Ever dream of going to the moonlit streets of Akihabara and visiting one of the many, many Doujin manga shops like Melon Books, Comic Zin, or Love Merci? Rows upon rows of books to check out from the tame stuff like Ecchi or Yaoi to the more extreme shit like BDSM and Incest. Imagine having such a collection at your disposal. I know I felt like I was in a candy store. I left there with an armful of glorious Doujin and an empty wallet. But not everyone has the luxury of bringing back the best smut books from the glorious land of Japan; however, I just might have the next best thing.Tsumino.com is a small but growing website dedicated to providing tons of Doujin and Doujinshi from over three thousand different artists. They have been steadily climbing in page visits and users since their start in early 2015. And if you’re not familiar with Doujin or Doujinshi then sit down and let me give you a short lesson. Doujin usually refers to collaborative works, but the term is often used to talk about lewd manga. The difference between Doujin and Doujinshi is that Doujinshi is the term for the same kinds of lewd work but done by amateurs instead of professionally paid artists.Tsumino. Seems like an odd name for a site, right? Like Sumo? What the fuck does it mean? Luckily for you, your boy here speaks a bit of Japanese. I mean, I’ve read enough Doujin and seen enough Hentai to pick some of the important stuff up. You know, things like “brother, sister, slave, I’m cumming” those kinds of things. But anyway, Tsumino or 罪の/つみの roughly translates to “sin/of sin.” I think that’s pretty fucking awesome. A site dedicated to all things sinful! But anyway, there’s some trivia for you to share with your depraved weeb friends.Sleek Site Design and Great Mobile InterfaceThe site is pretty nice to look at. Dark background, bright previews, and easy to navigate menus up top. Everything is clear and has its own section. Not too much in the way of ad clutter either. You’ve got a couple banner ads up top, ads around the Doujin when you click through, and I got one pop-up when I first came to the site. Nothing too bad. It’s a free site, so they have to make that money somehow. You don’t have to worry about anything sketchy on here though. You’ve got my safe site seal of approval on this one. Another bonus for Tsumino is that their site works flawlessly on mobile. Limited ads, good interface, and you have access to every desktop feature. Really, no complaints here at all.The first thing you see on the front page is this big list of different Doujin (just going to use the term Doujin from here out as a blanket term for both kinds since the site has some of both). Each preview usually has a picture from the cover, if it has one, or some saucy action shots from some of the scenes later on in the book. When you hover your cursor over one of the previews, it tells you how many stars out of 5 the book has, what the title is, how many pages it has, and who published/created it.You can click the “more info” box that pops up for, get this, more information about the book. You get a Japanese Furigana title along with the translated English one, which user uploaded it, when it was uploaded, what category it’s in, what collection it is from, what group produced it, who the artist is, what/if it is a parody of a non-lewd manga, which characters are in it, and what tags it has. Phew. That is a lot of fucking information. It’s more comprehensive than my local library’s database.Once you’re done taking notes on all of that, there are even more options at your disposal. You can check out even more previews down below if you still are not sold on the book and view the other Doujin in the collection. If you have an account, which you should because It’s free and gives you access to a ton of site features, you can comment, add it to your favorites, and even edit the information if you think they have something wrong in the description.Enough Material to Satisfy any FetishIf the book you clicked on isn’t’ quite your taste, then you can use their search feature to filter out the books by certain tags, length, rating, and more. There are no traditional category pages, but it’s pretty easy to find the shit you’re looking for. Just type in your fetish, add it to your tags, and get searching. You can also add tags for shit you don’t want to see. I guarantee you will find something at least close to what you’re looking for here. They have a ton of content. Alternatively, if you’re feeling daring, you can click their “Random” button and get whisked away to some random Doujin. It’s a fun feature for finding new artists and content!When you finally settle in on a book the reading experience is pretty great. High-resolution scans that you can flip through with ease. Everything on here is top quality. There’s not much more to say about the content. It’s fucking awesome. You can even save the images to your computer if you really want to, but I recommend throwing it in your favorites and amassing a massive collection of beautiful, sexy Doujin.Incredibly Active Community Forum and Discord ServerAside from the regular content, which is great, the site also has a very active community forum where you can discuss and talk about all things Doujin. They even seem to have a Discord server if you’re interested in talking to other people that way. You can access their Discord by going over to the chat tab and clicking connect. The forum has thousands of topics from fetish discussion to anime/hentai debates. There are even pages where you can talk directly with the developers and moderators of the site to pose questions, suggestion, and other such things. Another useful section they have in the forum is one called “Doujin Hunt Request” that helps users find content that they cannot remember the name of.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesMy favorite feature about Tsumino is probably the overall interface and search functionalities. You can find just about anything here. I was reading about lactating cowgirls sucking dick in no time. It’s seriously so easy to get around this site. There’s no clutter and just no bullshit that you have to deal with on other sites like this one. You get a ton of content and there’s no real catch. Plus, with all of the user information you get from each upload, there’s no endlessly flipping through shitty Doujin that you don’t want to read. You know exactly what you’re going to get long before you click to read the full thing.I also really dig the community forum and Discord server. It’s pretty sweet having a bunch of like-minded sick fucks to talk about smut with. No judgement there! You can talk about the craziest, most outlandish fetishes you have and people with help you find more of it. Hell, you can even play video games with these people and make some actual friends. What other porn site can offer you that?ThePornDude’s SuggestionsAs far as recommendations go, I don’t have any. I’m all tapped out. Sucked dry. This site is aimed at providing professional and amateur Doujin for free and it actually does that pretty fucking flawlessly. Site design is dope. Content is A+. Mobile site is great. Not a lot of ads. Fuck, other sites should be taking notes!ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsI don’t really know what the fuck you are waiting for. You obviously like to read if you made it to the end of this. You like porn and you like reading. This site was made for you! Seriously, I can’t recommend this site enough. Tsumino.com (often misspelled as "tsmino") has the best selection of Doujin and Doujinshi out there without any of the cost! So, get over there and check out their catalog, get involved in the forum or discord, and fap to your heart's content. I know that’s exactly what I’m going to be doing!