Marchen Nocturne

Marchen Nocturne are terms that can be used to refer to Nightly Fairytale, but due to the cheeky evil and highly erotic nature of the game, it might as well be the infantry maneuver under the cover of the night.Well, it all started sometime back after Nutaku announced that Märchen Nocturne has officially launched on their storefront. The idle RPG features chibi combat which happens to be a story involving characters based on popular fairy tales, and lots of naughty hentai scenes.Märchen Nocturne‘s story might seem more of a Disney movie themed game, unlike the typical hentai games. This is because it follows a handful of heroines who embark on a journey to restore their land after the Magic Mirror shattered ages ago scatters far and wide enough to start tormenting the natives. As the story goes; a mysterious person tried to take control of the Magic Mirror by stealing it, but when it broke it caused a remarkable disruption within their world, corrupting the minds of anyone who touched or encountered any of the pieces of the broken mirror.The pretty heroines team up with the hero and embark on a journey to restore the mirror and cleanse the corruption from the land. Along the way, the girls – based on popular fairy tale characters by such as Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood – end up engaging in some hardcore sex action as they journey to save the world.The actual game comprises of an idle system where the game continuously battles even while you’re asleep. The main interaction sequences look like typical visual novel CGs, but the battle system uses chibi-style paper cutouts in turn-based encounters. In addition to the combat system, there are also a couple of mini-games for players to complete, such as match-3 puzzle sequences.Roughly, speaking through numbers; there are 5 main story chapters to complete, more than 20 different fairy tale girls to meet, and more than 20 sequences. Remember, you can unlock the sequences since they do not contain mosaic censorship, so if you’re not into then, you might wanna pass for the game.Just to top it up, Märchen Nocturne comes with a PVP system that you come across after every two hours. The game is currently available for your PCs as well as Android devices. And I'll be telling you everything by there is to know about it.Nutaku Games NetworkNutaku.net happens to be the largest gaming website in the world and is entirely dedicated to providing users with free-to-play and downloadable hentai and anime games. Presently, there are over 200 high-quality games to play using both PC and mobile, Nutaku.net ranks within the top 300 websites in the whole world, receiving traffic of over 170 million visits approximately in a month.ABOUT MÄRCHEN NOCTURNEA Long Long time ago… A mysterious person went inside the fairytale palace and tried to steal the Magic Mirror. The Magic Mirror was shattered during the process, and the shards of the mirror were scattered around the fairyland. Those who are touched by the shards were polluted in their minds and became enraged and HORNY.Girls of fairyland decided to save their world and together with our hero embark on a journey to find out the truth of the incident and bringing fairyland back to normal.The gist of the story, however, is that the gamer is an ordinary guy from another world that finds his way into a fantasy world where girls fight beasts to protect their kingdom. These ladies comprise of the sexy queen. They will treat you as a saviour, though although at first you will be regarded to as a simpleton who knows nothing about good manners and how to treat ladies. While it might not be an original piece of work, if you asked me, it is probably the ultimate Disney cartoon and Hentai anime mash up. Which is pretty much immersive and VN scenes are lengthy.All the scenes are presented in a typical Visual Novel set up. Ultimately depicting the main story and side stories of each girl. New girls are acquired via quests, loots and gachas. While the battles are conducted automatically, with characters and enemies taking turns according to the initiative, and their success depends on how powerful their teams are, in terms of composition.Besides the fights being auto-piloted, there are 5 elements that work against each other, I.e. Pokemon-style, so when fighting monsters with fire affinity, you should pick girls that are attuned to water, to prevent them from accruing lots of damage. There are also a few hidden tricks in girl power combos, powers service to each other, e.g. healing as well as fighting weapons upgrades.Fun is the core of the gameRight from the word go, the game is erotic with very slight movements on its title screen to bring down the playful aspect. So as Nightly Fairytale goes on to throw a party, it slipped a bit and grazed the cake with its face like a goof. It’s fine, we can confirm nothing, and someone can lick the cake off its face.Then the music kicks in and the party starts. And we arrive in another fairyland with decent inhabitants. Some obvious emergency happened involving us, and we are on our merry way to various usually horny babes coming up eager to meet us. A fancy, nearly naked girl explains the situation as wild foxes attack. Apparently, the enemies are going some evil mirror critters. And the magic begins to play out towards the lewd lolli fire scene.The girls are summoned to introductions with plenty of sound effects and a good visual presentation. While the story appears a little too fancy, it actually kicks out humbly. With the most disappointing bit being that the translations are a bit unreliable with some misinterpretations here and there.Despite of that, however, JRPG battlers seems to have put to thought to safety judging from this proven weapons upgrade formula as well as Itemization. And when it comes to an eye to details say putting the options menu in the dialogue bar — allowing you to stop the sounds without having to push through the tutorial first. Most of the girls have food for some reason no wonder even animals are attacking, but it’s an upside-down universe where any type of shit literally goes down.When a character gets a blowjob, he is there after rewarded with a bag of cookies, thumbs and dicks both up for that fiction. Basically, the Fairytale throws a fancy party to make up for the absence of a budget and instead of compensating that by being very cheerful, pretty, sexy, and playful in an incredibly cool world. What can I say? A fun time only gets better with some good anime titties especially if they belong to some fierce, deadly babes. I’ll let you sweat it out first, but I wouldn’t mind bamming some heroines especially after a long fight day of pouncing on some evil snakes!And just how hot is this game?It’s a hentai game punctured up with some Disney characters and generally loads of good scenes. To get to the scene, you ultimately need to complete stories and provide gifts to the girls, that you acquired through looting to receive some good head or pussy. With 25 varied whores on your goddamned menu. Even better, the game is voiced by several anime star Seiyuus (voice actresses) pretty vividly including the sex scenes, which means that you'll be lucky enough to enjoy the full repertoire of their sexy moans and cries during hardcore banging. Sounds pretty arousing, don’t you agree?Why should you play Marchen Nocturne?Charming; while it’s a bit old school style, it’s equally enchanting.Fully voiced in Japanese; custom to hentai scenes the language is Japanese with interpretation.Visual Novel like story; it comprises of lengthy episodes, maybe, even more, VN than tactical RPG, as the battles are on autopilotNice soundtrack; as it is expected of a typical VNs,Currently, 25+ girls to choose from; there is a variety of animated hotties as well as battle scenes.ConclusionMarche Nocturne certainly is a fantastic game to try your gaming skills on. And whether you derive utmost pleasure from being the hero aka saviour or from the intense fucks with the bitches fighting in your team is another thing altogether. The autopilot fighting powering up adrenaline 100%. Trust me; if I were you I wouldn’t miss this one for the world!