Hentai Fox! Want to read some XXX manga? Alright, I’m going to level with you guys—hentai is not really my thing. Lots of pornophiles out there swear by it, though, and it has become one of the most popular genres of porn, even outside of Japan. Its popularity is actually probably highest in the United States. Hentai in Japan does not necessarily refer to this genre of anime and manga porn, though.The term, rather, is shorthand for a phrase roughly translating to “any perverse sexual desire.” The word also derives from the ancient Japanese terms for “change,” “weird,” and “strange.” And, looking at some of the Hentai available on the web, this is an appropriate label. I’m sure we have all heard of things like tentacle porn—a subgenre of hentai that features petite animated girls getting ravaged by strange and often unidentified tentacles in every orifice.Not all hentai, though, is quite as extreme as that. In fact, it would be insanely difficult to narrow the entire genre of hentai porn down to any one type of prevailing image. The very nature of hentai is that it is broad. It all depends on the artist and whatever they feel the inspiration to draw. And what fans feel the inspiration to parody, or pay homage to.Some of it looks like it’s straight out of a comic book (complete with panels and dialogue boxes, etc.), some of it is black and white, there are impressive portraits of girls mid-orgasm, and some of it features extremely detailed close-ups of impossibly hard cocks fucking impossibly tight pussies, with an impossible amount of lady cum gushing out and dripping every which way.That is one sure thing that hentai has going for it that no other type of porn can come close to emulating: impossible fantasies can be lived out. Literally, anything that the mind can think up can be drawn up or animated. Some artists, I’ve heard, have even taken to taking requests from fans. Hentai is a highly active community, possibly more so than any other porn sub-genre out there. In addition to the staggering numbers of popular hentai artists and series that exist, there are also countless numbers of amateur and fan artists who emulate their favorites.Huge Site; Hugely Upsetting AdsWhich brings me to hentaifox.com—one of the largest porn databases I’ve ever come across in my research. With thousands upon thousands of pages of images, hundreds more videos, parodies of popular titles and artists, and links to a bunch of hentai-influenced games, Hentai Fox is a massive site with hours on hours of content to choose from. You would be very hard-pressed to ever grow bored on this site (unless, of course, hentai is not your thing; in which case, I don’t know why you’re even reading this review, to begin with…).The first thing I notice about Hentai Fox does not bode well for their rating. As soon as I attempt to scroll down and get a first impression of the site, I hit a fucking hidden popup ad. On the goddamned scroll bar of all places! This is one of the most annoying things any site can do. I do not like being tricked. I do not like being advertised to. So, when you try to trick me with an advertisement, you have double-crossed me. So fucking obnoxious.Okay, so I continue, thinking maybe it was just one of those one click and done kind of situations. But, no. The next place I click, the same fucking thing happens. Two new tabs this time. You have got to be fucking kidding me. This time, actually, they have even taken me away from the HentaiFox website on my original tab. What the fuck! Do you even want people to come to your site? Shit like this makes me think you obviously must not. Fuck.Like I said before, there is a massive amount of content on this site. Almost too much. This site is definitely not for those of us who are not well versed in the world of hentai. As a newbie, I have no fucking clue where to begin. And, what’s more, there does not seem to be much of an organizational structure to the mess of images on the home page. What the fuck am I looking at? How do I figure out what the fuck I am looking at? No answers in sight.I’m Lost in a Foreign LandAs far as design goes, the site is pretty sloppy looking. Images everywhere you look, text in random places, and every spot on the page is crammed with stuff, from corner to corner. It is overwhelming and off-putting, to be honest.There is, however, one saving grace of navigation in the form of a menu bar at the top of the page. Here you can choose between videos, random, parodies, tags, characters, artists, Nutaku (a game producer), porn lists, harem hentai (another game), and then (you guessed it) more porn games. To the right of all of that is a search bar and a log-in button.Community Engagement?That is one thing that I like about this site. For a genre of porn that is so community-oriented, you would expect a site dedicated to it would also be equally community-oriented, right? As a registered user (it’s free, don’t worry), you can add images and videos to your “fap list,” and they track things you have viewed with a convenient backlist. This helps stave off the poor organization of the site in general, a little bit. But, still, as an unregistered guest, I should still be able to easily navigate your website.In addition to the ability to track and rate your favorite galleries and videos, Hentai Fox also grants you the ability to partake in conversations with other Hentai lovers from around the world. Although you have to look for it. At the very bottom of the page, in the fine print, right next to “Home” and “Contact,” you will find a button labeled “forum.” Click this and find a message board. Although the forum seems more as a means to interact with the people who run the site (bug reporting, suggestions and feedback, and news and announcements), there is also a general discussion thread.However, this section is hardly used at all. With a total of 12 posts here, it does not appear as if the community is particularly active, at least not when it comes to conversing with one another. I mean, to be fair, this is probably because Hentai Fox makes it extremely difficult to find (as if anything is easy to find in their jumbled mess of pictures and videos).The comments sections on the images and videos themselves, though, do look to be a little more active. And, also to the site’s credit, at least every pic and video I clicked into includes all relevant information (artist, title, tags, languages, categories) and it is all archived and clickable. You also have a download option, a favorite option, and an option to log whether or not you fapped to it (which seems kind of weird to me for some reason).Warning: Experts OnlyThis is definitely a hentai manga niche site and seems as if it is exclusively for the biggest hentai fans out there. If you are someone who knows little to nothing about hentai (or what makes some hentai better than others) like me, you will probably feel rather lost at sea upon visiting Hentai Fox. And it seems like it could take quite some time to learn the lay of the land and sift through the mess of everything on this site.All in all, not digging the misleading and deceptive hidden ads. For an expert hentai enthusiast, this might be just what you are looking for—a massive database of full issues of hentai stories and episodes of hentai videos; you will likely know way better how to sift through this seemingly disorganized mess of random thumbnails. So, I am going to leave it up to you guys to figure it out for yourselves. I have a feeling a hardcore hentai lover might appreciate this site. So, why not give it a go and see for yourself! Oh, and while you’re there, don’t forget to log every image you fapped to!