Craving Quest

I don’t obsess over them like some of you sex-starved cucks out there, but sometimes I’ll play a hentai game or two if only to show you betas how this shit is really done. But I’m picky. I don’t want to play half of the shitty games out there that string you along for days without seeing so much as a tiddy. I need some instant gratification. I mean, why would I sit here and toil away when I could go out and have some real pussy within the hour? And the game has to be fun too. I’m not sticking around to play those boring ass clicker games or simple puzzle solving ones that have you doing the same shit over and over again. It’s got to be a game that doesn’t hold back when it comes to story, gameplay, and hot as fuck sex scenes.So, I did some searching and came up with something that, I think, is a pretty damn decent hentai game. It’s called Craving Quest and you can find the game on Eroges.com. The game came out earlier in 2019, so they are brand new to the hentai game market, but with a site like Eroges in charge, you know this shit is about to be good. They bring in around 7 million horny weaboos to their site every month to play their games. And it’s all free. Well, as free as mobile games get. You’ll still have to deal with microtransactions and all of that.Only Available on Android Device or Android EmulatorsCurrently, this game is limited to android devices. That means you’ll need to whip out a tablet or phone to be able to play this game. Or you can load up some android emulator on your computer if you want to play it on desktop. It’s easy enough to do if you know what you’re doing, and you can download the .apkl file directly from the site. I did have some minor issues with the desktop version, though that may just have been the Android emulator I was using. But if yours freezes or whatever, then reload that shit and you should be good to right back to jerking your microdick to these hentai sluts.You Get Right Into the Action With a Hot Hentai Blowjob!Finally, a hentai game that starts with some fucking hentai. You begin with a hot scene of this petite chick Zoe having a dream where she’s topless and sucking some dude named Jacques’s cock. The audio is solid. You get sexy moans, slurping sounds, and all of that good shit. And, for once, the dialog doesn’t sound like it was written by a horny high school exchange student who speaks English as a second language. It’s actually well written for a hentai game. Now, the scene isn’t really animated or anything, but the scene is drawn expertly with multiple transitions as Zoe gets a hot facial from Jacques.From there you wake up and get a tutorial that tells you how to play and what the fuck the game is about. It’s not all just about sucking cocks. You have a squad of chosen ones who are here to save the realms and elements from an ultimate darkness and evil that has come from somewhere or other. Alright, I will admit that I was a bit distracted by the bouncing tits of the hentai babe guiding me through everything, but I don’t think most of us are here for the riveting story anyway. It’s your standard good vs evil showdown.Complex Gameplay is Easy to Learn but Hard to MasterFor a mobile hentai game, the gameplay itself is pretty involved. It starts off easy, but it starts feeling like you’re the only dude in a four-way of nymphomaniacs. Rub a clit here, suck a tiddy there, finger a bitch next, and all of a sudden you’re trying to get all of these sluts off while one sucks your dick like a fucking succubus. It’s complicated, but I prefer that over those games that just play themselves for you.The game is all about the heroes you obtain. You can get new heroes by using a daily free summon, buying rare tickets, or buy earning tickets by completing quests. It can be a slow process, but, of course, if you want to dish out some dosh you can speed things along. The game does start you off with a lot of heroes and a solid team to get you going though. Each character has a special ability, attack range, and class archetype. You’ve got shit like crowd control, single target focus, healers, mages, and all of your regular RPG types.Strategize and Build Your Perfect Team of Hot Hentai HeroesYou’ll want to build a balanced team to tackle the adventure and combat stages. You can auto fight through the grindy portions of the game, but you will have to take back the reins at certain points to time special abilities and fuck up some bosses. You can swap out the heroes in your team at any point to strategize for certain areas or bosses that require different approaches.Then comes the management aspect. This shit is like a needy girlfriend who wants you to buy her shit, take her places, fuck her brains out, and more all before it’s fucking noon. You have to do all the right shit to make sure your team stays strong. You can level up heroes to unlock new abilities, special powers, and upgrade stats. You usually need special items or rare currency to do it, but compared to other hentai games like it you actually earn rare currency at a decent rate.Undress Your Heroes and Unlock Kinky Scenes as You PlayBut what you horny cucks want to know about is the hentai and sex scenes. It’s easy. You have to find or buy certain items that your hero likes. Give her that item as a gift and her affection for you will rise. Once it gets high enough you get to undress her and have her showing off her perky tits on your home screen and in cutscenes. Give her more gifts and you’ll unlock new sex scenes to fap your brains out too. And they claim to have some kinky fetish ones that you can unlock. I haven’t gotten that far yet, but they have shit like cumshots, light BDSM, and titjobs for sure.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesThis game is fun. I don’t say that about too many games in general, let alone hentai games. These things are usually more boring than a dry handjob. But this one is actually worth sitting down and getting invested in. They mix grinding, gameplay, and hentai in better than most hentai games on the market. You’ll never be waiting for hours upon hours for some new hot shit to happen. It’s definitely fapworthy. And the hentai scenes are well done. I do wish there were more fully-fledged animated scenes, but the art is fucking stunning as it is. I know you beta cucks won’t have any trouble busting nuts to these babes.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsI mean, I’ll always suggest a game include more hentai scenes and to add in some animated shit, but that’s about all I’ve got for Craving Quest. They aimed to be a fun hentai strategy game and they nailed it. I do think some of the later sex scenes have way too many cards that you need to unlock to get to them, but that’s the case with most games like this. I’d maybe include more details about the card pack system in the tutorial. I still don’t quite know all the ins and outs of how that shit works.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, Eroges.com hit another home run with Craving Quest. This hentai strategy game is nearly as fun to play as it is to fap to. The game itself is free to play, and you can even get by without investing hundreds of dollars into microtransactions. The hentai scenes are hot as fuck, and you unlock new ones at a decent pace. I recommend you check this one out. The combat/gameplay is fun enough to make grinding not so bad, and the stunning artwork and voice acting makes the game worth fapping to.