Taimanin Asagi

Tired of watching porn and trying to play video games at the same time? The only console you even have a chance of doing that with is the Wii. Those one-handed motion controls are a lifesaver for when you want to jerk it to some anime wench while playing tennis. Okay, maybe that’s not a problem you usually experience. But still. I want more great games with porn in them. Nothing kills time better than a fun game with some nice sex scenes. And you know me. I like big tittied babes in all of my porn. So, it only makes sense that I love porn games. The chicks in these games have gravity-defying, milk squirting, gravity-bending tits. It’s amazing. And today I have a pretty good game full of hot hentai babes for you.Taimanin Asagi -Battle Arena- is a hentai porn game from the legends over at Nutaku.net. You know them. You love them. Their site draws in over 130 million people every month. Millions of people are coming to this site each fucking day. It’s a weeb paradise up in here. And I say that without judgment. In a perfect world, I’d have my way with all of my favorite anime sluts. Especially Tsuyu. Have you seen that fucking tongue? Imagine what she could do with that thing. But, uh, yeah, anyway, let me tell you about this game.Slays Demons, Get Laid, and RepeatIn Taimanin Asagi you assume the role of some dude who is trying to free near-future Japan from the tyranny of three ruling parties. In this universe demons, ninjas, and the governments are at odds and vying for power. Basically, the world got overrun by sexy demon babes, but the world said fuck that and created an elite force of ninjas to combat it. Oh, and the government shoots them too, I guess. Listen, it doesn’t have to make that much sense. You’re not playing this game for the in-depth story. You go around fucking humans, demons, and ninjas. Ya know, the classic hero's journey.Once you’ve logged in and found the game on their website, or clicked my handy link that takes you right to it, you’ll have to go through the tutorial. Your partner in this game is a sexy secretary looking bitch named Tokiko. She’s got wide hips and tits that are nearly bursting out of her shirt. Love it. But she leads you through the basics of the game. First, you’ll have to pick one of the three factions in the game. UFS (United Federation of States), Demons, or Taimanin (ninjas). I went based off of which babe in the preview card thought was the hottest. UFS, obviously. Though the Taimanin slut was thick as fuck.Build up a Deck of Slutty Chicks to Do Battle With You infiltrate the ranks of the faction you pick, take it over, and make the leader your sex slave. The game is essentially a card fighter, but with a lot less depth than your usual card fighter. It’s like a clicker game with less clicking and more cards for some reason. So, when you complete the tutorial, the head of whatever faction you screw overacts as your deck leader. Oh, and I should mention that you get a super hot harem scene where she lets you blow your load all over her face. But that’s after you “Discipline” her.Disciplining is how you may your cards stronger. You get a little animation of their card getting chained up and whipped by tentacles. Unfortunately, it’s not nearly as sexy as it sounds. I wish you got some actual art for those scenes. After you discipline her for the first time, then you get to have a sweet, sweet harem scene.Voice Acted Sex Scenes with Stunningly Good ArtworkThese scenes aren’t fully animated, but the artwork is so good. You get multiple pictures as the scene progresses, but that’s not all. The real cherry on top is that the dialog is professionally voice acted. Fucking finally. I hate when porn games like this are silent. Even if the dialog is decent, I’m not some kind of sex-deprived fuck who can get off on a nicely strung sentence. Thankful, you’re not stuck with that here. You get to hear all of the sexy Japanese dialog and moans as you fap to your favorite harem scenes.Get Ready to GrindBut they go all out right in the beginning for a reason. This game is a bit of a grind. In fact, the entire game is built around grinding out cards and characters. You might end up playing for days without getting another harem scene. Especially since playing requires you to expend stamina and BP. You go through levels of different locations and are trying to work your way up to a boss, and ultimately the leader of that faction. You fight opponents, which is automatic. You basically hit next and you kill the next foe in line until you 100 percent the stage. Then you’ll either get the next stage or run into a boss fight. Fighting bosses requires stamina and BP, and the boss is only there for a limited time.So, if you want to win you need tough cards and lots of stamina and BP. You can buy potions to refill those stats with gold, but guess what. Eventually, you run out of gold. How do you get more? Microtransactions. A pretty vicious cycle. Sure, the game is playable without spending cash, but you won’t be progressing that quickly without dishing out the dosh for those refills. But that’s the kind of shit you deal with for these games. It’s up to you if you think those scenes and that amazing voice acting is worth it.Quality Mobile Site, but I Wish There Was an AppThere isn’t much to say about the mobile site. Though I was surprised to see that there wasn’t an app for this game. At least not one that I could find. The game played just fine in my browser. You can do all of the same sexy shit that you could on desktop. I actually thought the mobile version was easier. After all, most of what you need to do is hit the next button and wait for tits. Less attention required when you can just tap away at your screen. I found it a better experience overall, and it killed time easier than having to focus on hopping over to that tab on my computer every few seconds.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesMy favorite feature about Taimanin Asagi -Battle Arena- are the harem scenes. These sex scenes trump most other shittily drawn scenes from other games. You get nut-bustingly good artwork of babes sucking dick, getting fucked, and tons of other kinky scenes. Plus, you get some pretty good written dialog. But, like I mentioned above, the real treat is the voice acting. Japanese women know how to fucking do it. The steamy moans and sexy lines will be having you whipping your dick out before she can scream “Cum in me Senpai!”:ThePornDude’s SuggestionMake an app! Why not? So many of the other games on here have an app. I’d also like the game to be a little less grindy and have more actual gameplay. I’ve been pretty positive about the game. It’s not bad, but man can it be boring at times. Most of the shit in this game is automatic. There’s just that not much for the player to do except to click a couple of buttons to raise stats, buy stuff, and build a deck. But even the combat is automatic. You might find it fun, but it’s not for me.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, Taimanin Asagi -Battle Arena- is a good time killer. You won’t get to experience riveting gameplay or storylines, but it’s engaging enough to get roped into. It’s the kind of game that you’ll plan to play for a few minutes and find that you’ve been sitting there clicking next for three fucking hours. The harem scenes are amazing, as you already know, but you really have to put in the work to get them. I just don’t have the patience for it. I’d rather just watch some hentai and not have fuck with a game that barely has any gameplay, but I know a lot of people who would disagree. So, if this sounds like your shit, then head over and get fapping!