Naughty Kingdom

The title kind of gives it away. Naughty Kingdom is a new, uncensored dating sim game with puzzle mini-games. The game basically lets you take the role of an adventurer who has to battle monstrous enemies and loads of hot chicks that must be conquered via a puzzle game. The Queen’s kingdom is under attack, and you will be following one of the Queen’s Virgin Guards- Lycia as she attempts to fight off monsters that have put the kingdom under threat. You also get to team up with hookers with sexy bodies as you build a harem full of horny, big breasted chicks. Bang as many hookers and female hunters as possible. Now that’s a fun-filled plan.Not only is the game free, but there are also 100 free coins available for new users. The game also allows you to save beautiful girls and add them to your harem. As you will be playing hero, it will be your responsibility to keep the girls from trouble, which is also an opportunity to expand your harem. Remember these girls are horny as fuck and full of burning desire. You could bang as many as you can if you have what it takes.Besides, Naughty Kingdom features interactive dialogue sequences which allow you to talk to the sexy and lonely chicks you encounter in your adventure. The Porn Dude was impressed by the dialogue sequences which sound just like honest male talk. Options, as you would expect, are full of testosterone and reflect what a typical alpha male would say. There are no rape scenes; it’s just good old chauvinism in play. Get to talk to your girls, know them and give them gifts to level them up.Even better, there is a hot collection of sexy pictures from your harem featuring marriage-wrecking CG images that are bound to satisfy your horny self in ways your sexual partner can only dream of. Relieve some of the hottest moments of your adventure in the amazing picture gallery. As promised, the girls are absolutely stunning, with all their glory and big breasts that you can’t get your eyes off.As you would expect from a Nutaku game, there are loads of sorceresses to fuck. In fact, the Queen has promised nobility titles to victorious heroes in addition to a castle and harem full of sultry, libidinous sluts. If that sounds like motivation for you to fight harder to save the Queens’s kingdom, that’s because it is. Being a free to play title, you can expect all the trappings that come with it including loot chests and the like. Also, there are lots of boobs armor, scantily dressed warriors, and a lot of damsels wearing barely-there clothing to whet your appetite.To move to the next level, players have to fight hard battles against evil, battle-hardened monsters, complete challenging quests, and solve strategically placed puzzles. The going will obviously get tough as you progress but the scandalous and steamy scenes will certainly serve as worthy compensation.The game features exciting and engaging graphics which is a huge selling point for this simulator. It adds to the awesome experience when you take your sluts for a sex ride. You will be able to touch the pussy, pat the ass and enjoy giving her the drill of her life, not forgetting the sensual moaning. A memorable lusty satisfaction awaits you. A little warning though, the game is not safe for the office. Whatever your bad intentions are, this game is your chance to live out your fantasies. The storyline isn’t that complicated and there certainly a lot of erotic fun to be had.Something about a porn game, it gives you a chance to be actively involved in the sexual scenes unlike just streaming videos. The Porn Dude suggests you take every opportunity you have to play the Naughty Kingdom and make the most out of it. The game has everything to arouse you, from the perfectly toned, curvy bodies waiting for you to fuck them to amazing photo galleries; this is your chance to play the enchanted warrior through a series of sensual adventures. You don’t have to worry about the hassles of having to install anything on your PC, just click on Play Now, follow the simple pre-registration process and fuck your way around.