Vixen Wars

People think being The Porn Dude involves nothing but jerking off to taboo anal movies and explicit voyeurism hentai, but the world of pornography is so much wider-ranging than that. Today, for example, I spent the day shaking my dick at an adult video game about a dark magician trying to corrupt my sister. Normally, I’m fine with any kind of sister corruption that goes on in adult entertainment, but in Vixen Wars, you fight alongside sexy broads who want to hook up, so maybe the trade-off will be worth it.Vixen Wars is one of the newer games available from Nutaku. The gameplay mixes action-adventure, card, and tower defense elements, plus that cartoon pornography you expect from any videogame your old friend The Porn Dude would spend his time with. This one is available in a variety of formats including Android, iOS, mobile, and PC. For the purpose of this review, I’ll be playing Vixen Wars on my expensive-ass Android phone.Nutaku: A Place to Game and FapTo play this game, you need to get it from Nutaku. I have a full review of the website available on mine, but basically it’s like the Steam of adult video games. Rather than producing games themselves, Nutaku is a platform that gives users access to a wide variety of interactive entertainment unsuitable for the youth. It’s free to sign up and get playing, and they’ve usually got some sign-up bonuses for new users.There’s so much material on Nutaku that I get a little overwhelmed and don’t always know what to play, but the video trailer for Vixen Wars sold me. There are anime bitches with huge tits exposing themselves and fighting each other on well-designed battle screens, so I can already tell the production values are high. After a few minutes of downloading and installing the app, I was ready to get cracking. Incidentally, I like how the app icon is a hentai babe with what looks like semen in her mouth.There is a bit of load time the first time you play, and the loading graphic itself gave me a semi. A bunch of half-naked anime bitches surround a castle, and the game motto tells me to Cum and Conquer. Well, don’t mind if I do! Some typically cheesy videogame music starts up when the game is mostly loaded.The actual game opens with a hot chick named Kasumi saying, “Hi there, little stepbrother. I see your cock is hard as usual!” I’m immediately dropped into a one-road tower defense situation with some tutorial boxes on the screen.Solid Gameplay with Some Anime BoobiesEven though I only have one melee unit in the initial battle, Vixen Wars has a surprisingly complex and full-featured fight system for an adult game. Some of these games are built in a very half-ass way, so it’s nice to see one that plays as well as the non-porno tower defense games.Units are placed on the screen in strategic locations where they will hopefully be able to fight off the incoming orcs, goblins and other baddies. I’ve only got one buxom nun bitch fighting for me, but she’s tough as hell, especially when I start unleashing the powerups. Colored bars on the screen keep track of my power as well as my hit points.The first fight is always easy in any game, and I finished with only one goblin getting past me. The hot nun compliments me at the end, and it’s clear she wants to keep fighting for me. Hopefully, that means I’ll get to see her titties soon.Kasumi, my stepsister, shows her pretty face again after the fight as well. She’s smiling with her jugs hanging almost out of her dress, teasing me as she tells me she’s lonely here in the castle. My character stutters replying to her because he is so fucking horny. After clicking through the conversation, Vixen Wars informs me I’ve unlocked a new clip and a round of powerups including holy dildos, sexy slips, and pieces of wood.To Pay or Not to Pay?Like many of the games on Nutaku, Vixen Wars is free-to-play. It’s a phrase that strikes fear into the hearts of gamers around the world because it implies that there are in-app purchases available. In the world of hentai video games, this is referred to as a gacha system.My character was already more powerful by the end of the first battle. All those treasures and rewards I got gave me more attacks to try and more energy to use those attacks. At the end of the reward stage, though, the game asked if I’d like to spend some real money on more of these in-game rewards.As with any gacha system, spending real cash will help me advance faster. The best gacha systems, however, are ones that are completely optional and don’t break the game by making it unplayable to free users. With that in mind, I continued on my way without pulling out my wallet.Fight for Your Right to See Anime CuntBetween battles, Vixen Wars shows you a map screen that lets you choose your next fight. It’s typical of the tower defense genre, though the half-naked girl in the bottom corner isn’t typically seen in your favorite Nintendo game. Nor is the gallery of unlocked clips, which so far only contains that non-explicit interaction where I stuttered at my sister’s cleavage.The second fight went well, with the difficulty ramped up just a little bit. This time I had a second battle slut at my disposal, and a slightly more elaborate map with different points of enemy entry to look out for. The third fight introduced a ranged attack, with a babe shooting arrows from a position between a couple of roads.I thought I lost the third battle. There were a lot of points in the fight where I wished my powerups were still working but I didn’t have enough juice left to enable them. It was unclear if this is because they were trying to sucker me in for some in-app purchases or if it was just a natural progression of the learning curve. In the end, a handful of dudes slipped through my defenses, but I still came out on top.Even though I almost lost, I did unlock a second clip when I was collecting my rewards for the failed encounter. This time, it’s a still image of that fighting nun running and smiling with her shaved cunt exposed. Nice!More Fighting, More Naked Hentai SlutsI unlocked a third clip before I even made it to the next battle. Clips in Vixen Wars are unanimated but feature a little bit of dialogue and some pretty sexy hentai graphics. The sprites during the battles are not particularly sexy unless you really get off to that kawaii cuteness, but the clips do provide fap-worthy images if you’re the sort to jerk off to anime.The next battle was another close call that I made it through without succumbing to the gacha system. New gameplay elements are introduced in a very natural way as the battles progress. You’re never overwhelmed by new shit to keep track of as you try to unlock new, naked mega sluts.I have to admit that I don’t read the dialogue as hard and carefully as some of you weaboos are going to. It was never really clear to me whose side my stepsister was on. It seems like she’s the one getting all these monsters to attack me, but she’s also constantly trying to seduce me with her wet cunt and giant titties. She talks shit about my warrior bitches, but also directs me to the harems and places where women will be bathing naked.Adult video games are often slapped together with shitty gameplay elements and the cheapest hentai images they can afford. Vixen Wars represents one of the better entries into the pornographic tower defense genre, with excellent gameplay and a decent reward system that doesn’t make you grind away for hours just for a glimpse of hentai poon. Though the game has a gacha system, it’s optional and the game is still fun without shelling out a single real cent. Players looking to fight off an onslaught of attacking monsters in exchange for plenty of X-rated anime images will find exactly what they’re looking for here.