Fake Lay

Wanna play FakeLay? Are you the kind of person who gravitates toward the ‘fake’ sub-genre of pornography that’s recently gained a lot of traction? Do you enjoy all those casting couch and fake agent pornos that are swarming literally every popular porn tube in existence? Do you crave that rare satisfaction of watching girls get tricked into sex by a guy who’s misleading them into thinking they’re gonna be starlets or models or whatever the fuck?Are you the kind of person who can proudly call themselves a scumbag because you love tricking women into having sex with you and you gain sexual satisfaction from even masturbating to that kind of content let alone actually doing it in real life? Maybe you have a little affinity for driving taxis around? If you’ve found yourself in at least two of the previously mentioned sentences then you’re a top contender to try out FakeLay; one of the hottest games on Nutaku.FakeLay is about building a porn empire from the ground up by using nothing but a broken-down car which you use to pick up girls with. After you’ve managed to get one in your car, you use that silver tongue of yours to get them to undress and film them doing all kinds of X-rated acts – the footage you gain will be used for your pornos. Eventually, if you get in good enough with the girls, you’ll be able to fuck them but before you can do that you’ll have to sway them enough to get them to consider doing that whilst at the same time running your ‘porn empire’.This is a classic point and click game which runs on ‘time and resources’ like most XXX games do, but it has a ton of mini-games as well as a multiplayer mini-game (which I’ll get later to) that keeps it interesting and far from mundane despite the fact that it can get a little repetitive after a while – but let’s dig into this game and see what makes it worth your time and load…Play It on Your PC or Mobile One thing which definitely gives this game a good grade in my book of porn is the fact that not only is it playable from big-screen PCs and laptops, but from mobile devices as well. You can play this game from your phone while on your break from work, or if you’re a real horny animal you can sneak away to your workplace’s bathroom and play this game for a few minutes – just enough to get you to blow a load. And you can do this practically anywhere because you’re living in the golden age of the smartphone era, meaning that so long as you can pull out an excuse that will get you a few minutes of privacy, you can definitely play this game a little and potentially fap to it.Ever Heard of “Blowjob Sucking Tournaments?”Aside from the plenty of mini-games which help keep this game nice and fresh so you don’t get bored of it after an hour or two of playing, there’s also an online mini-game that revolves around how good one of your girls can give blowjobs. It’s called “Blowjob Sucking Tournaments”, and it’s an online mini-game which pairs you up against another player – this game is a little bit like Pokemon because it prompts both players to bring out their most skilled dick-sucking girl and get her to suck dick better than the other one, a simple concept really but that doesn’t mean that it’s not hella fun.This mini-game really is similar to Pokemon because you have to train your girl good in order to get her to reach a high level that would be enough to make her a formidable dick-sucker within the dick-sucking tournaments. The fact that you can play against other players in this wickedly fun and surprisingly addictive mini-game is just one of the reasons why FakeLay is worth your time – you won’t have to keep on playing by yourself because you do that anyway when you masturbate; now you can challenge other people and see which one poured more time into this game by testing out your girls’ dick-sucking skills.Game is Presented with a Quality Art Style This game is fappable, you should have no problem blowing a load to girls drawn in this game if you’re already someone who doesn’t have trouble fapping to drawn porn because the art style this game is drawn in is pretty damn neat. I’ve reviewed a literal fuckload of drawn pornography, from Hentai to comic books and even games like this one here, and I can tell you that when it comes to quality FakeLay’s art style definitely rises up above a lot of drawn pornography I’ve seen (at least the Western one).This game’s art style is more or less ‘typical western cartoon’, but it’s definitely good enough to get you aroused – all the girls are drawn with proper curves, shading, and coloring, and their tits and ass are plump, the details are also glossy but not too basic – everything about this game’s art style screams “neat Saturday morning cartoon”, something like “Totally Spies” if you will.Smooth Animations, No Bugs In addition to the fine, plumpy and glossy artwork that makes this game visually great, there are also some finely tuned animations that makes sure it runs smooth and doesn’t end up looking like a choppy flash game you used to play in the mid-2000s. This game is pretty damn fine to look at, and every interaction you have here regardless if it’s with the girls or otherwise is pretty damn fine too – I’ve reviewed a fair share of XXX games and I can tell you that animations play a big part when it comes to a game’s overall quality, and this game definitely runs on good animations which won’t make your dick limp when trying to fap to them because they’re choppy or just poorly made.Moreover, this title so damn polished that it’s pretty much impossible to find a bug regardless if you’ve been playing it casually or have filled up buckets with it – there’s nothing ‘imperfect’ about its design and output, no annoying or game-breaking bugs, and nothing that could stop you from enjoying it (except of course fapping yourself to near-death).Sex Scenes Could Definitely Be Improved Though One thing which I am admittedly a little bummed out about is the fact that despite this game’s otherwise charming and attractive artwork, and despite its engaging gameplay coupled with the great little mini-games you can kill time with, the very thing that makes it a ‘porn game’, which is the sex scenes, is definitely lacking quality. You spend all that time working toward the goal of being able to fuck one of the girls in the game (which is already in itself a huge sacrifice because you’re likely doing it due to the fact that you can’t fuck any girls in real life), only to end up with a half-assed sex scene consisting of a few short-looped animations which equate to a girl getting fucked in a few different positions by a floating dick.Now I’m not an expert on games, but I am an expert on internet porn, and internet XXX games are a domain which I can be called an expert on – I’ve played more than enough of these interactive fuck titles to be able to differentiate a good sex animation from a bad one, and I’m afraid that FakeLay doesn’t really have the best sex scenes out there (which is especially disappointing because this game’s other animations are all pretty neat). Now they’re not horrible, but all I’m saying is that a little extension of their loops, some more immersion, and some better sounds would definitely yield for a better fapping experience.