NewGrounds Adult Games

Damn, NewGrounds 18+, that's a name that I haven't heard in a while. Don't get me wrong, this website is still popular today, but that popularity is nothing compared to the popularity the website had back in the why did this happen? Honestly, no one knows why the website isn't as half as popular as it was back then, but let me tell you one thing, the website still has some amazing pornographic video games, and I don't get it why people aren't talking about these more.I mean, they surely deserve a whole lot of attention, seeing as they are very well made and that I haven't seen many websites that could step up to Newgrounds Adult Games when it comes to porno games. Now, there are some that make some rather excellent erotic games that actually have a story and all that, but honestly, who cares about the stories? People just want to lay the fuck back and control the pace and the angles as they fuck their favorite video game character, or their favorite character from a movie, or a show, or something like that. It's just how people are.So, if you're like the majority of people (at least I believe the majority of people are like this, though I might be wrong), then Newgrounds is the place to be, a website filled with so many porn games that you'll lose your mind. Thankfully, not only does this website give you all of these games free of charge, but all of them are playable in your browser, so you don't have to worry about viruses and malware and shit like that. No downloads, no character creation, nothing!Now, this website has a very simplistic design, and it has many sections, but for real, you don't need to care about these other sections because, as I've explained it: This is where it's at. This is the best section of Newgrounds. Sure, there are parts of the website where you get to see hot pictures and all that, but do you not want to interact with those pictures in some way? Come on, I mean, imagining things is not good enough for you, I'm sure of it. It's not enough for me, that's something I can bet on. Picturing myself having sex with these toons is so boring, I want to actually fuck them, at least in their own 2D universe, since I can't do any better than that.The website is quick to warn you that you've stumbled across a very nice "treasure" once you've managed to load the "adult games" section on Newgrounds, and they're not wrong, really. I mean, I've explained it by now. You'd know if you've been paying attention to what I've been talking about so far. Now, there are some ads on Newgrounds popping up on the sides of the screen time to time, but I wouldn't call them problematic or anything, rather, they actually add to the entire experience, seeing as these ads aren't "aggressive" and all that.They only take up a small part of the website, and as such, they don't bother me that much. These ads can get quite freaky at times, though. I've seen an alien with two dicks fuck an alien with two pussies in one of these, and I was stunned. Not that I liked it or anything, I'm just amazed that people actually came up with something like that. I also saw an ad about a water monster fucking a cute girl on the beach. If that isn't weird, I don't know what is.Also, while this website is very simple to use, it isn't one of those websites that have little to no features, but rather, it's quite the opposite. You get to rate the games you play, you get to comment, and you get to see how many times these games have been viewed. Honestly, I was surprised when I saw the numbers on some of these games. Did 20 million people really watch a cute Japanese schoolgirl get her cheeks clapped by a monster with a huge cock? Are people really into this kind of shit? It's insane, I tell you. All kinds of characters can be found on this website, you'll see the skullgirls, then you'll even see an adult version of Gwen from Ben Ten, you'll see humanoid versions of characters from my little pony, and many other things, but it's mostly going to be Hentai babes, and that's pretty much it. Oh yeah, I even managed to dig up some pokemon porn. Yikes. Isn't that technically zoophilia? Well, who cares, really.A website like this doesn't really have any limits. Kinky people are welcome to explore the page as much as they like, but there are also treats for the few of us who are into vanilla stuff, which is nice. However, I'd like to point out the fact that there aren't that many pornographic games on this website. In fact, there are only six pages filled with like 30 or so games, so you do the math. I wouldn't say this is a problem though. I mean, I was hooked on these back in the day, and some of them do receive frequent updates, so what you'll most likely end up doing is playing two or three of these and waiting for them to get updates. I mean, who the fuck has the time and the patience to play 180 porno games that don't even have a story going on for them? Well, not that many people, I'm sure of it. Anyway, let's cut the chit chat and whip out the raw facts about Newgrounds's adult games section.The featuresSo, for starters, I'd like to point out the fact that Newgrounds indeed has a nice little rating system that makes sure to inform you about the quality of the games. I mean, the website doesn't tell you much about the games, you do get a brief description, but the 5-star rating system is the voice of the people. Furthermore, they leave comments about the games quite frequently as well, which is kinda nice. Sometimes positive, sometimes negative, you know how this shit goes. It's just like youtube.The games load quickly, so playing them is a smooth experience. As I've said, they need not be downloaded, so you can play them in the browser, which is nice. You get to see the name of the person who uploaded the game, which is neat, because if you like what that person is doing, then you can just check their account out and see what they've been up to. Have they made any new games? Have they been slacking off? Find out for yourself.This website has categories, too?A website such as Newgrounds having a categorization system for their pornographic video games? You've got to be kidding me. I did not expect this one bit, but boy oh boy am I happy to see it! Then again, there aren't that many categories. First off, there's the "adult toons" category which focuses on adult games with western animated characters, and then there's one that is a dating simulator, so if you're a fan of porno games that have an actual story, this is the place to go. Then, there's a section about erotic dress-up games, and this one's a bit weird if you ask me.Now, the LGBTQ has been blessed with the "gay adult" section where you get to see dudes on dudes and girls on girls, which is neat The "hentai" section is's quite obvious what this one is about if you've ever seen hentai. Chicks getting gang banged, fucked by tentacle monsters who have like ten dicks or something, and so on. Also, there's a section where you get to see the latest additions to this part of the website, and it's right underneath the bit of the website where you get to see the names of the categories. Naturally, you get to see the number of views of these games, and you get to see if they're real games or just porn movies masquerading as video games.I should have set my expectations higher...To be completely honest, has surprised me positively, seeing as all of the games here are actually quite well made, and the website sure knows how to help me find the kind of games that I like the most. All in all, it's a great place to be if you're into adult games that usually do not have a long story, but are rather about fucking in different positions with different camera angles.