Ero Games, aka Eroges! Hentai games are a wonderful thing. While pics and videos are fantastic to jerk off to, games are something that you can really get into mentally, whether it’s because of the characters, the interaction, or the challenge. These adult games are also known as Eroges, so it’s pretty fucking obvious what Eroges.com is about. Eroges can be all kinds of games, although porn games are often tied together with shit like puzzle games or arcade-y games a lot of the times. Eroges.com offers both hentai games and visual novels. Visual novels are basically like comics on the computer, although once in a while you will be making decisions that change how the plot goes forward. Kind of like Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, now that I think about it. Eroges is a platform much like Nutaku, where the company brings in different games onto the site where people can buy the games. Eroges offers a handful of indie hentai games as well as translated visual novels. Purchasing games require you to buy the site currency known as Erogold. Why can’t you just buy directly with dollars? Cause fuck you that’s why. So make sure you pull out your wallet before you pull out your cock and get to spending. One cool thing about Eroges is that it supports French language games. Actually, I think Eroges is targeted more towards French audiences than English, as the site offers more games in French that aren’t even available in English.A professional layoutEroges.com is all about adult games and only adult games, so the layout is pretty straightforward. When you first enter the site, you’ll see a list of all the games offered, which frankly, only number about ten when I checked. Since the collection is limited, this simple layout works pretty well. There’s no need for search functions or categorizations like most porn sites since there are such few games. It won’t take you long to check out every single game and see if there’s one you want to purchase. At the top left corner, you’ll see a flag. This is your language select. Right now, the site only supports English and French. When you click on a game, you’ll be sent to the game’s main page. This includes a big splash page showing a description, screenshots, and information to get you to play. Games will also have a video trailer so you can get a feel for what the game is like. You’ll need to register to actually play the game. For the free games, you just need to register, but for the paid games you’ll need to load up on Erogold coins to make a purchase. At the bottom of the game’s page, you’ll get recommendations for other games. This is cool and all, but with only a dozen or so games on the site, I’d say their recommendations are pretty limited and pointless. Just check them all out before you spend your hard-earned cash.B-quality games, A-quality visual novelsThe quality of the content on Eroges has a wide range, and the price will reflect that. First, there are three free games which include Booty Calls, Hentai Heroes, and Naughty Empire. These are all a step above the shitty Flash games from Newgrounds, and still good to fap to. The indie games include Chuchu Succubus Rem and Fallen. Chuchu Succubus Rem is an RPG adventure where you explore a world and fight battles like Final Fantasy, while having tons of sex in between. I’m pretty sure it was made in RPG Maker. Fallen is another RPG that also looks like it was made in RPG Maker. There is a ton of unique art and sex scenes that will keep you entertained, and the game even features multiple endings. Then we have the visual novels, which include Nakadashi and Lust of Apartment Wives. These are professionally made games straight from Japan that were translated for the purposes of making you cum buckets. I should note that these games are featured on other sites as well. Overall, these are fun and engaging games that have great gameplay that makes up for not having the highest budgets. You can easily find yourself getting sucked into the stories, making your way through the game eagerly with your dick out waiting for the next sex scene. One of the best features of Eroges.com is that the games are mobile and tablet friendly. The games are all browser / Flash games, so you can play without any bullshit like downloading or installing. This is one reason why it’s okay that the games aren’t the highest budget. If you are a fan of old school RPGs like Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy, then I highly recommend the indie games featured on Eroges.com. These games really take you back to the 2D RPG adventures that sadly don’t exist anymore.What I LikeEroges.com seems to have a good selection of games. Although the games might not be of the highest quality, they can easily be played on your tablet, and have a surprisingly deep and long-lasting game play. The art styles in the games are varied and good, and overall the quality is much better than the shit you would find on Newgrounds or image boards. The RPG games featured on Ergoes.com are also really well made, even if the engine is outdated. The hentai is charming and easy to fap to. The visual novels on the site are also well-chosen. I don’t know how they decided which Japanese games to bring over, but the games seemed very fun to play.What I hateThe main issue is the price. Yes, Eroges.com is nice enough to provide some free games to play, but the rest of the games were all set at $13.75 when I visited the page. This is really expensive for what are RPG Maker games and translated Japanese games that you can probably find on other sites as well. This is also made worse by the fact that they force you to buy Erogold. The problem with having a site currency is that sometimes you have to buy extra coins just to have enough coins to buy the game. For example, a game might cost 1200 gold, but the website might force you to buy 1500 coins minimum. Does Eroges.com do this? Yes! It fucking does! Eroges.com makes you buy gold in increments of 500. So you can buy 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, etc. The more you buy at once, the cheaper each coin is. But if you want to spend only 1200 gold, sorry motherfucker, you will be forced to buy 1500 gold and have 300 gold left over. I hate shit like that.SuggestionsEroges.com is definitely geared towards people that want to play straight from their phone or tablet. The games just aren’t high quality enough to make you want to sit down and play on your PC, especially when there are porn games that are super high quality out there. Based on this, I will say that the games seem overpriced. I think charging over $10 for an RPG Maker hentai game is way too expensive, and a fair price point would be closer to $3-$5. Considering that there are some amazing games on Steam that cost less than five dollars, Eroges.com is asking for a lot. I also think Eroges needs to add more games. There isn’t enough content to keep my attention for long, and you end up browsing through the site in under an hour. I’m sure they have plans to expand, however, but for now, the selection was limited. Eroges may also want to try to expand their language support. Right now, they only support English and French.ConclusionOverall, Eroges.com has the ingredients to be successful, but the execution is not that great. Eroges did a good job of picking interesting games and providing them on an easy to use platform. The fact that all the games can be played from your phone or browser is great as well. On the other hand, the selection is limited, and the games don’t have a high production value. These games are all made very cheaply, with low budgets, and charging $13 for each game is really bad. This is made even worse when you understand how the Erogold system works, forcing you to buy $15 worth of coins when you only want to spend $12. Still, I can see Eroges.com having a strong following, and I don’t think you will feel regret buying these games. You will get hours of great gameplay and fapping, and the games all are charming. Eroges also offers three free games, so you can get a taste before you start spending money. These free games are not terribly low quality and worth fapping to, at least once. Just ignore the horrible dialogue. One final note: this is a French site first and foremost. That means that sometimes you will run into language issues, like the French language when it should be English. Just work your way around it, and you’ll fap just fine.