Some folks think xGames are just the regular old “extreme” sports your parents were into. You know, like snowboarding, skateboarding, waterboarding, boarding school and other assorted boardings. That’s all good and fun, but honestly, it’s a little hard to jack off to videos of dudes riding their bicycles over a ramp. Fortunately for all you perverts, today we’ll be talking about an entirely different type of X Games.xGames.zone may well have some entries that involve extreme downhill skiing or freestyle sword juggling, but if so, they’re also sure to include some jiggling titties and penetrated buttholes along the way. Come on—you didn’t really think I’d be covering a family-friendly games site, did you? If that ever happens, I’ll have to change my name and the site’s title to TheBoringDude. That’s not who I am, though, which is why today I’m reviewing a site devoted entirely to adult video games. These guys have been around for years and get around a thousand visits a day, so it looks like I’m not alone in my interest.A Bigger Stash Than Your Local WeebMost of the free porn sites that pop up in my inbox are video tubes, so I knew I had something a little different the moment xGames loaded in my browser. It’s a clean and simple blog-style layout rather than the wall of thumbnails you see on a porn tube. There are still thumbnails for each post, but each comes with a little front-page blurb with a title and some basic information. It’s a nice, orderly presentation, without a single piece of spam slipping through my adblocker.The tagline below the plaintext xGames header tells me they’ve got “More than 10k+ porn games, hentai, 3D, svs and adult games.” There’s an even more accurate tally at the very top of the screen, putting the current total at 10,290 games. That’s pretty fucking impressive, especially for a free site. Shit, Nutaku is known for being a massive library of porn games, but I’m pretty sure their whole collection only adds up to hundreds.Maybe they racked up so many with what looks like an anything-goes approach to porn gaming. While Nutaku is all about those hentai RPGs and wallet-raping gacha games, xGames.zone has a little bit of everything and a lot of some things. Even without leaving the front page, I see a pretty wide range of interactive perversion to completely destroy my productivity for the day. Instead of pigeonholing themselves into a niche, they’re carrying games catering to every kink, fetish and sexual orientation, in just about every gameplay and art style out there.The newest addition, added earlier today, is a 3D RPG mystery that tasks you with finding the truth about your father’s death, all the while big-titted MILFs and other assorted hotties are throwing themselves at you. Other new additions include a hentai visual novel where you titfuck a purple-haired nymphette, an incestuous sex simulator, a sandbox VR romance playground, a Western parody action RPG with monster girl sex, and an indie sex game that turns you into a sexy, exotic babe who has to manage her life, business, friends, loves and spirituality. Oh, and she fucks, too!Fresh Porn Games on the DailyIt’s a pretty fucking impressive spread so far, and I haven’t even made it past the first page. Do you want to know what’s really fucking wild? Every one of those games I mentioned above were added just today. The xGames.zone collection is growing at a ridiculous pace, with a handful of new games hitting the site just about every day. I could probably make a full-time job out of just reviewing all the games, but even then, I’d probably need a team to help me fap my way through them. This is a lot of material!The problem with any collection of this size is that it isn’t always easy picking a place to start. It’s kind of like trying to pick something to watch on Netflix; only you’re raging hard and slowly soaking your drawers in precum the whole time. To make things a little easier, X Games does divide the collection into a few broad categories.By default, you’re seeing all the games in the collection, starting with the newest. A few links in the header or the dropdown menu will also let you filter the Indie Games, Hentai Games, or Android Games. It’s a pretty loose filing system, but at least it’s a start. There’s also a search function that I found fairly effective, thanks to those long game descriptions and tag lists.There’s also a section of the Top Games at xGames, which might be the best way of browsing the site if you’re new to porn gaming or just unsure what kind of game you’d like to crank off to today. You’ll find a breakdown of the most popular sex games today, this week, or all month, ranked based on how many downloads they’re getting. There’s no option to view their most-downloaded games on the site, which is kind of a conspicuous omission, but I’m not sure how much it matters. Porn gamers aren’t necessarily looking for the classics; they just want something fun that’ll get them off!Download and Jerk Off OfflineThe entire xGames.zone format is set up to help you download these games to play on your desktop/laptop or your Android gizmo. (Sorry, Apple fans.) The downside to that setup is that without the web-based games you find on other game sites, the pornographic platformers and student-bangs-teacher visual novels aren’t immediately accessible. You’re going to have to wait a minute to download, unpack and install before you can get lubed up and start playing with your one free hand.On the flip side, the major advantage of the download-only format is really fucking obvious: you get to download all the games on the site for free. The games are hosted on file locker services like Keep2Share, Fboom and Mega, with multiple mirrors for every game, so the site doesn’t go stale as the links dry up. If you’re familiar with these services, you know they come with their own sets of issues like spam and throttled download speeds for free users, but hey, it’s hard to beat that price.They say when in Rome, do as they Romans do. By the same token: when in X Games, fap as the X Gamers do. With that in mind, I perused their current selection of Best Sex Games. Virtual reality cyber romance is popular today, as is a 3D hentai girl simulator that lets you customize a babe, date her and then have your way with your idealized anime slut. xGames.zone gets enough traffic that the top daily games coincide almost directly with the new uploads; all 3 of today’s Best Sex Games were added either this morning or yesterday.I wanted to start my X Games fap test with something that had at least a little more proven staying power. The current top game for both the week and the month is a visual novel called Acadia University. It’s built on the Ren’Py engine, which you’re undoubtedly familiar with if you play games in the genre. xGames offers a selection of screengrabs for each game, which made me eager before I even read the synopsis. There’s a lot of BDSM going on at this institute of higher learning, thoroughly enhanced by the high-quality art and selection of tags that includes Big Tits, Big Ass, Spanking, Titfuck and Footjob.Each of the 10,000+ X Games are given their own page with a full synopsis and stat sheet showing data like the OS, language, creator and release date. The Genre section of each listing is where you’ll find the tags, which brings me to my only real complaint about the site. The games are well-documented, but that massive collection of games would be easier to browse if they used those tags to build a dedicated Genre page. You can use the search bar to find the games with the Female Domination, Voyeurism or Loli you’re into, but there’s no master list to peruse if you’re not yet sure what you’re into.It’s a pretty minor complaint, and definitely not something that should prevent you from taking a look at the site. What xGames.zone really has going for it is that enormous mountain of free, downloadable porn games. There are other big archives of sex games I’ve reviewed here at ThePornDude, but it’s rare to find one that offers such a huge collection of working downloads. If you prefer jerking off to games outside of a web browser and you don’t want to spend any money, this is one of the better options.