Lewd Zone! I love teenage anal fisting movies as much as the next guy, but sometimes you want a little more interaction with your sexual entertainment. There are a lot of ways to get that, from the paid sluts on my list of Escort Sites to all the beautiful webcam whores showing off their titties and fingering their buttholes in live shows. If you’re a gamer motherfucker and like to stay in your comfort zone, the porn games at LewdZone might be right up your alley.LewdZone.com bills itself as a one-stop portal for all kinds of adult content, from porno video games to sex comics, NSFW animations and even a blog that will be of interest to all you porn-addicted nerds. All you no-fap geeks can just go fuck off right now. The nearly 1 million monthly visitors to LewdZone are in it for the free orgasms.Exercise Your Thumbs, Wrists and ForearmsLewdZone is aiming high, with an intent to serve up all kinds of adult material to all you Internet perverts with a mouse in one hand and your turgid cock in the other. They’re still a relatively new site, though, and they’ve got some growing to do. Right now, most of the content on the front page is free adult video games.If you’re new to the world of porn games, you might want to put some time aside to explore the site. The diversity of filthy games available is apparent as soon as you hit the landing page here. Right away, you’re faced with hot CGI bitches with seductive pouts, cartoon broads with enormous titties, and even some cute little pixel-based sprites that will appeal to anyone who ever jerked off while playing their old Game Boy.The titled thumbnails don’t give away too much about the gameplay, but you can guess about the various kinky ways these storylines play out. Lust Epidemic features a young man surrounded by a bunch of big-busted MILFy bitches, including what looks to be a really horny nun. Ways of Life features a similarly annoyed young dude surrounded by hot chicks in a pool setting, while the girls of Harem Hotel seem like some down-to-earth broads who would like to suck your cock for a while.It’s tempting to think that they have so many porn games because they’ve been collecting them for so long, but honestly? The dudes who make these things are just constantly on, their big brains working, their nerdy dingdongs hard and dripping, and their fingers pecking away, typing out code that becomes the interactive hentai babe you’re about to bang. I’m looking at the front page, and a couple dozen of these games have been updated today!What Kind of Sex Game Do You Like to Play?There are porno games based on every clean videogame genre out there: sex puzzle games, ass-fucking RPGs, incremental dildo clickers and teenage cherry-popping simulators. I do wish LewdZone had visible tags on the front page so you knew what style game you were in for without having to click through to the full info page.As it stands, some of the thumbnails have icons showing which platform the games are for. Slut Trainer will work on Windows or Mac, while Bitch Police is for Microsoft users only. Yeah, that certainly is a bitch. Taboo Stories is for everyone, though, even you Google fanboys on android and the super nerds fucking with Linux. Incest is meant to be shared by the whole family.I didn’t notice any web-based games, which means you’re going to have to download before you can play. Tell your boss you need administrator access on your work computer so you don’t get an error message as you try to install that footjob simulator or the Rick and Morty sex parody game with all the oral, vaginal, titty fucking and golden showers.Download, Lube Up, Play and Crank!I spent some time with a game called MILFy City. It’s a 3 gig download that runs on Windows using the Ren’Py game engine. Many of the games on the site use this engine or RPG Maker, because they give developers something to build off of instead of just working from scratch. That’s one of the major reasons there’s such an abundance of these adult games.You’ll have to download your game from a file locker like Mega Link or Letsupload. These things can be an absolute pain in the ass, usually filled with spam, but I totally understand. If LewdZone hosted all the games they listed, they’d be paying out the fucking ass on bandwidth costs. There’s no way they’d survive unless they charged their users or hit us with more malicious spam than even the worst free tubes.In LewdZone’s defense, I really appreciate how many download links they provide. There are at least half a dozen options for every game, including Google. Patreon contributors throwing the site a buck a month get to skip the ad page on the way to the download.Documentation for each game is decent. You always get a solid blurb describing the action, a few thumbnails of CG teens losing their virginity or hentai warrior babes all stuffed with cock, plus system requirements and installation instructions. The site also actively seeks input from its users in the comment section, as well as a very active Discord server.Lose Your Productivity and Ruin Your PantsI lost a bunch of productivity today playing MILFy City. You play a student who gets dumped and humiliated by your teacher. Naturally, you need revenge. The game has an incest patch you’ll have to install separately, but the download is available on the same page. The patch makes your mom obsessed with you and makes your sister wet for your teenage dick.Christ, they don’t have anything like this on Steam. After MILFy City, I played a text-based RPG called Corruption of Champions. It has an old-timey dungeon crawl feel to it, but with a lot of illustrated hentai scenes thrown in. Naturally, since this is that anime porn style, the sex is super kinky, with rape, pregnancy, furry banging group sex, and big-dicked futanari.Plus Video Game CG Hentai AnimationsAside from the games, which are clearly LewdZone’s current bread-and-butter, they’ve also got a growing archive of adult animation. They are mainly very realistic CG clips featuring recognizable characters from video games getting violated in ways you don’t normally see on PS4.Most of the clips are very, very short. Fiona from Borderlands gets a fully airtight gang bang for a whole 10 seconds, while the double penetration scene starring Kasumi from Dead or Alive stretches on for an epic 11 seconds. Sheeva from Mortal Kombat holds a dude upside down, strokes him off and tosses his salad in a ring for a quarter minute, while the Paladins Skye Threesome Sex is only three fucking seconds long. Great news for you suckers with premature ejaculation issues!It’s a decent baked-in video player, at least. With my adblocker running, I got a little box I had to close that said Close Ads, but I didn’t actually see any spam. The videos all started playing pretty much instantly, with no buffering or enticements to buy boner pills. You can’t adjust the resolution, but everything I looked at was crisp enough to jerk off to. CG is a little bit less demanding than the actual video.The adult animation section is not updated as much as the video games on LewdZone, with the most recent update coming a couple of months ago. I’m not sure if they’re just on hiatus, waiting for more material, or whoever was in charge of that part of the site dropped the ball. Whatever the case, I hope to see them adding more videogame parody smut to their collection.LewdZone aims to be an all-around adult fun zone, but has a ways to go before they can really fill all the bases. For now, their biggest draw is definitely going to be their extensive and growing collection of adult video games. They’ve got over 1,000 of them now, with hundreds of more updates. That’s plenty of opportunity to bang a hentai woman’s boobs, splooge all over a CGI slut’s beautiful bubble butt, and have incestuous sex with all the gorgeous women in your videogame family.