Heavy Metal Babes

HeavyMetalBabes! Oh hell yeah, babes in tanks. No, this ain’t that weird-ass Japanese hentai game in which you date actual war tanks – this is Heavy Metal Babes, the new turn-based RPG that you can only find on Nutaku. It’s a bit of a weird combo of giant robot love and pussy addiction, but it works really well. If you’re a hot-blooded virile dude, you probably dream of having your own fighting robot. You also probably like pussy. Who doesn’t? Well, this game combines those two passions into one. You have your own harem of fuckable babes, but they’re all war pilots, like that Korean skank from Overwatch.They will pilot these mechs into battle for you and when they come back to base, you’ll show them the meaning of modesty – by bending them over and giving them your giant schlong. You care about these babes, after all. You have to reward them for all of their hard work. That’s what the dicking’s all about. This game really goes out of its way to reward you for your efforts, too. You have to build the ultimate battle team, by recruiting new babes, teaching them the ways of combat and bending them over six ways to Sunday. At any point in Heavy Metal Babes, you’re either fighting the good fight or fucking a 10. It’s the perfect game. Plus, the whole thing is free to play, so it’s one of those things you want to try at least once before you die.Sexy Hentai StyleNutaku figured out a very long time ago that the standard hentai approach to titty drawing works best for 2D bitches. I’ve seen people try a more realistic art style and sure, I’d jack off to that too, but hentai just works best. These games are all 2D and very straightforward, so they really don’t need to innovate. Hentai pussy is best pussy and that’s that. These girls are all drop-dead-gorgeous and they have kind of realistic body proportions.By kind of realistic, I mean, they’ve all got giant tits and very tight abs, but the rest of them looks pretty true to life. Their asses are round and firm and begging for cock, but they’re not so large that they could eclipse the sun. They look like real 10s. I should know, since I’ve fucked a ton of them. On top of that, there are some really sexy animations that I’m not used to seeing in 2D RPGs. Usually, these bad boys are always kind of static. Not Heavy Metal Babes. In this game, you get a ton of titty bounce, eye-rolling, hand movement, butt flopping and a bunch of other little animations that give it a bit of 3D flair. It’s a great way of getting me interested in what’s going on. I tend to lose focus really easily, but this game doesn’t go more than 30 seconds without flopping giant breasts in your face, so it’s great for keeping you immersed.An Interesting StoryThe story in online browser porn RPGs is usually not very important. I’d play this game if it had no story at all. But, I’ll admit, when the story is original enough, I do actually care. The game feels a lot more interesting and it flows easier from scene to scene when you feel like there’s some sort of bottom line. Well, Heavy Metal Babes starts off very strong, by introducing you to this imaginary futuristic universe. It’s some sort of distant future dystopian space setting. There are giant robots and spaceships all-over the place, but war is an ever-present danger.Anyways, you play as a powerful and intelligent commander. It’s your job to command a bunch of sexy anime babes, who happen to be clones that were engineered for combat. They’re all hot. This is important to me. You need to guide them across the surface of this specific planet called X-69 for some reason. That entire colony is inhabited by clones, so you don’t have to feel bad about killing them. Those clones are also hot anime babes, by the way. It all works very well together. You deploy your babes to the surface, they duke it out and you murder a bunch of sexy clones who are also piloting giant mechs. It’s all very manly, if I do say so myself.The GameplayMost of this game is in 2D, except for the core gameplay element – the combat. They actually made a sort of side-view 3D layout for the combat and I do think it’s actually rendered live. In other words, when the robots fight, you get proper shadows, 3D models and explosions and nice environments. It’s nothing next-gen, but it’s still pretty damn cool. The game looks really interesting, especially during combat. Now, the combat itself is turn-based. You decide what every babe does during her turn and if you use special attacks, you even get a special animation that showcases their tits in full motion. I found this part of the game to be very exciting. I like smashing robots into other robots. There’s also a lot of gunfire and I like gunfire. It’s a manly game, what can you expect?I will admit, though, that this is a long-ass game. There’s hours of story and that means that there are that many more hours of gameplay to go with it. If you get tired of the combat, you can accelerate it up to 4 times faster than usual. This will make the combat blaze past you in a flash. Now, if you really really hate the combat and don’t even want to play it yourself, you can also flip to automatic and have the fights resolve themselves. You still have to watch them, but they go by really quickly. You won’t even notice, I swear. This is great for people who just want to focus on optimal builds, new girls and, of course, the story.Fantasy ElementsJust when I thought that Heavy Metal Babes would stay 100% sci-fi, it threw me a curveball. There’s some sort of magical crystal and also witches, if I recall correctly. A lot of weird fantasy elements just sort of swoop in out of left field and surprise you when you least expect it. It’s not that much of a spoiler; I’m not giving away the ending or anything. But, suffice it to say that they innovate a lot with this game. First, it’s all about the robots and the space wars, but the further you get through the colony, the more you uncover about the clones and the planet’s backstory. Shit just keeps getting more and more intense as you progress.I really liked the story to this game and the fantasy elements especially, because it meant I’d get to see more and more fantasy babes take my cock, willingly. But, I’ll admit, the game could have used branching storylines. Like, maybe you would have to choose whether to defect away from your duties or crush everyone who dares stand in your way. This is unfortunately not an option, as the game is mostly a gacha. It’s built around the idea of you coming back for more. They really want you to form an emotional attachment to these girls and keep coming back to them to see what they’re up to and send them on missions again.A Bit of GachaLike all other free Nutaku games, Heavy Metal Babes comes with a bunch of gacha elements. You get to customize your girls with a lot of details and equipment, so naturally, the gacha comes in to let you try and gamble for some high-quality loot. You can just spend real money and buy the items directly, but the gacha comes with the promise of high risk for high reward. It’s all very rewarding if you put in the time and money.On the other hand, you can play Heavy Metal Babes without spending a single cent and it’s not like this is going to cripple you or anything. The gacha elements are there for people who really don’t like waiting or grinding. Plus, if this is the only porn game you decide to sink money into, then you’re not going to mind dumping a few shekels into it. It all comes back to reward you in the end.Plus, all the girls come with a bunch of sex scenes. Some of these are straight-up thrown at you from the start of the game, others, you will have to earn. And, with a bunch of babes to unlock and train, you’re looking at an enormous amount of sex scenes just waiting to be unlocked. Did I mention that they’re also uncensored? That’s right; you get proper hentai in this bad boy, none of that pixelated pussy shit. So, by all means, fap away to some mecha babes.