Sacred Sword Princess

Picture this. You’re just laying down and heading to bed when you wake up in the middle of the forest with a half-dressed, strange fairy girl forcing you to grab her tits and telling you something about a sacred sword. You discover that your sacred sword is actually your dick and that you have to stick it into as many female warriors’ pussies across the land in order to awaken their true power so that they can defeat the evil Mistress of Night who is wreaking havoc across the land. Oh, and the cherry on top, you are the only male in the entire world. Talk about the best fucking dream ever, right? Well, you can live that dream out because that is the plot to the hentai porn game “Sacred Sword Princess” over at, I can’t really tell you how many people come to play this game every day, but has a legendary following. Over 100 million views every month. Yeah, you read those two zeros right. That’s fucking insane. And they have been a one-stop-shop for quality hentai games and content since 2014. In those short years, they have skyrocketed to the top with quality games. But even Nutaku has thrown out some stinkers in their day. Let’s see how Sacred Sword Princess holds up to the competition, because if you’ve played any porn games, I’m sure you know that they vary wildly in quality and playability.Stunning Visuals of 10/10 Hentai BabesSacred Sword Princess is a free to play RPG game where you explore the world, fuck busty warriors, engage in real-time combat in dynamic levels, level up your characters, buy equipment, and all that good shit that you would expect from your regular F2P RPG game. Only this one has the added benefit of being a hentai porn game as well! Talk about bang for your buck.Before we get too into the nitty-gritty of it, I want to go over the graphics and art style. I’ve played some really shitty games where the characters looked like they were made in 2002 using a shitty flash engine or MS Paint. This is definitely not one of those games. Holy fuck it is stunning. The character sprites are drawn incredibly well by artists who you can tell actually care about the finished product. And it’s not all just 2D back and forth between characters that look like cutouts. These characters have small animations where they move, breathe, blink, etc. Even the 3D combat sprites are well done.Game Hooks You in With Saucy Sex Scenes Right from the StartAnd I obviously can’t talk about the visuals without talking about the sex scenes. Most games like this will cock tease you by making you go through 100 missions before you get a glimpse of some pussy. Not this game. You start the game by having an in-depth, well written, long fuck scene with the first warrior babe you meet. Now that’s my kind of start. Fuck doing all the boring shit first. This got me hooked, and it is a bit of tease because you do have to do some tedious shit after that. But at least the rewards are worth it in this game.Well-Written Dialog and Fun Combat SystemAnd the dialog is surprisingly well done. It’s not going to win any prizes, but it’s not cringy as fuck. The descriptions might actually stir up some arousal in this game, if the images themselves don’t get you full mast right away that is. And the sexy Japanese voice acting is solid too. The moans and shit aren’t too overdone. It’s the right combo of written and voiced dialog. And even though the story is pretty funny and outrageous, the pacing of it all flows well. After you fuck the first warrior slut, you get to experience the gameplay and combat before fucking the next babe.Sometimes the actual gameplay for porn games is just filler between small morsels of sex, but this is a game that I honestly found myself enjoying. Only one or two other games out there have been as much fun as this one. It functions as an actual RPG that doesn’t feel terribly watered down. You fight mobs, take on bosses, level up, and keep going. The level design is pretty good, and the fights didn’t feel super respective, though at times it did feel like a grind as the space between story scenes grew wider as I progressed. But they have to keep you playing somehow right? The promise of awesome sex scenes is a strong way to do so.Optional Microtransactions Can Speed Up Story ProgressionBut you can speed things along if you’re willing to shell out some real dosh for this game through microtransactions. I tend to avoid those, but they are an option. Fortunately, you can beat the entire game without worrying about any paid transactions. Also, even if the full-fledged sex scenes took a while to get to, you still earn sexy nudes of your current character as you progress. And those came in at a rather steady rate that kept me sated until I could get to the next story arc. Plus, the fact that the game is actually fun to play on its own helped the grind not feel as unbearable as it could have otherwise been.There are also a ton of other things you can do in the game. There are random prize games, community events, consecutive login bonuses, friend system, challenges, crafting, shops, and more. This game is the perfect lewd time suck. If that’s what you’re looking for, then I can already recommend you get started playing.Fantastic Mobile AppThe app version of the game works just the same, if not better than, the desktop version. The movement during combat is especially easier. Instead of clicking and dragging to use the joystick, you can just tap or touch where you want to go. Now, the game is a pretty beefy one, so you can expect some battery drain when using it on the go. And this game isn’t super discreet like some other mobile games, so I would be hesitant about playing in public all the time or something. But yeah, the app is fucking great.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesMy favorite feature about Nutaku’s Sacred Sword Princess is easily the fact that you get full-fledged, well-written, sex scenes. So many other shitty games leave you with a half chub and a dumb picture of some hentai chick barely showing off her tits. Do people that run those games not know that free easy to find hentai exists? Anyway, this game has scenes that are worth playing to get to. Actual work was put into them and they are definitely fap worthy.My next favorite feature is the combat system. It’s simply fun to play. Characters have different move sets, abilities, and ultimate powers. Now, it’s not super challenging at the start, but as you go the strategy elements of the game come in full swing. The rewards feel well earned instead of just being thrown at you, and there’s a solid selection of options to do during battle. It’s a pretty good experience overall.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsMy only suggestion would be to make progress a little faster for free players. It can certainly feel like a drag at times despite how sexy the rewards are. But it’s free, so I can’t harp on that too much. It’s still a great game to play even if its slow at times. You get them later in the game, but more starting cosmetic items would be cool too. It would help make your character feel more personalized if you could alter the standard sprite sooner.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, I’m surprised to say that this is another solid hentai porn game from I usually go into games ready to be disappointed, but this one is fucking awesome. It’s got an engaging story and plot, a fun combat system, a slew of customization options as you progress, and hot as fuck sex scenes. There’s really not much more that I could demand from a hentai porn game. This one checks all the boxes. I highly recommend you head over to and play Sacred Sword Princess!