Some of the videos are censored as well, and you won’t know until you actually get to the sex scene. You might want to do your research before loading up the video.SuggestionsI guess I forgive Simply-Hentai for hosting zero games, because the manga and video sections are so great. But if they are trying to advertise 3rd party games, then they could do a better job. Perhaps add descriptions, or reviews, for the games that they link to help me decide.Right now, you just get a pulldown list of the games, but all you see is the game names. When you click on the game, you immediately get thrown to that game’s website, so who the fuck knows whether the game is any good or not? I think viewers would just get annoyed and close it right away.Amazing for videos and comicsAt the end of the day, there’s enough fap material on Simply-Hentai to last you a lifetime. You can find porn for all your favorite characters you watched and fapped to growing up, and there are some great artists here.It’s pretty sick how there can be so much professional content available for free. Do all these artists have day jobs or something? Some of the art is so good that if it wasn’t for the hairy drenched pussy, you wouldn’t tell the difference from the original artist. The works come in so many different languages as well, although words are something I tend to ignore when I’m jackhammering my cock.Anyway, Simply-Hentai would be perfect if they had some actual games on there. The phony games section that they try to monetize is annoying, but I guess the owners need to make money somehow giving out so much free content. So, I forgive you Simply-Hentai, just give me more comics of teenage Bulma getting ass-raped by Saiyans and we’ll call it even.