Crystal Maidens

If you’ve never heard of ‘Crystal Maidens’ before then you’re about to get your feeble little mind blown because it’s one of the most interactive and epic porno games on the whole internet. This isn’t just one of those shitty flash games that you pick up and finish in 20 minutes with questionable art and shitty gameplay, oh no, this is one of the most intricate strategy games you’ll ever play because it’s on par with some non-XXX games like Warcraft III, Age of Empires and so on.Basically, you get a ton of fun, thought-provoking gameplay which will test your intellect, decision-making and problem solving, all while rewarding you with some top of the line sex scenes that can put high-budget Hentais like Bible Black to shame. If you think about it, nicely-animated sex scenes are a way better reward than in-game currency or loot that provides an endless demand for more in-game currency and loot. If you’ve ever played a strategy game before and have a sex drive so strong that you need to wrangle your penis every night to porn then you really should give Crystal Maidens a go and see why it’s one of the most popular XXX games in the world.An Epic StoryIn the world of Crystal Maidens, you the hero wake up on a strange island after experiencing a disastrous shipwreck at the hands of a dark force controlled by a powerful evil wizard, who serves as the game’s main antagonist. You must use magic crystals to summon a wide variety of Crystal Maidens such as ‘Coral the Ice Sorceress’, ‘Daphne the Lich Queen’, ‘Vanille the Outlaw’, ‘Jess the Time Traveler ’and so on. You have to fight your way through the world which includes various diverse environments like forests, deserts, snowy mountains, and dark castles until you can destroy the dark forces and their wizard which are consuming the whole world.The real fun of this game is amassing your army of maidens by collecting crystals and training them, giving them powerful items as well as ‘romancing’ them with your ever-erected penis. The more you romance a maiden the more she’ll like you, and if she likes you enough you’ll unlock hidden ‘scenes’ with her which are what most of this game’s players fap to. There’s a lot of questing and fucking to do in this game, so if you’re up for it make sure you’re ready to get sucked into a wide and immersive world full of hot babes and epic battles.Very Complex and Detailed Gameplay for a XXX GameMost XXX games have extremely simple gameplay which even a mentally-handicapped person could easily grasp and dominate – these people must think that every serial masturbator out there is a dumbass who can’t do much more than solve simple straightforward problems with one hand while jerking his dick with the other. In Crystal Maidens, you can kiss all that simple shit goodbye – this game has captivating real-time strategy gameplay which requires you to be quick on your feet and think fast if you want to win. Planning ahead is also a key aspect here, because your maidens aren’t fit for every kind of battle – there are maidens who cast spells, shoot arrows or cut down enemies with swords and axes.You’ll have to pick the best maidens for each battle, and sometimes you’ll need to mix up more than one class of maiden if you want to seal your victory. The more you’ll win, the better you’ll get and the more items you’ll unlock too which you can equip your maidens with, which means they’ll get more capable with every victory. If you focus too much on the booty, you won’t be able to excel much at this game, but if you use the booty as an incentive to win then you’re sure to get far.Captivating ArtA lot of XXX games you see on the internet have art that’s just good enough to get you horny and eventually jerk off, but the people behind Crystal Maidens decided to go the extra mile and really make their maidens pop with how they drew them. Each individual girl in this game is drawn so well you can essentially say that they have their own personality – you can see the emotions in their face, and their bodies are drawn to the smallest detail with nicely-defining lines and correct anatomy.Even though the art is based on Hentai, the maidens themselves don’t go too overboard when it comes to the eye-to-head ratio or boob size (which I know might disappoint some of you, but it’ll probably satisfy those of you who are saner). In short, the art in this game is so good that even watching the trailer can give you a raging hard-on let alone playing it – I don’t think many people will be able to play Crystal Maidens for more than 20 minutes without succumbing to the sexiness of the art and whipping their dick out for a nice fap.PvP and LeaderboardIf you’re a seasoned gamer and have had your fair share with challenging online games then Crystal Maidens might not be that hard for you to play through. Thankfully, the people behind it have thought this through and added a PVP and leaderboard system back in early 2018 so that you can test your maiden-controlling skills with other high-ranking players and see who leads the better pack of arrow shooting, sword-wielding, magic-slinging babes. You can earn unique rewards by climbing the ranks of the leaderboard, and of course, as with any online game, you can show off your characters and the customization they have on them.For example, if you’re a good enough player, you’ll earn rewards such as items and customization options for your maidens which other players rarely have, making your maidens hotter and stand out with their new and improved gear such as lightning swords and super defensive lingerie with spikes on it, because everyone knows when it comes to female video game characters the less armor they have on the more defense points they have.A Massive, Ever-Expanding CommunityIf the sheer complexity of its gameplay alongside its beautiful art isn’t enough to convince you to try Crystal Maidens, then maybe it’s huge popularity will. This game has a very large community for an XXX title, and the development team behind it is always ready to hear your feedback and provide feedback of their own. Not only can you play against and chat with thousands of other players, but you can also join this game’s official Discord channel and get to know the developers yourself. This is one of the few games of this caliber and popularity whose team actually openly reaches out to the players via a Discord channel, so hats off to them for that.New Updates Every MonthIt wouldn’t be a proper online game unless it had its fair share of updates on a monthly basis which helps keep the meta and the gameplay interesting. New events are added almost every month, complete with new quests for you to finish, new lands to conquer, new items to collect and of course, new maidens to train and fuck. If that’s not enough, the game gets updated with new sex scenes very frequently, which makes it all the more fun to play because you can re-visit old maidens that you’ve fully romanced and experience a new sex scene with them which is sure to spice up your gaming experience.Personally, I’ve never been a huge gamer myself but if I were one I’d definitely pick Crystal Maidens as my game of choice because it has enough value to keep me entertained, happy and horny for a very long time without me growing bored of it.