Most hentai viewers have never seen a physical copy of their preferred type of smut. Printed Japanese porn comics did exist and still do, but the Internet has helped spread the genre in a way that was never possible with paper. Sites like Hitomi have made doujinshi and futanari into household terms, at least if you’re the kind of person who wears button-up shirts featuring pictures of samurai robots.Hitomi.la has a couple of dozen different languages in the header dropdown, which means they get a lot of international traffic. Hell, these fuckers just get a lot of traffic in general. Forty-five million views a month is a lot of people jerking it to a lot of dirty comic books. Sites usually don’t get that big if they’re fucking garbage, not unless you count Facebook. Let’s see what kind of pervert bait they’ve got laying around.Getting Right to the Good StuffOne thing I like immediately about Hitomi is the no-bullshit layout. There are a couple of animated banner ads that made it past my spam blocker, but besides that, it’s just an endless catalog for hentai beginning at the top and starting with the very newest stuff. Scroll past the 25 dirty mangas, doujinshis, and game/artist CG galleries and you’re ready for the next page.(In case you were wondering, the ads I saw are for porno video games. Pretty much what you expect from a hentai site, right? One girl has big fluffy ears, a long tail and her tits hanging out. The other also has animal ears and is stretching her asshole out while an animated mouse spears it over and over again. It opens and closes almost like a mouth but more hypnotically. It almost whispers, come, come, spend money! But you’re here for the free stuff, aren’t you? Don’t click that enticing cartoon pooper!)You’ve got a lot of time on your hands, right? And lube? And one of those silicone schoolgirl pussies with the vagina ridges inside and everything? Because this archive is fucking huge. It spans 18,667 pages so far, which is nearly half a million skeezy little storybooks to indulge your inner pervert.If you don’t touch the Language dropdown, you’re looking at everything in every language. That’s my preferred view, but it’s not the dialog I’m after when I’m masturbating to hentai about business ladies doing anal with river monsters. If you’re into the words, select your language of choice to narrow down the selection to your mother tongue. Mother’s tongues, incidentally, are popular at Hitomi.There’s some color coding to the posts that I originally thought told you whether the comic was straight, gay, or tranny. The colors actually indicate whether you’re looking at manga, doujinshi, or CG sex pics. There’s actually no orientation filter, which is how I ended up looking at a yaoi story of cross-dressing bunny boys doing butt stuff. It’d be really nice to filter out the gaylord content.Smooth Reading, Easy Jerking, Instant SavingOnce you pick your title, Hitomi’s got a killer baked-in hentai reader. It gives you a two-page spread across your full screen with one-click page turns. What more do you want?Hit the Download button and the little progress bar starts filling up. Depending on how many pages the hentai is, the site will shoot you in a zip file in a few seconds or minutes. It’s pretty fucking convenient.You can see a cover and a sliver of the first page of everything from out front. Each item features the relevant info: name, artist, series, type and language. Most importantly for people who don’t speak Japanese or know the names of series is the list of tags listed beside each comic.All That Weird-Ass Hentai Shit You LoveHentai sites always have huge, sprawling lists of tags, many of them completely fucking insane by normal pornographic standards. Hitomi is no exception. I can see it without even leaving the front page.There’s a Ninja Slayer comic at the top that features Big Breasts and Bondage, which is standard sex content, but it’s also got X-Ray action. There is some Futanari hentai, which the normals call shemale comics. I see hentai tagged with Handjob, Lactation, Blowjob, Human on Furry, Incest, and Dicknipples.Yeah, I had to click that last one. Hitomi has no fewer than 15 whole pages of hentai and CG with a theme of dicks coming out of nipples. That suggests it’s an actual fetish that people legit jerk off to, and not just some goofy shit 4chan shitheads do for laughs.Goddamn, you hentai fucks never ever cease to amaze me. Just when I think I’ve seen the absolute limit to the depravity, you go on and set the bar on some other planet where dickgirls cum, piss and also shit out of their dicknipples.I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t impressed. I thought I should get some kind of pervert award for mixing up my own vat of homemade Viagra, even though it didn’t work out like I’d planned. The world of hentai invents entirely new ways of being a sex-crazed maniac all the time. It’s like a new frontier.Scarred for Life by Naruto DoujinshiI met this old dude one time who was really into scars. If a broad had some raw burns on her face or a bunch of healed gashes on her arm from years of teenage depression, he would get raging hard. Dude couldn’t help it. He got his first boner while looking at monster magazines as a kid and got scar-addicted for life.A lot of grown-ups these days had their surprise sexual awakenings while reading manga, so it’s no big surprise they’re shaking their dicks at hentai websites these days. I’m just speaking in a general sense that clean manga leads to hentai, but we can get even more specific.A ton of you fuckers were watching Naruto when you noticed your pajamas making a little tent. Do you know how I know this? Every hentai site with unlicensed doujinshi has a shit-ton of Naruto. Hitomi has nearly 3,000 pieces of comic book pornography based on the series, which is going to make a lot of you very happy.I couldn’t find a list of the most popular series on the site, but I was able to find plenty of anything I knew enough to look for. There are a thousand pieces of Dragon Ball Z porn and 3k for Sailor Moon. Gundam is broken up into a bunch of different series, but each one has hundreds. Altogether, that’s like a billion comic books about giant fighting robots and mind control bukkake.The full Series list is divided alphabetically. There are hundreds for every letter, but the number of individual doujinshis and mangas varies a lot. Most are in the single digits, while some have hundreds or thousands. Any way you slice it, that’s a ton of free adult art.Uncensored Manga Pussies In Your FaceCensorship on hentai sites is always going to be an issue. One of my pet peeves is when the stuff with all the hidden private parts is just mixed in with the explicit smut. Hitomi seems to make a good-faith effort to split them up. I saw a Mosaic Censorship tag on a couple of mangas that had it.Some of the uncensored stuff is labeled as such in the title. The very newest hentai, added a few minutes ago, is a Portuguese sex manga called Delivery Sex - Entrega De Sexo (Decensored).Unfortunately, the system is not 100% solid. I ran into a lot of covered-up genitals. I know most of you hentai fans are used to it, but I still think it sucks. Stick to doujinshi over manga and you’ve got a better chance.Censorship is my most universal complaint about hentai sites. It’s basically unavoidable if you’re going to look at any variety of Japanese smut. Hitomi’s approach to labeling it ain’t perfect, but it’s better than the bullshit some sites pull.All in all, it’s easy to see why Hitomi is one of the big boys in Internet hentai. It may have the biggest collection of sex manga I’ve ever seen, and the site is easy as hell to use. Anybody who likes hentai should be using this site.