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The name of the page "Free-Strip-Games" seems to say it all, right? What does it remind you of? Do you remember those games we all used to play as teenagers back in the day where if you did what the game asked you to do, some girl would lose some of her clothes, and at some point, the girl would be completely naked if you were good enough at the game? Well, this website is like an oversized version of such games, really. Every single porno in here is a game, really. And also, you don't exactly get ads that aren't game ads, either. So, it all works out.Then there was the homepageThe homepage of Free-Strip-Games.com looks like the front page of some cheap ass local newspaper, and this doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing, but it seems that navigation through Free Strip Games might be a difficult thing. However, most experienced consumers of porn will have no major issues, but if you are a newbie and you're only starting to get into these things, then this website might not be the best place to start. I mean, why would you start with games, when you could just straight up start with regular pornography?The page seems to be quite crowded, and there's a lot of stuff to process. First off, there is the white background on top of which there are only red "walls," and then you get a bunch of thumbnails that differ in size. Some are huge and take up the entire screen, and some take up tiny little bits of the page. Next, another thing that contributes to the chaotic looks for Free-Strip-Games are the kinds of ads you get in here. They are too overwhelming.ThePornDude hates ads in general, but they can be ignored sometimes if they do not take up way too much space, but the FreeStripGames ads take up like a quarter of the screen, and they are quite "aggressive", since these ads are animations of cute girls who dance and strip their clothes for you. It's pretty weird, and it's pretty annoying, even though the girls are very cute.So, the aesthetics are completely fine, but you know, it's not very easy to get around this page if you are a newbie to pornography in general, or rather, a newbie to FreeStripGames.com, which is most likely the case, so yeah. However, once you finally figure everything out, you are going to be awarded properly, since there are hundreds of hidden gems on FreeStripGames.com just waiting for you to find them.What you see 1stSo, let's go in-depth. The homepage is arguably the most important part of a porno page since all the eye-candy is found here, and it really plays a huge part in whether the user of the website would keep browsing or leave instantly. As soon as you try to join the page you will be asked to admit that you are at least 18, so you can even leave at that point, but hey! I'm not trying to get people to leave FreeStripGames. Rather, I'm just being objective here and pointing out the good and bad sides of FreeStripGames. Obviously, there are more good than bad sides, which is why you should stick around.If there are more flaws to this page I'd tell you to get the fuck out as soon as you got in here, but now we're like 570-ish words in this text, so it would be quite evil of me to keep you waiting this long to only tell you to piss off at this point. So yeah, you know I'm not going to do that, ThePornDude is an honorable man. At the top of the page, you will find a few header tabs that may be useful from time to time. First off, there is the "categories" tab, and this one is very important.Sorting it all outAll of the games that have been uploaded to FreeStripGames have been divided into a few categories, and you will notice that these aren't your average porno categories, so it's quite obvious that this page works a little bit differently. The first category you will notice is the "porn games" category, and you will notice that this one isn't very specific. The titles don't say much about the games, either. But they do say enough to keep the entire thing mysterious and exciting, which is something that isn't easily done. This right here is talent!Right away you will notice that some of the videos are free and that some of them are premium. The premium videos have been marked with a red text that says "premium" while the free ones have no marks on them. Right underneath the name of the video you get to see the rating of the video, and these videos are rated from one to five stars, which is reminiscent of the old YouTube rating system, which honestly was much better than the current one, as it really helps you express yourself. Luckily, FreeStripGames.com still wants you to express yourself in 2018, something that YouTube obviously doesn't want.If we keep scrolling down, we shall discover another category, and the name of this category doesn't say much about the videos that can be found here, which kind of sucks. It's called "sex games." What's the difference between "porn games" and "sex games"? It isn't really evident, but okay. The second category needs a new name, that's for sure. Keep going, and you get to see one more pointless category name. This next category is called "adult games," and at this point, I really don't know what the people of FreeStripGames were going for. All of these games are adult games in the broader sense of the word! All of them are sex games! All of them are porn games! What are you on about?Then, you find the "hentai games" category, and this one is actually spot on. Basically, on the internet, every porno animation is considered to be hentai, even though that technically isn't true. But who cares about the little details? What is important is that the average person will know that they can see 2D bitches getting dicked down in this category, and that's all that matters.Next, there is also one more well-made category known as "strip poker." This one is pretty straight up, and it's obviously easy to play since the rules are made obvious from the beginning. I mean, you know how to play poker, right? I bet you do. If we keep scrolling we will find the "sexy games" category, the "strip games" category (and these two are just as pointless as the first three categories I mentioned, but I won't even start ranting again because these categories are simply not worth it), and then, when you reach the bottom of the page you get to see the "cartoon porn" category, and this one is dedicated to primarily western pornographic animations, so it's done perfectly. However, you get to see some text that says "premium zone" at the bottom of the page! What's this about?Premium membershipRemember when I mentioned that some of these games are only available to premium members? Well, let's see if creating an account pays off! The account creation process happens to be very simple, and it only takes a horny man and a few minutes for a new account to be born. You need to come up with a username, a password, and you need to give FreeStripGames.com your email.Once you have conquered the captcha, you are good to go! Full access to the premium zone for an entire year would cost you 69 Euros, which is fine, I suppose? It doesn't seem too expensive to me, and I don't even pay for porn that often. However, you can also pay for only a few months and end up losing 19 dollars the first month, and then only nine euros every other month. The 1-year access obviously pays off more, but you need to make sure that you like what you see. To make sure you'd have to play some free games, and only after you've fallen in love with the free ones should you move on to the premium ones.The "player"The games load and they don't leave you waiting, and I think that's very important. There's plenty of content even if you want to be a cheapskate and avoid any kind of payment. It's everything a horny man needs, especially if you prefer porno games to porn movies and stuff like that. Don't waste your time and check FreeStripGames.com out!