n Hentai (English) was made by the same people who designed ExHentai.org and Pururin, which makes it one of the more well endowed sultry sites, and certainly one of the most unique. With just a quick scan through, you’ll find a bevy of cartoon cunts, busty beauties, and some of the most bizarre fetish fantasies every dreamed up and put to paper. With a slick website design and lots of stuff to choose from, this is an impressive virtual porno palace, if you're into erotic cartoons.Nearly Endless Amounts of ContentFirst, n Hentai does give you loads and loads of porn pics for free. I can’t tell how many still images and comic panels there are, but I think the number of web pages is somewhere 165,000 galleries, and that number’s growing every day.That means fresh, high quality animated content every damn day. On its face, this site is the ultimate wank bank. The shitty part is that it's all still images. By design, nHentai.net only hosts pictures and comic strips. You won't find any videos or gifs. But if you're into whacking (or flitting) to cartoon characters getting it on, you've got plenty of stuff to choose from.Just to show you the variety available on this website, there are nine thousand entries just for lactation. That’s a ton of wet titties.(Actually, I checked the math, and it's closer to 180 tons worth of squirting chesticles.)On top of that, there's a lot of pop culture-inspired porn. So, if you ever wanted to see a tranny version of Chung-Li from Street Fighter kick ass and take it up the ass, you might like this. Ever wanted to see a female version of Yugi from the "Yu-Gi-Ho!" franchise dual monsters and later beat her double lady lips? They’ve got that. So if "parody" is your thing, nHentai might appeal to you.Nearly every page contains dozen of panels, which has a plot with lots of action, both sexual and traditional. From what I can tell, the stories are pretty complex and will pique your pickle and your interest. At least, I think.I say that because the caption and dialogue bubble are typically written in Japanese or Mandarin characters. Occasionally, you might find a page with panels that have a mix of English and Japanese, and there might be some written in English. So, if you’re reading for plot, but don’t have a good handle on kanji a little or at all, you might as well just scan through for the sexy stuff. After all, if you only want to see a busty gal gagging on six cocks, who the hell cares who’s saying what.That said, without context, some of the erotic scenes might not make sense. Although, given some of the weird stuff nHentai hosts, I don’t think some of their porn panels would make sense even with context. But more on that later.Just so you know, while most of the content is geared towards heteros, there is some yaoi (aka gay hentai) and similar stuff to appeal to the fags and their hags. Of course, there’s plenty of trans material too.Plenty of Artistic StylesJust like the substance of the content, there’s loads of variety when it comes to artistic style. While they’re all of excellent quality, you’ll find erotic manga panels all just in black-and-white or stuff in full color.Some of these artists put a lot of effort and detail into each panel. Seriously, check the site out. I’ve picked up more detail on some of these animated girls than in some live footage of real women on camera.Way More Variety Than the Average SiteYeah, nHentai has a lot of categories, but I’m not sure what to make of some of the content uploaded. By that, I mean, there is some highly specific and weird shit – and I don’t mean run-of-the-mill vomit porn or guys kissing mannequins. Oh no, there’s far more bizarre stuff than that. For example, you’ve got girls branded with barcodes, a section for amputees, pregnant ladies sucking on pacifiers, and tons of tentacle fucking. Got a fetish for body swapping? Then you’re in luck.There’s even an entire tag with over two thousand entries for inverted nipples. I also saw one page tagged “multiple vaginas.” No bullshit, check it out with a quick search.Oh yeah, and there are over twenty-seven thousand entries tagged rape. I'm not sure whether to wank it to some of this shit or send it to a team of psychologists and sociologists. They can figure out the psych profile of the artists who drew this stuff and the people who wank to this. I'm kidding…well, kind of.You guys know that I’m into all kinds of stuff and cover lots of porno. However, I can’t help but ask myself, “what kind of sick fuck gets off to simulated rape, even if it’s animated? And how many fuckers look at this stuff?” Apparently, a lot of people!Seriously there is some strange stuff, so be prepared, or if that kind of kink is your thing, get excited.Well Designed Pages…In addition to the artistry of the porn, nHentai’s site is well put together. While somewhat minimalist, this makes sense since you naturally focus on the content and not be distracted by ads. However, the way pages are categorized extremely thorough.Same thing with the search engine, too.You can search for content parody, type, artist, language, and category – if you can understand the Romanized groups, that is. A lot of sections are labeled the way manga is – i.e., doujinshi, lolicon, shotacon, and a lot of other Japanese terms I don't understand. If you follow that kind of stuff, then I'm sure navigating through specific categories might be easier for you. Otherwise, you can take time to Google what the hell terms like Nakadashi mean.Since the site has so much content, some subsections alphabetically categorize tags, artists, etc., too. In the mood for literally anything? Then click the random page button to get anything from comics featuring anal tan lines (yeah, that's a thing, too) or an MMF threesome, which involves a footjob.Moving on, if you’re a member you get to save unlimited favorites to your account, you can blacklist your tags, and alter the color theme of all web pages to white, blue, or black. Registering an account is free of charge and as easy as setting up a Gmail account.Unfortunately, nHentai’s webmasters have made it very clear that they aren’t going to have forums, at all, ever. Because fuck forums, apparently, but you can post comments on each page or even chat with other users via Discord. That’s right, nHentai has a whole free community chat feature just for cartoon porn. There are also plans to allow users to upload and edit their galleries.But They’re Censored!Yeah, you read that heading right. nHentai is a site where a lot of nudity is censored, at least a little, and not consistently. Why is this? The schizophrenic nature of east Asian nudity mores.See, out in the east, nakedness isn't a big deal, so long as it isn't too mature. Showing off pubes is generally frowned up, but shaven pussy is fine; limp cartoon cock is cool while a rock-hard rager isn't. If you didn't know, this is part of the reason why tentacle porn is a thing in Japan.Anyway, a lot of the stuff on nHentai, like girl squirt, genitals dripping with cum and boners, but not boobs, are usually covered in one or several thin black bars or sometimes pixilated. And it’s super annoying! Sometimes I can look past it; other times, I find it way too distracting.So What Do I Really Think?I’m not going to lie, manga and anime isn’t my thing, neither is hentai. Granted looking at idealized (and highly exaggerated) drawings of purple-eyed, red-haired babes is kind of neat. That said, a lot of this stuff is pretty niche. If you speak and read Japanese, you’ll probably have a better time of navigating the site than I did.The lack of video footage and the weird censor bars are frustrating. While nHentai (often misspelled as "n-hentai", "nhenati", and "nhentia") isn’t for me, you might like it. I give it three out of five cartoon tentacles.