MNF Club Game

Looking for a free sex MMO game like meet and fuck club? I have been delving into the world of online porn games a lot lately. For those of you who follow my reviews, you may already be aware of the fact that this is a new interest of mine and that porn games have never really been my thing. I am generally the kind of guy who likes his porn to be direct and to the point.When I am horny, I am horny … Do you know what I mean? I don’t necessarily want to have to run around, save damsels in distress, or complete a bunch of gay ass missions in order to see some sexy bitches. That’s what Super Mario is for. I mean, let’s be honest, who among us would not fuck Princess Peach if given the opportunity? Or maybe she’s a little too thick for you? She for sure has a booty under that dress.And you just know Mario laid the pipe down for her. Maybe he even let Luigi watch. Luigi is definitely into voyeurism. How do I know? Just look at him. Plus, he’s always in the background anyway, just jerking off to the princess in Mario’s shadow. If it hasn’t been done yet, someone should definitely make a live-action porn spoof of Super Mario Brothers. Oh, who am I kidding, we’re living in the golden age of porn … of course it’s already been done!And since we are living in the golden age of porn, one of the many perks is that there are hundreds of porn video games to choose from. Some of these games rely more heavily on the gaming aspect and less on the porn, others are the other way around and provide players with a very thinly veiled excuse to basically just look at cartoon porn (as if you basement-dwelling, regressive cartoon porn addicts ever needed an excuse to begin with!).Furthermore, given how many porn games there are out there, it goes without saying that some are much, much better than others. As is the case with any kind of porn. As is the case with any kind of game. So, naturally, this would be the case with porn games as well.What Makes a Porn Game Good?When I play a new porn game, I try to judge it on a few basic criteria:1.) What is the porn to gaming ratio like? Do you have to go through a huge amount of gaming to get to the porn? Is the actual gameplay fucking stupid, leaving you better off just looking at animated porn and saving yourself the trouble?2.) Is the game itself interesting at all? Does it have any particularly cool features or challenges to it? Does it include a social or multiplayer aspect? Is it designed and written well? Does it generally function as it is supposed to (are there glitches, bugs, etc.)? And …3.) Is the porn featured in the game good enough to warrant jumping through hoops? How well is it animated? Are the cartoon chicks hot? Is it realistic? If not, is the porn sexy enough for it not to matter?Multiplayer Virtual Sex GameHaving established those three basic categories for judging porn games, let’s take a look at a sex game called "MNF Club Game". Firstly, simply navigating your browser to mnfclub.com and registering as a user is all you need to do to start playing the game. This is a big plus for me since I generally don’t like to take up space on my hard drive if I don’t need to, especially not for some porn game I don’t even know whether or not it will be worth it. But MNF Club makes it easy, making all gameplay occur in your browser; so far so good.What exactly is MNFClub? Well, the description of the game they offer up summarizes it as such: “MNF Club is a massively multiplayer sex game designed solely for adults. Meet, chat and have virtual sex with numbers of horny people from all around the globe. With MNF Club you don't need to download or install any additional software. Our MNF MMO works right inside your web browser and it's FREE.”What really catches my eye in that description of the game was the “Meet, chat and have virtual sex with numbers of horny people from all around the globe.” This immediately made me think of the game, 3DxChat, which has the same general premise (and they execute it perfectly). With this in mind, my first thought is that MNF Club is going to have some very big shoes to fill.3DxChat has sort of already perfected this sex gaming format in my opinion—great graphics, VR compatibility, an enormous user base, numerous huge worlds to explore, and extremely detailed, player-controlled sex scenes between avatars—so, that is the standard that I am, consciously or unconsciously, going to always be holding similar porn games to.Graphics, GameplayAs soon as I start playing the game, I am a little underwhelmed with the graphics. They are reminiscent of something I may have played on Super Nintendo or Sega Genesis … very cartoony/comic book-y. But, I’m not an unreasonable guy, I’m willing to accept this as simply the intended aesthetic that the game’s developers were trying to evoke. Plus, I know that many pornoholics around the world are really into this style of art, so, whatever, I’ll accept it.The first thing they have you do when you start playing the game is to create your character. Cool, makes sense. Choose your gender, eye color, eye shape, hairstyle/color, face shape, and select an outfit from a pretty limited number of options (you can pay for more later). Once you have your avatar, you are ready to choose a world to visit and, hopefully, start digitally fucking some hot cartoon babes.I choose the Wild West-themed world, ready to find my sexy (reverse) cowgirl. There was one chick there, so I tried private messaging her. No response. I tried getting her attention in the general chat for the level. Also no response. After a few minutes I grew tired up just aimlessly roaming around this (very small, I should note) level, so I did one of the few things you can do here (and what I find myself doing often in real life when I’m bored and/or horny), I went into the saloon.The saloon, too, was empty. Just a cowboy hat on a table (available for purchase at an exorbitant price for a fucking cowboy hat). I kept walking farther into the bar, though, and I found two sexy little blonde cowgirls at the bar. I clicked on them, hoping to finally get me some cartoon pussy. No such luck.Some Fun Mini-GamesThe busty cowgirls were not fellow game players; instead, talking to them gave me the option to play a mini-game in which one of the girls gets on a mechanical bull and you have to move your mouse to keep her balanced. The longer she stays on the bull, the more of her clothes disappear. This kept me entertained for much longer than I thought it would.It was actually pretty tricky. Plus, you have to keep your girl balanced for a pretty long time in order to strip off any article of clothing that really matters (40 seconds for her shirt … never got good enough to get the daisy dukes off). I must have tried like 20 or 30 times. Honestly, if they extracted this one mini-game and made it into an app, I would definitely download it on my phone and play as a time suck.Other than that, though, I wasn’t very impressed with the porn to gaming ratio. They advertise the game as a virtual sex game, but any “virtual sex” that I encountered or witnessed just seemed like glorified cybersex. Two characters would awkwardly stand side by side and type what they were doing to the other. No actual in-game sex occurred. At least not that I saw. There wasn’t even an option (unless maybe you have to somehow play for a while and earn it? If that’s the case, though, it just doesn’t seem worth it).Good for Game-Based CybersexThat being said, if you don’t mind the fact that you can’t really do much in the way of actual gameplay sex and you are just looking for a convenient way to encounter chicks online who are down to have some cyber sex, MNF Club would be a great option. But, on the other end, if you are hoping for something a little more graphic to enjoy (with a much larger user base), I would check out 3DxChat if you don’t mind downloading it.Another plus for team MNF Club, though, is that the game (and the site) are entirely ad-free. The only sort of promotion that you’ll find is for other games of theirs, and this just occurs in text at the bottom of the page, so not really an ad at all as much as a convenient resource for finding other games to check out.All in all, if you want a fun place to run into real chicks to have text-based cyber sex with, MNF Club will definitely do the trick. I would think of it sort of as a games-based chat client, or maybe an interactive forum with a video game bent. But if you’re looking for a porn game that is more immediately audio-visually stimulating, there are definitely better options out there.