7 Angels

“Welcome to Seven Angels. How should we call you…?”“ThePornDude.” And off we went into a wonderful hentai world.7Angels is a dating simulator where you need to fuck seven bitches to get a curse off you. We’ve all fought such a curse, known as the curse of virginity before we got our first lay, but in this game, you need to get seven fucks before you’re free.7Angels is an episodic game. That means that the game is divided into episodes, or chapters, making it easy to work through. At first, only the first episode will be playable, and one by one you unlock more. One episode per bitch is how it goes in 7Angels.The game is free, so don’t worry about any bullshit. They do ask you for your email, but you won’t need to confirm registration to get going. I suggest you do though to save your progress. So pull that dick out and get ready to use it, soldier.The game takes place through what looks like an iPhone. All the dialogue is done as if you were messaging each other on the phone, and the bitches will share some pics if you treat them right.The game uses lightning bolt currency (called Energy) to move forward. As the story progresses through these phone chats, you’ll need to pay Energy to move forward. The better options will cost more bolts, so use them wisely!Once in a while, the game will throw you a puzzle game that you need to beat to move forward. Winning these puzzle games will also give you in-game currencies like Rubies and Energy, as well as in-game items like Kitty Ears.There are over forty items that will help you win these bitches’ hearts and access their dripping pussies.The puzzles are decent quality on par with many mobile games you’ll play. They are simple and easy to understand, although the levels can be surprisingly difficult as you move through the game.The early levels will give you unlimited retries, so use that to learn how to get good.Bottom line- chat with the bitch, pick the best responses, beat the puzzle games, and fap to the pictures she sends you. Sound like a plan?The almighty iPhoneAs I said, the entire game takes place on your phone. There’s no town to trek around or bitches to actually meet, but rather, all the action takes place through pictures and text.At the top left, you’ll see a picture of her face with the chat window below. When it’s time to choose your response, you’ll see the options appear at the bottom.Take note of the Energy costs that are next to each option. You should also know that some options cost more Energy than others. Are the more expensive Energy options worth it? Well, it certainly helps unlock her pussy faster.At the top right of the screen is your various currencies. The lightning bolt is your Energy, and you also have Diamonds and Rubies.Diamonds are precious, so save them for when you need that big item.At the top left is a shopping cart icon. This is where you can buy more Energy, Rubies, and Diamonds to turbocharge your progress.7Angels also has a fantastic options menu. You can check out the Photo Gallery here with all the pics you’ve unlocked so far. The game also tells you how many pictures you’re missing for each one of the bitches.Other notable items on the menu are Achievements, Inventory, and Spin the Wheel!Achievements is like any other achievement systems you’ll find in games, aka the game recognizes that you accomplished some random shit and tells you so. With 7Angels, however, unlocking an achievement also comes with a reward.Inventory is where you see not only what items you’re holding, but what items you can buy. These will all come in handy at various places in the game.Spin the Wheel! It is a fun little gambling feature where you spend 50 rubies and spin a wheel. The wheel has awards like random rare items or even more rubies. There’s even a sweet-looking jackpot although I don’t know what the hell you actually win (looks like pussy).Let’s talk about the puzzle game for a bit. You’ll see a bunch of balls fall into a container. All the balls have different faces, pussies, titties, and dicks. You need to connect three or more identical balls to clear them and score points.You are given a certain number of moves, so take your time. Also know that the game is pretty generous with the linking, as the balls don’t need to be touching (no homo). Early on, you get some free moves so don’t stress out.What I Like7Angels is a high-quality game that would normally cost like $5 compared to similar mobile games. The art is great, the story is interesting, and the overall design is very professional.Basically, it holds up to the other Nutaku games which are all generally high quality.The dialogue is really good. The girls show personality, interests, and other shit that make you feel like she’s more than a pair of tits. They chat with slang, emojis, and other shit just like a typical bitch would in real life.Don’t worry, she’ll have a fantastic pair of fun pillows too.The puzzle game is actually pretty fun, and the game makes it challenging. These are like a lot of popular mobile games you might have played, where you need to quickly recognize patterns and shit. They did a good job of adjusting the difficulty to really make you work for it.The other random features are good as well. 7Angels features a prize roulette, a collectible card feature, and achievements. I ended up using a bunch of rubies on the prize roulette, even though deep inside I knew it’s probably dumb. Shit is fun!The cast of girls is dynamic. My favorite is Castitas, who is a nun cunt that’s begging to be sinful inside. There’s also a country bitch, a nerdy bitch, a jealous cunt, and more.Once you finish the first seven girls, you can also unlock new ones. It looks like they want to release a new girl monthly,The game is very polished. These developers clearly have tons of experience, and 7Angels makes those Flash porn games look embarrassing.What I HateIt’s annoying how slow the game can be sometimes. The game tries to be realistic about the message sends, so there’s always a little pause between each message. I wish I could just click through these pauses.The format of the game also makes it pale compared to other hentai games. 7Angels takes place entirely on the phone, so you don’t actually ever see any locations or action. Everything is just shown through text or the pics that the girl took.Compare this to other hentai games where you can actually explore a town, or have an active story where you are out doing things. In this game, everything is narrated through the phone, which just isn’t as exciting.On the other hand, it does let the girls’ personalities to shine. So if you want to really get into a “virtual relationship”, you might like this.7Angels can also be sneaky. Sometimes there are dialogue loops where if you say the wrong thing, you get sent back to a previous message. Why is this shitty? Because you pay Energy for every single option, even the ones you are repeating!So keep your eyes open and pay attention. Think with your dick too much and you might find yourself pulling out your wallet.Finally, it sucks that you have to finish the episodes in order. What if you think the first episode bitch is ugly, and want to skip to the nun bitch? Too bad motherfucker, the nun is the fourth episode so you’ll have to drag yourself (and spend your Energy) through the first three.Does a good personality make a boner harder?Overall, I still really enjoyed this game. It was very chill and created the experience of chatting with a girl nicely.99% of the time you’ll just be reading text. There’s actually very little porn, and I can’t see how someone would jerk off to this during the entire episode. This is a game where you genuinely play for fun, with anticipation of the porn pics, and then fap to close out the episode.One thing 7Angels nails is the puzzle game. A lot of hentai games force you to beat games that are boring or get old. This connect-the-balls game is actually fun, and I find myself into the game pretty deeply. It’s especially fun when you know there’s pussy pics riding on your victory.Nutaku has a ton of great games, and 7Angels is a solid addition to their lineup. They remain the leader in browser hentai games, and best of all, the games are free. 7Angels is worth a playthrough.