Corruption Of Champions

Corruption of Champions (mod)! I’m always down for some sexy RPGs or fantasy stories involving kinky shit. Just look at Game of Thrones. You think that shit got so popular because of the plot? I doubt it. It was probably the incest scenes. You sick fucks seem to be loving that kind of shit recently. But, anyway, I like a good RPG focused on hot babes and crazy fetishes. There aren’t many out there. The only one that comes to mind that you fucks might have heard of is Monster Girl Quest, which is fucking amazing. But, sometimes I want something a little different.I’m talking about an erotic text adventure game. Yeah, some of you are probably rolling your eyes and flipping your micro dick back in your pants, but hear me out. I get that some of these games fucking suck. I really don’t get why so many people who can’t write at higher than a 5th grade level try their hand at crafting a text based game. It’s always doomed to fail. But what if I told you I had one that was expertly written, full of crazy fetishes, and completely free?CoC is an Erotic Text Adventure Game From Fenoxo.comCorruption of Champions (CoC) is a free to play erotic text adventure game with a focus on the weird, strange, and kinky sides of fetishes. You can find the game at Fenoxo.com along with some of his other gems like: Trials in Tainted Space (TiTS) and Corruption of Champions 2. But for this review, I’ll just be focusing on the first CoC. Fenoxo.com has been around since 2011, and the site currently brings in right around 4 million views every month.CoC can be downloaded, played in browser, and even run on iOS or Android. It’s up to you. Each version lets you save your progress and shit. Though the in-browser version probably has the highest chance to get deleted if you clear your history or some shit. The download is quick. All you need is something that can run the .swf file type and you’re good to go.Save the Village if Ignam From the Demon Menace… or Succumb to it YourselfBut let’s talk premise. The game starts of pretty unassuming. You grew up in a small village known as Ingnam. Each year a champion is choses to brave the depths of a mysterious portal that leads to the Demon Realm. You have been picked as champion for this year and must brave the depths of the unknown, keeping to your morals and hopefully defeat the demons once for all. Sounds like your standard fantasy setup. Nothing too crazy yet. Put in your name and get to the character creation.Pick your gender, body type, complexion, and hair color/length. Now things start getting weird. You pick your gift. Are you tough, speedy, smart? Or do you have an overactive libido, big tits, large clit/dick, or are you maybe extra fertile? Each ‘gift’ adds some flavor text to your character and determines some pretty integral stats. Same with your profession. Where you a professional slut who fucked everyone in her path or were you a religious prude who turned away from primal desires?Customize a Character and Watch as the World Slowly Corrupts ThemOnce you’ve built your perfect whore or fuckboy the game begins. It throws you right into the thick of. An imp with a big dick looms over you and tries to fuck you, but you resist the drugged lust potion and come to your feet with this strange world around you, not knowing what may have happened to you before the imp showed up.Rape, Pregnancy, Gender Swapping, Bestiality, and Many More Extreme FetishesAlright, here’s a good place to mention this. This game is full of monsters and shit, so expect extreme fetishes like rape, drugging, pain, pregnancy, gender changes, BDSM, and tons of other shit you’ve probably never heard of. If you’re a sensitive asshole who can’t get behind those kinds of themes then this game isn’t for you. But you sick degenerate fucks out there like me will love it.You start off with a set of core stats that change as you play like any other RPG. But there are a few stats unique to this game. First off, there’s a lust meter that goes up or down in combat depending on the kinky shit that’s happening. You want to keep that shit low unless you want to get bent over and fucked by whatever beast or demon you’re fighting. Though if you get the enemies meter to 100 via “teasing” you get to dominate them and make their pathetic ass do whatever you want. Out of combat, you can fuck yourself to keep the lust down if you plan to explore dangerous areas.Fuck, Get Fucked, or Try to Be a Beacon of Viriginity Next up is corruption. It’s the whole theme of the game. The more you fuck or get fucked by demons the higher that stat goes up. It can also be increased by using demonic items, making deals for power, and other kinky things. The higher it goes the more demonic you become until you eventually lose all of your free will and become a monster yourself. You can also see how your appearance changes depending on what happens to you. There are stats for fucking everything from anal/vaginal looseness and dick/clit size to details about demonic tails, number of dicks, and other crazy things that might change.Your main goal is to explore the land and find out and maybe rid the world of the corruption that is spreading while you’re here. I wish I could go into detail about all the crazy, kinky, and downright diabolical experiences you’ll face, but this would quickly become a damn novel. What you should know is that this game is hot as fuck.Amazing Writing, Plot, and Kinky Sex ScenesThe writing will get even the most porn-addicted cuck hard as diamonds. You get page after page of incredibly erotic writing when you fuck or get fucked. Even the short descriptions of your character or the enemy getting increasingly horny is enough to get a solid half chub going.It’s fucking crazy how well tailored the descriptions are to whatever your character looks like. No vague ass description. If you have 3 dog cocks, two assholes, and a massive cunt then you’ll get juicy details about each one during an encounter. The plot is actually good. Not even just for a porn game. Like legitimately interesting and the characters you meet have actual depth.Easy to Download Mobile VersionI mentioned a mobile version up top. Just click on the link for whatever system your OS runs and download the file. Once that’s downloaded you can tap on it to have it install the rest of the game. From there you have access to the full game right there on your phone. It works great, runs great, and has all the same features that the desktop game has. I find the text a tiny bit too small on mobile, but it’s still readable. The best part is that nobody will suspect a damn thing unless they’re reading right over your shoulder. Enjoy your kinky tentacle rape erotica no matter where you are.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesI’ve got two favorite features I want to talk about. First off, I dig that this game dives deeply into more taboo features. Hell, at once point you have to try and free a bunch of sluts from a milk factory where they’ve all been being used as fuck toys. You could have a fucking alien baby in this game. It’s fucking insane, weird, and hot as hell.Next up is the writing. Most porn games don’t have a plot that could even be called half decent. This game nails it. Great writing and lots of it! There’s definitely well over a full-length novel’s worth of material in here. And the characters and scenarios are very unique. But, fuck, does this guy know how to write some smut. It’s good shit.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsI don’t really have any suggestions for this one. This game kicks ass. I don’t even think I have room for a good old life tip. So, uh, yeah let’s move on.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, Corruption of Champions is a very kinky text-based game that I think most of you fucks would enjoy. Text games can be pretty niche when it comes to audiences, but CoC is the kind of game that could bridge that gap. It’s fun. It’s sexy. It’s kinky as all hell. And, most importantly, it’s well done. Go over to Fenoxo.com and give this game a shot. You won’t be disappointed.