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PlayPornGames! I think we all can appreciate when a site has such a straightforward name that allows us to know what the fuck the website is all about before visiting. That is exactly why playporngames.com is one of my more frequent sites; of course, this does not have that much to do with the site’s name, but it has a lot to do with the content that it has to fucking offer.We all know that this place offers games, obviously, but I am certain that you are interested in the types of games that are offered, right? Well, I am here to tell you all about that shit and the functions of this site, so just sit back, relax and enjoy yourself. The homepage is very straight-forward, so I think that there is no need for me to talk much about it.One thing I will say is that the design could have been done in a much better way since this place reminds me of the early 2000s, where we only had a plain background and random shit to list in the middle. I thought that we left those sad early stages of the internet, but apparently, some of us still live in the past. At least the shit they have to offer is not that bad!At the beginning, you will have all kinds of sex games listed, and they are all placed there randomly. So, if you love sex games, you will probably not mind that this shit is all random, but those with special kinks in mind should check out the categories. When it comes to sex game websites, I expect them to create an actual search tab with good search options, but for some reason, most of them do not offer anything.At least, playporngames.com does have a bunch of categories on the side, but they are not even listed in a special tab. You have all the basic shit covered, and just to tell you now, there are not that many categories. In addition, you have a search box on top, but we all know how that shit works. I was quite disappointed to see that they do not offer that many search options… but at least you have the basic options covered… better something than nothing, I guess.Keep in mind that while the design and search options are quite shitty here, the content they have to offer is great; otherwise, I would probably not even review this place. I do review a lot of websites; some better than others, but that does not mean that I do not skip some places. If a site has literally nothing to fucking offer, then I do not even bother, obviously.Since I got that shit off my chest, I can finally talk more about the actual crap you can expect to see here. Most of these games are cartoon-made sex games, with a great portion of them being in 3D, and I found a couple of realistic games, too. I did not browse too much for the different types of games since I prefer the cartoon shit anyways.Honestly, I never understood the lads who prefer to play the realistic games; just fucking watch a porn movie then, since what is the point? I love to be put in unlikely scenarios, where I have a bunch of options to fuck the presented chick, instead of going over the same fucking scenarios that you can see in real life. You must be a very sad fucking loser to get hard by playing those kinds of games, but I guess that is why humans are all different, and why there are so many porn categories today.A couple of realistic games that I did not mind at all, were the VR games, and I am pretty sure we all know why. These games are quite fucking fun, because the Virtual Reality shit is the future, and that makes everything so much better. Instead of watching porn, you get to experience Virtual Reality where the slut will be doing all kinds of naughty shit for you… or at least it will look like that, and in a game-scenario, you get to control what happens.Most of the games here, if not all, will have a description of the game on the side, and you will also be given a tutorial on how you can play the game. This is yet another very fucking obvious thing since most sex game websites offer the same shit. So just browse randomly, find the shit that looks the hottest to you and have some fun playing.If you have a special kink in mind, make sure to check the description of the game before playing, since there you will see some tags and categories listed as well. You can also search by those tags listed just by clicking on them, and if you are still unsure, check out the comment section to see what other perverts have to say about the game.One thing that really pissed me off here is the fact that some games are not full games…. for example, as I was about to bust a nut, a notification popped up saying that this was just a demo game and that I should visit a different site for the full version… Do these lads not understand just how fucking frustrating that can be?On a plus note, there are plenty of other great sex game websites suggested, and most of them are legit and good, for as much as I browsed. I found plenty of great sex games on playporngames.com as well, and I am pretty sure that with a bit of naughty browsing you will find the right shit that will satisfy all your dirty needs as well.