ComDotGame Adult

ComDotGame/adult is a browser game site where you can play all kinds of degenerate games for free. ComDotGames aka CDG Sex Games features some of the more tasteless games on the internet, like torture and fuck simulators. This review will focus on Comdotgame’s adult section, although they have all kinds of other games to play.Comdotgame.com features thousands of random browser games that you can play through Flash. These games include blowjob and sex simulators, adventure games, and more. If you’ve tried browser adult games before, you’ll know what to expect. There’s also some degenerate shit like furry fucking.If you want to see a crazy ass furry game, try Thirstchasm. This is a Zelda-like dungeon crawler where you need to fight through a bunch of enemies. If you fuck up and get hit, guess what, you’ll get a hilarious video of your furry ass getting fucked by the monster. Top quality shit.The games at Comdotgame include plenty of Rule 34 content. Princess Peach, Iron Giant (lol), Overwatch, and Naruto are some examples of popular series featured here. Of course, it’s all about watching your favorite characters fucking and sucking like it’s the end of the world. Even better if it’s against their will.In terms of art styles, you’ll get lots of CDG hentai, CGI, and cartoon graphics. Check out Double Homework to see one of the best graphics that these porn games have to offer. We’re talking high detail CGI pussies, with full-color atmosphere.Adult games are separated into straight games and gay games. This is one of the rare times where “this game is gay” is taken literally. It’s probably no coincidence that a lot of the homo games are mixed in with the furry shit, but hey, who am I to judge?Good for searching, terrible for browsingComdotgame has a frustrating layout, even though it randomly has a good search engine. Comdotgame makes it hard to filter content, making browsing a pain in the ass (sometimes literally).When you first enter Comdotgame’s adult section, you’ll see a search bar at the top. This search bar is smarter than your average, since you can add “no” to terms to filter it out. For example, “nohomo” will take out all the homo porn games. Personally, I found myself using “nopony” constantly because of all the goddamn My Little Pony bullshit.Below that you’ll see three links which include Recent adult games, Straight adult games, and Gay adult games. The Straight adult games link is useful for filtering out the furry content in addition to the homosexual games.Like I said, no hate if you like gay stuff. That would make me a hypocrite since I love lesbians so goddamn much.Finally, we get to the main gallery. You’ll get the thumbnail screenshots along with the title below it. These are tiny thumbnails, but you’ll get a decent idea on the quality of the graphics.The first gallery is the “hottest” games, aka the games with the most hits. You’ll want to start here to find the cream of the crop, since most of the games at Comdotgame are low quality as fuck.The next gallery is “bumps”. This is a 4chan style gallery where videos that get “bumped” (via a button) will get sent back to the top. This is a natural Darwinian-style system where games with regular players stay on top, while those that are ignored slowly fade away to oblivion.Other galleries on the main page include Popular, Recent, and Random. Just keep scrolling down to check these out one by one. At the bottom is also a comments section where people spout off random nonsensical shit.Protip: Scroll to the way bottom to see a list of the top adult games and tags. This is super underrated and it’s fucking retarded that Comdotgame doesn’t feature these lists. The reason this is useful is because in every other way you filter the games, you end up filtering the entire site rather than just the adult section. That’s fucking useless!With the top adult games and tags at the bottom, you can easily find the best shit. You also get an idea of what kind of porn is featured Comdotgame. Hell, it might even give you a little fap inspiration.Click on a game to go to the game player. You’ll get a quick five-second ad that automatically closes, or you can close it yourself. Just make sure to wait out the timer or you might get a popup.After that, you can immediately jump into the game. Each game has their own interface and UI, so play around a bit.Below the game player is buttons for Fullscreen, Comments, and Bump. There is also a list of comments, although most of these games are pretty low on commentary.Again, the main thing to keep in mind with Comdotgame is that a lot of the browsing options ends up filtering the entire site rather than just the adult section. On top of the search bar, you’ll see links for Featured games, recent games, and Popular games. But these links filter the games for the entire fucking site! It’s borderline useless if you just want to fap.What I LikeI’m a simple man. Any porn site that makes it easy to play games is appreciated. Games and movies are the two areas where porn sites will try to stick their fingers up your ass, so I’m happy to say Comdotgame keeps the ads very short and respectful.There’s also a huge variety of games, with lots of Rule34. My favorite franchises like Final Fantasy and Family Guy are well represented here, even if the games might be a little rough. The games generally all feature full sound and animation, so it certainly beats fapping off to a photo set.The best games here are probably the CGI games. The Daughter for Dessert games are hot fire and would’ve been AAA titles back when I was growing up. In fact, if you do one thing on Comdotgame, please play the Daughter for Dessert series. Just make sure to start at Chapter 1.They may not be AAA titles, but they are definitely AAA titties.I also want to note the HTML game section. Most of the games are in Flash, but Comdotgame has a section on the main page for HTML games. These are more dynamic and run a little better. Always be on the lookout for the RPG Maker porn games if you want an RPG experience as well.What I HateComdotgame ha a cool selection, but it feels like everything outside of the games is shitty and falling apart.First, it is really annoying that you can’t filter the games when you browse. There is no browsing by tags, no way to filter by rating, or anything else. Sure, the search engine is pretty solid and customizable, but how many of us actually know what shitty browser porn game we want to play?It’s very annoying that the Featured games, Recent games, and Popular games lists cannot be used solely for the adult games. I don’t want fucking Pokémon Trainer games mixed in with my search results.This is especially difficult considering just how much garbage games is on Comdotgame. Since these are all Flash games, you can expect the games to be 99% crap and 1% gold. You need to get a feel for how to find the best games, based on the thumbnails, the Hottest games list, and recommended links.The art is especially lacking for some games. The animation looks like it was made in MS Paint for a lot of these little games, even if they are popular.Comdotgame also has a shitload of MLP and furry shit for me to filter through. If you love this stuff, then congratulations, enjoy your sickly degenerate life. For me, these types of games only got in the way as I kept looking for that elusive high-quality fuck action.Develop that sixth sense PadawanOverall, Comdotgame is solid if you have the patience to track down the good games. There are some true gems here, I’m not bullshitting you, but you need to look carefully.As you keep browsing, you’ll develop a sixth sense for what’s good and what’s not. Something about the combination of thumbnail and titles starts to tell you which porn games are worth checking out. Sounds weird but it’s true.If you are a furry, you’ll feel right at home here. There’s enough MLP and furry action to keep your furry little dick occupied for days. Yiff your heart out my freaky friends.Comdotgame could use a layout overhaul, badly, but keep in mind that I’m only reviewing the adult section. Comdotgame is a much bigger website, and maybe the layout works better in the overall framework. But for me, trying to find the jewels amongst the layers of shit was frustrating.