Trap Quest

You surely haven't seen a video game like Trap Quest on the internet before, and if you have...well, TrapQuest is in its own league, practically untouchable by all the other competitors. Most of us are used to these super-basic adult video games that aren't challenging, video games that do not even have a complex story or even a bunch of characters or anything like that, but hey, TrapQuest is everything but an easy video game with no story at all, which is great. Enjoyment is guaranteed, especially if you have been playing lame sex games up until now. TrapQuest is going to be a breath of fresh air for you, without a doubt!However, this game is meant for some over the top perverts. If you are a person who is into some vanilla pornography and stuff like that, then you surely won't have any fun with TrapQuest. Maybe you will, though, but I doubt that such fetishes are going to be your thing right away. It sure took me a while to get accustomed to, seeing as forced feminization and hardcore sexual punishment isn't something I usually go for when I watch porn. Is the name of the game starting to make some sense now? Well, it should. Basically, what happens as you play through the game is just straight-up sexual degradation of your character until he is completely feminized, but this feminization happens in some very, very weird ways.For starters, not only will your character get wider hips as he plays through the game, but he will also grow breasts at some point, and your character might also become pregnant after a while, which might be the act that crosses the line for the majority of you. Don't expect TrapQuest to be a game that is very easy to play, seeing as you are pretty much meant to lose in this game as much as possible for your character to become as feminized as possible, but this does not mean that you are supposed to give up or something like that. It's no fun if you just crawl through all the places in the game. You are supposed to put up a fight!Trap Quest is basically a text-based game, and the main goal of the game is to transform as much as possible. You get to control a single character, and the story kicks off when this character becomes the first tester of a virtual reality game. This game is created by a company named Nintendolls, and when you arrive at the Nintendolls facility, you are taken to a virtual reality chamber. Once this is done, the owner of the company informs you that you have made a...very stupid decision, to say the least. If you manage to finish the game before it turns you into a bimbo, then Nintendolls will get rid of the contract that you signed blindly. However, you will be paid a hefty amount of money when this contract is torn up. So basically, they need a hot showgirl, and they're trying to turn you into a showgirl, however, if you do not let them do that by playing the game well enough, then you may keep your body the way it is, and you even get some money out of it, which would be nice, if it wasn't for the traumatic experience that your character has to go through.The types of transformations and the game mechanicsBimbofication is the primary type of transformation that your player character will go through as you play the game, but this is not where the fun ends, as your character will go through all kinds of things, such as forced pregnancy, forced weight gain, and so on. I almost forgot to mention that you actually do get to choose between playing as a male or a female character in this game. However, your male character will become feminized while you play the game no matter what. He will be forced to wear very feminine and revealing clothes. He will be forced to wear high heels, and so on.The mechanics in the game are pretty fucking insane, to be honest. For example, you may set traps and stuff like that, a unique combat system, and while you fight you need to manage your humiliation level, then you need to manage your exhaustion and your arousal levels as well. Of course, you can also run out of health, which I guess should be your primary concern. Your clothes may become cursed and destroyed, so you are given the option to bless them or to increase their durability every now and then as well. Your character can get hungry and thirsty as well, so you are supposed to get your character some food, some drinks, and you are also given the option of using potions in order to fix yourself up. However, these potions do not always have positive effects on you, so make sure you pick the right ones.You have to manage your inventory, too. There is a shop system as well, and there is a hostile/allied NPC mechanic going on here as well. Your character may get obsessed with certain things in the game whenever they get satisfied, so you need to take care of these things as well. The environments are pretty interactive as well. However, if you ever get bored with the main quest, you can start doing side quests as well. You also get a character display that shows you what your body looks like at the moment, what kind of clothes you are wearing, what your surroundings are like, and so on.Every single thing in the game is randomized every time you decide to play through it, so you may say that the game can be replayed forever. Also, you should know that a full playthrough would last at least an hour and that it also should last 5 hours max, so keep that in mind when you are managing your time. As I've said previously, this game is supposed to beat you as you play it, and this experience is supposed to be enjoyable for you. You are able to leave the game at any given moment by uttering a certain safe word.High hopesWhile the game is not perfectly balanced as many roguelike games on the internet are, it seems that the developer of the game is working day and night on the game to make sure that the player gets the best possible experience out of it. It's a little bit rough around the edges, but it is getting better with time, so you could say that the game is indeed worth playing.However, I'll mention it once more: This game is most certainly not meant for everyone, seeing as your character is made to do so many embarrassing things over and over again in the game, things that would make you want to get drugged out of your mind if they happened to you in real life. The game is insanely addicting, too. A normal playthrough is supposed to last somewhere between one and five hours, but the gameplay can last even more if you decide to make it so that your character goes through some inhumane torture, and honestly, why wouldn't you do that? I mean, it's not a real person, why shouldn't you?Let's wrap it all upI'll be honest, video games such as these are so far away from what I usually enjoy, as I am really not into sissyfication and I am really not into any kind of feminization and stuff like that, but boy oh boy, does this game make you wish for it, even if you are a normal straight dude who has never even considered turning into a girl once in his life. It's weird, it's freaky...and it's completely free! You only have to pay for a few little things in the game while you play it, but the game can be finished even without those. However, people are really in love with this game, seeing as the owner of the website gets a whole lot of cash every month from his Patreons. So, you know, there's surely something that's really good about this Quest if people really are paying this Aika person absurd amounts of money every single month to keep the game going as long as possible.