Trials In Tainted Space

Well for starters, Fenoxo is a fucking gaming blog probably named after its developer, MR Fenoxo, Fen, Fenny, or Fenfen. And while there is evidence of multiple individuals posting on the blog as long as there is an awesome interface and a fancy sex game to dip some nasty claws into, who fucking cares about that shit anyway? After all, Fenoxo is one Pervy Writing Minotaur, the coder, and brains behind a number of sexy games including Corruption of Champions which seems to have won a particularly good amount of deviant erotic gamer’s hearts and now Trails in Tainted Space. Man! No wonder he's some sort of erotic game's guru as per the internet's say.An overall peek into TITSSame thing as the blog itself, the game is majorly characterized by text and while you would think that for a gaming blog the graphics are majorly underwhelming. It is basically what their graphics A-game all through is like, and I must warn you that it is ultimately stripped down to almost below the bare minimum.However, I am pretty sure that everyone loves the sound of eroticism, i.e. sex in the game. And I can tell you all lazy fucks that there is certainly more than enough prospects in that regard. In fact, every goddamned corner seemingly radiates just how kinky and fetish this game in or should I say that it in a way it awakens your sixth sensual sense to prepare you for a sticky session.Well, while this Fenoxo game, Trials in Tainted Space, wouldn’t sell out as typical porno, it is important to note that there are all the necessary features to assist you in molding a custom sex hero, unlike other typical fantasy RPGs.Trials in Tainted Space — All there is to knowThe first impression of the game, Trials in Tainted Space (TITS), happens to be the character creation page. This basically is stacked up an essential selection of race options probably presenting gamers with much more than CoC’s default humans do. These choices extend to Kaithrit and Leithan, plus many more.And if you are wondering WTF is Leithan and how it mates with a Fanfir; you should know that this game gives you excessive and equally interesting ideas through exhaustive encyclopedic entries of up to a thousand words each. It is only after absorbing this sort of information that you will be required to use your spectacular imagination to pull off a love scene between what appears to me like a purple six-legged bull centaur and a dragon from The Never-ending Story.Forget veteran fanfiction writers dreamy fuckery tales because this practical game probably summons more than what any other RPG technology has. Am talking about impartial body modifications for the galaxy’s inhabitants, some rather too ridiculous or just impossible body features such as; a purple gelatinous six-legged, triple-breasted and winged bull centaur with bunny ears among others.Well, while, CoC’s design was a ton better when it came to putting out a relaxed setting, players had the capacity to still continue playing even after a loss, probably as a result of irrational thoughts. However, I must warn you that this particular game is set in a place where time and distance has no meaning (Wales). And involves journeying through a haunted forest to an ancient city instantaneously. And while dungeons are exempted, exploration is just at a single button press, meaning that gamers can always cycle back through previous events. TiTS also adds a grid of integrated tiles for navigation ease. There’s also more depth to travelling and continuity on a fixed map. With the most intriguing bit being the pro-activeness of the whole game. In that gamers can actually seek out events rather than wait for the right ones to align themselves. Sounds pretty genius, don’t you think?Proceeding deeper into the game's exploration brings you straight to a drudgery. Meaning that the journey from the forest above to town involves weaving through a maze-like combat zone full of possible random encounters. And this is due to the fact that an average tile doesn’t just yield anything besides a basic description of surroundings. Which is actually a more appealing general scope of the entire journey compared to the rather shallow highlights. Bearing in mind that there are actual intervals where nothing really goes down.Just so you know; the fighting and talking has been separated between each various planets combat zones and a town, prompting a lot of consecutive fights or consecutive conversations. And I must say that this can be particularly exhaustive both mentally and physically. Scouting those content-rich towns for the first time can also leave your eyes struggling to maintain focus, almost as if they are trying to blur your vision to open up for penision!Generally, TiTS diminishes the simple yet sophisticated framework of CoC and turns to an erect election of erotic fun play. And am guessing it’s only in an effort to delve into the simulation aspects. And while there are still developments to be seen in the future for this game. Their features and unique form presents both advantages and disadvantages. To some extent almost like it’s driven at creating a new world with new stranger and yet equally sexually appealing creatures for the players to make game with.What can I say? TiTS has less precision and a wide range of options to choose from. And while absorbing the insanely detailed world might be a little too much of a hustle. The idea of romancing with more complex aliens should be more than appealing for the rather sexually fetish or gothic individuals. However, one thing that is totally unnecessary for this game is the encouragement of gamers to spend hours on end on the encyclopedia, which is basically ridiculous if you asked me.Irrespective of the fact that this information is made available for those wishing to get to advanced tier levels of smut, i.e. epic levels. The unfathomable amount of data available is rather baffling, and considering that most gamers love challenges that are particularly not of the literature kind I can only hope the advancements further simplifies the game further down the line.Positive game featuresIt’s free to play/download; the game is just perfect for broke-ass gamers since they are not required to part with anything to either play or download the goddamned game.100% sex supportive; there are so many sensually intriguing options to apply touching on the various physical body features that will most probably mess up your horny brain cells.Awesome gaming concept; well, this game is basically an advancement from the typical games with an interesting fictional world as well as characters.Promising future advancements; this game is way ahead of other RPG format games and while it is not that clear without grasping a bit of information from the descriptions. There is a possibility that future advancements might actually set it ahead of its mates for good.Negative game featuresToo textual; there are just too many writings in the game that they kinda drain the fuck out of you or just fuck up with you until you find yourself mad for no particular reason.Boring graphics; from the homepage few colorful graphics to the game itself, the whole hentai game's theme doesn’t just click anywhere, and it totally sucks!RecommendationsWhile 80% of gamers might be as bright as the day itself, am sure none of them is interested in reading long texts to try and figure out shit about how to play a game. For this, I suggest that these folks should find a way to make the game self-explanatory or simply hide that shit, replacing it with pure buttons for options.Also, the site and the game itself is ugly ASF, and I can’t quite figure out why paint a beautiful thing as a hentai game in mere disguise while there are millions of graphics out there that can help exemplify it!ConclusionTrails in Tainted Space or in other nasty words Tits may be way too wordy and probably a game that not only demands your attention but also intellectual skills. However, with all the custom options and gothic fetish kind of settings involved, it’s probably one of those new must dares for gamers!