Sin VR

Sin VR! Attention all gamers. Does 3D animated porn with game-like characteristics appeal to you? Then I introduce to you the forbidden world, Sin VR. This is an advanced 3D animated game that allows you to interact with sexy virtual avatars by providing you with a virtual 360° experience in which you will be fucking these virtual characters that have been made to look like your favorite movie stars. Expect to feel strange feelings of attraction to these babes, which is the whole point, to begin with.Being an erotic game, the main draw is obviously the women. The team behind Sin VR has apparently done its fucking homework, employing professional voice actors for their female avatars. There are lots of hip controls, tit juggling, many sexual positions, ass spankings and much more. The avatars come with photorealistic skins, and it is clear the site has gone out of its way to bring you the finished product. The trailer previews on the homepage depict wonderful bondage scenes, spanking, cosplay, horror, teachers, dick girls, brunettes and more to put you in the mood.To play the game, you will need to download their software which is a quick and easy process that will detect whatever device you’ve hooked to your computer. Sin VR is compatible with the Oculus, HTC Vive, GearVR, and Google Daydream but if you don’t have the gear, you can still use your mouse and watch as the action unfolds on your computer screen although, to be honest, it is not nearly as immersive. With the apparatus ready, you may choose an avatar to have sex with. They range from vampires to parody avatars, busty blondes and redheads, demonic-looking broads and girl-next-door type of characters. Currently, there are a total of 14 girls to choose from although users can choose to buy multiple girls together at a discounted price. Choose from the redhead bundle of big boobs, the sinful bundle of joy, and the fearful bundle of sin with each group containing at least three women.Before you jump straight into the game, allow me to warn you that this is mainly a BDSM game. There are loads of whips, canes, strappers, floggers and more BDSM paraphernalia and if this is not your cup of tea, then this is not your kind of game. If by any chance it is, then there is a ton of erotic fun to be had. After choosing a girl, the next step is choosing a location which includes a classroom, salon, deep crypt, hotel bedroom and more. Note that action varies with location. For instance, selecting the deep crypt will open up a world of spanking, paddles, chains, and tormenting a range of beautiful CGI babes.The site certainly stays true to its sinful nature, and besides the fucking, there will be a lot of teasing and tormenting as well. Which brings me to the next point; playing the game is a great experience, but you will need controllers to make it memorable. If, for instance, you want to spank a girl on the ass as you fuck her doggy style, the controllers allow you to do that. You can fuck the girls in seven positions that you can choose from a menu. Changing positions is pretty easy, and all you have to do is hover over a particular style from the menu, and the avatar will assume it. I have a feeling I'm not the only one thinking about this, but every girl makes a different sound when they moan, and you will even hear the sound of a slap when you spank her. The girls will also talk dirty while you fuck and will respond to anything you do to them.The full entry unlimited membership starts at $19.99 per month which gives you access to all the girls and the scenes as well as any new content. A 6 months membership will cost you $79.96 while an annual membership will set you back some $119.88 with 2 and 6 months free respectively. I presume this is a fair offer and you would be a fool not to consider it.My only reservation is with the facial expressions, with the transitions extremely choppy and unrealistic, taking away the immersive experience you should be enjoying. I’m sure the designers will be working hard to rectify that.Overall, I was impressed with Sin VR. Its graphics capabilities, a dark and kinky theme, not to mention the sexy avatar voices make the game a delight. Sin VR has also promised to release new content monthly which is something to look forward to. I recommend you give it a try.