Looking for a free multiplayer 3D sex game? Remember those avatar mingle games that used to pop up all the time in the mid-2000s? They were fucking everywhere. Ernya, Gaia, Solia, and Cadon. They never had porn or anything in them, but that didn’t stop those horny, confused people on there from cybering in the middle of the game’s public hangout spaces. Ah, the good old days. But there might be even better days ahead. I have a game that combines 3D avatar sites with porn! Never settle for jerking off to big tittied anime babes on VR Chat ever again. Those are probably dudes anyway. It’s about time that you played a game that is actually meant to be used to roleplay. Live out your innermost fantasies with horny chicks online.Yareel.com is where you’ll find “Yareel,” the game I’ll be going over. You’ll need to use Unity’s web player to make this game work, but that’s not a big deal. It’s easy to install and get it working. Yareel’s site brings in right around 300k visitors every month. For this site, that metric isn’t an exact science. It’s a downloadable game, so that number doesn’t factor in the horny fucks who already downloaded this game. And the site itself has been around since 2013, but, again, the game may have been hosted elsewhere prior to that. At the time of playing, the site showed that around 400 players were currently online. Not a huge number, but definitely enough to get down with some sexy roleplay.Download the Game on your Computer or Phone to Get StartedOnce you download the game, you launch it like you would any other game on your computer. Login or sign up from there. Signing up is easy. You give yourself a username, pick your gender, and put down what your sexual orientation is. Easy. Next, you fill out this form for what kind of sexy shit you’re trying to get down with. You’ve got your more vanilla options like slow and sensual sex, hard and fast fucking, mutual masturbating; then you have more kinky shit like pegging, latex clothes, bondage, and exhibitionism. I picked everything to get the most options out of the game, but you can choose as little or as many of the options as you like.Next up you customize your avatar. Clothes, hair, makeup, and all that shit. Though I didn’t see any options for general physique or anything like that. But I’ll give credit where credit is due. You can customize how big your dick is or what cup size you have. Finally, a game where I can represent just how hung I am in real life. Even if the avatar just doesn’t do it justice, it’s a step in the right direction. Plus, it lets all you less dudes endowed out there get a taste of the other side.Plenty of Customization Options for Your CharacterOnce you’re done playing dress up you can start going out there and getting laid. You get paired up with another real person out there. Yes, that means you actually have to talk to someone. I know all of you beta fucks out there couldn’t talk a girl into going to dinner with you, let alone get laid. But think of this as some practice work. You start off in bed and you can talk and get frisky at whatever pace you two want. It usually starts with some light talking and kissing, then moves on to foreplay and intense fucking. If you’ve got the poses unlocked, there’s things like femdom, exotic positions, and other cool poses to try out.You’ll get matched with someone based on your sexual preferences, and both of you have to agree to a position before your avatars start fucking. So, you’ll never have to deal with getting put into some scenario that you wouldn’t be comfortable in. Once you’re in a position you can change how fast or slow you want it to be. Get a nice, sensual blowjob or pick up the pace and give your partner and intense face fuck. Whatever you want.Once you get the hang of it, you can tackle the different objectives the game gives you. Things like the number of orgasms achieved, days played in a row, and other goals like those reward you with experience in different categories as well as give you coins. Coins can be used to unlock new positions, buy new clothes, and do in-game things like buy drinks for people at the bar. If you want, you can just buy the coins with real money, but fuck that. Half the fun is racking up that dosh through your sexy escapades with random strangers. On that same note, there is a VIP option that gives you more coins, exclusive clothes, and better rewards if you pay a monthly membership fee.Fuck However You Want!But you probably want to know how the sex is. And, I have to say, it’s actually pretty good. You get to fuck in a wide variety of different ways. And each position gives you sexy camera angles and all that good shit. But the graphics won’t leave you stunned at their beauty or anything. It’s what you would expect from a free avatar game.The real thrill is knowing that there is some chick on the other side enjoying this shit just as much as you are. And talking with the horny babes on this site is a lot of fun. Everyone is here to roleplay and fuck. It’s fucking great. You can even head to the bar and chat with people and invite them back to fuck at your place. It’s crazy how many sexy options there are on this site. Hell, there are options for MMF or FFM threesome where you have multiple people in the chatroom.Surprisingly Solid Mobile AppI was surprised to find out that the game has its own android mobile app. Bigger games like this usually stick to desktop, but this one goes the extra mile! And it’s a good app, too. You can login and play the full game on the go. On the face, it looks like a pretty regular avatar game. So, if you stick to the chat rooms, then you could actually get away with playing this in public. Just make sure not to get anyone back to your place or your phone will blast your noisy fucking to everyone around you. Or, you know, play with headphones if you like a bit of risk in your life.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesMy favorite feature about Yareel.com is the fact that you can fuck in a bunch of different ways. I’ve messed around with other porn games in the past and it’s always “Sex, Anal, or Blowjob.” Here you can finally get down with some threesomes, do some kinky bondage, and fuck in dozens of different positions. And it’s made all the more awesome because you’re doing this shit with actual people! It’s such a cool blending of concepts that make this game worth coming back to again and again.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsMy main suggestion for Yareel.com would be to get some new, or at least some varied audio for the sex scenes. Even music would spice things up a bit more. It’s a lot of the same sounds and that gets really repetitive. It took me out of the roleplay so much that I had to mute the game to keep enjoying it, but that’s just my personal preference. I’m sure people out there love those sexy moans. I also think some of the cosmetics prices can be rather high, but you got to keep the economy balanced somehow, I guess. And maybe a wider selection of cosmetics would be cool too.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, if you’re at all a fan of avatar-based games, then you’re going to fucking love Yareel.com. It has all of the best features that avatar games have, but free and with lots of kinky sex. You can meet up with real living and breathing people and have some naughty cybersex with them while your avatars go at it. It’s a unique concept that has been executed pretty damn well. You should try it out. I mean, you have nothing to lose but your time. Head over to Yareel.com and have some kinky fun!