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Meet And Fuck Games aka Meet N Fuck Games is not a website about meeting people in real life - you may think that because of the ‘MeetNFuck’ phrase in its name, which is commonly used on XXX sites made for live meet and fucks with horny locals in your area, but this website is actually attributed to meeting and fucking drawn cartoon babes. The premise of this whole website is to deliver premium cartoon sex games to all of its visitors, delivering fun and porn all in one package.There are countless games on this website that feature you, the protagonist, going on some sort of quest or mission which involves meeting a hot cartoon babe in the process and proceeding to stick your dick in all her holes once you finish your task. You ‘meet’ literally every girl that you get to fuck in these games, so there’s a fun social RPG element to them alongside some simple-yet-intricate gameplay which rewards you with good old-fashioned sex. So if you’re a dedicated gamer who can’t meet and fuck girls in real life to save his own life then this website will surely fill that gaping void in your soul that tortures your subconscious.No Bullshit – Just GamesThere’s no bullshit to this website – it doesn’t bombard you with ads, alternate websites or a wide array of options when you’re on it, all it wants you to do is try out its games. This may come off as a pretty tunnel-vision thing because you can’t do anything else other than play the games that this site’s offering you (including chatting with fellow members, etc), but at the end of the day that’s what they’re good at and they don’t want you to stray from the path of playing their meet and fuck flash game masterpieces. And if you’re someone who’s serious about gaming then you’ll definitely appreciate what this website has to offer, because many of its games feature characters from popular fictional video game and cartoon universes which you’ll surely recognize, because you’re probably into all that shit anyway.Fuck you Favorite Cartoon & Video Game BabesThere are no gamers on Earth who aren’t able to recognize characters from various video game franchises. Not only that, but I’m pretty sure that a lot of you gamer types out there are also familiar with plenty of popular cartoon/anime franchises too and can easily name (and jack off to) their female cast of characters. There is a slew of games on here that feature sexy video game babes like Mortal Kombat’s Kitana, Mileena and Sonya getting their asses rammed by the male characters from the same universe, and that goes for most fighting games out there too like Street Fighter and Tekken. In addition, there’s plenty of anime babes getting their holes filled with cum such as Naruto’s Tsunade, Pokemon’s Misty, Yu Gi Oh’s Mai Valentine and so on.And last but not least, there are also games that feature characters from popular Western cartoons to, so if you’ve ever wanted to facialize Velma from Scooby Doo or creampie April from Ninja Turtles, then you can bet your video game collection that there are games on here that let you do exactly that from a protagonist’s perspective.The Categorization is DecentWhile you can’t search for more specific things like blowjob, milf, threesome and so on when sifting through the XXX games on this site, the categories do allow you to select games based on their art style and theme. There’s Western category, which features games based strictly on Western cartoons – here you can play classics such as ‘Boobelma gets Spooked’, which is based on Scooby Doo’s Velma, and ‘Rocky and Farty’, which is basically an XXX flash game version of Rick and Morty. There’s also the ever-beloved ‘Hentai’ category which gives you the option to play as a protagonist that fucks all kinds of Anime babes and heroines like One Piece’s Nami and Naruto’s Samui.Then there’s the ‘Parody’ category that lets you play as a character from a famous cartoon, anime, game or even TV show who goes around sodomizing hot female characters from your respective franchise – for example, you can plow Princess Peach as Mario, or double-team a babe while controlling those two guys from Mythbusters. The possibilities here are truly endless. Then you have the ‘Famous Toon’ category, which is basically XXX games based on famous cartoons and animes. There are also two more categories which are aptly named ‘Furry’ and ‘Interracial’, and I’m sure it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what kind of ‘MeetnFuck’ games they contain.Plenty of Original Games TooNot all the games here are based within XXX-parodied universes based on popular video game and cartoon franchises. From what I’ve seen, about half of the games here contain completely original characters and universes made from the people running the website itself. However, these ‘original’ games may not be as original as you may think since virtually all of them are made by copying a generic theme I.E. a fantasy land featuring elves, orcs, and humans, or a team of superheroes that doesn’t stray too far from the Justice League/Avengers aesthetic. While this may not be a huge contribution toward the creativity on this site’s games, it does let you take a break from playing games that are parodying existing franchises and switch to something with a fresher feel to it. In the end, ALL of the video games featured here are original creations which are featured only on this website and nowhere else, so you at least have that.Have a Preferred Art Style?Not only does this site let you categorize its games in a handful of ways, but it also lets you filter in/out games which are only drawn by a certain artist. Now there may only be three different artists which contribute to 99% of the games on this website, but that gives you at least three different art styles to pick from if you ever get bored of fucking 2D babes in the same style. Now, the art styles don’t vary greatly, but if you’re someone who beats their dick to games on this site on a daily basis then you’re sure to notice all the small little differences that make every art style on here borderline unique.The Parody Games aren’t too Convincing to be Considered Good ParodiesYou may think that a website like this would have a wide assortment of XXX MeetNFuck game parodies that really capture the style of whatever they’re parodying, making them high-quality content that real fans will definitely enjoy. But alas, that’s not exactly the case here, and there’s one main reason why; All the games on this site try to come as close to being identical to whatever they’re based on, without actually being identical to it in any way. You’ll see plenty of games with names that are a low-effort XXX play on the franchise they’re parodying, like for example ‘The Powerfuck Girls’ & ‘The Simpsons’, or names which are parodied XXX versions of character’s names like ‘Boobelma’ (Velma from Scooby Doo) or ‘Slutnade’ (Tsunade from Naruto).And that’s not all – not only are the names cheeky, perverted XXX parodies of the real thing, but the art style is nowhere near as similar to the actual franchise in question. Remember how I said that there are three artists who illustrate most of the games on here? Well, those illustrations are made using a pretty generic art style that’s just repeatedly copied in all the games with barely noticeable differences here and there.Some Democracy IntactNow despite all I’ve said about this website and the quality of its games, it’s not hard to see that the people who are running it are passionate about what they’re doing and want to offer their audience of horny gamers some freedom. Any frequent visitor of the site who likes what it has to offer can vote on which games should be made next – on the ‘Vote for Game Ideas’ section, you can see a list of all possible upcoming games that will be added to this site. Here you can vote on which of the titles you want to see the most – the one with the most votes will be the next game added onto the site.