Summertime Saga

SummertimeSaga! Ever wish you could relive those glory days of high school or college? Wait, who am I kidding? Most of you beta fucks out there probably got your asses kicked. Not me. I was getting laid left and right. But don’t worry. It’s not too late for you. Porn games let you live out all sorts of fantasies. And the one I have for you this time around takes you back to school. Step into the shoes of a horny teenage dude surrounded by hot teachers, classmates, and friends. You start off as a bit of a loser, but you slowly rise in the ranks as your stats increase and you meet new people to fuck in this super in-depth adult dating sim.Summertimesaga.com is an adult dating sim that is still in development. It’s in Alpha currently, and the game is funded completely through Patreon. It’s being made by a user named DarkCookie. The game boasts a whole shit ton of kinky fetishes, animated sex scenes, plenty of mini-games, and an in-depth story. The main site brings in over 3 million views every month, and it looks like the game has been in development since 2017, but that could be a little off. It probably started out before then. That’s simply when the site officially launched.Play Seamlessly on Desktop or Mobile!If you end up liking the game, then I highly recommend at least giving the Patreon a peek. By the looks of it, there is a lot of fucking content coming. You can also view a list of progress bars here that tell you how close to done certain aspects of the game are. As of writing this review, the game as a whole is around 55 percent finished. If you donate you get special access to in-game content, as well as the potential for other cool shit for when the full game launches.You can download the game on just about any device. Sadly, iPhones don’t support these kinds of apps. Lame. But you can play this game on Windows, Linux, Android, or Mac with no issue. Just head to the site and use any of the links on the download page to get started. The site here also has options for joining a community discord, reading about in-game rewards, browsing the game’s wiki page, and watching others stream their playthroughs of the game. A really well put together site with plenty of ways to interact with others in the community.Engaging Storyline with Fully Fleshed Out CharactersBut you really want to know about the game. Man, let me tell you, it starts off a bit differently than most other porn games do. Actually, I’d look at this game as more of an erotic visual novel personally. The game starts at your dad’s funeral. Yeah, you read that right. It’s storming and dark music plays as your dad is put in the ground. Jesus. Not the kind of horny, sex-fueled start you would expect. Now, it’s not necessarily a bad thing that it starts like that. But it certainly sets a dark tone that isn’t really kept up with as you play.After the whole funeral deal, it’s established that you’ve been staying with one of your dead dad’s close friends. Who also happens to be hot as hell. But your goals as you start are to save enough money for college, get a date to an upcoming dance, and uncover the mystery of your father’s death. Definitely, one of these things is not like the other type deal, but okay, I’ll play it through and see how this crazy plot plays out.Every Playthrough is DifferentSo, I can’t really tell you every direction you can go here. If you’ve ever played dating sims or life sim games like Persona, then you’ll get what I mean here. Basically, everyone in this fucking game that isn’t a dude is fuckable. It just takes a while to get there.Fortunately, this game is actually pretty damn fun to play. And it’s not just a click around on things until a sex scene pops up type game either. You really have to listen to the characters. You’ll make plans with them and they will share all sorts of details with you. Make sure to remember everything! One or two missed days with someone like Jenny will mean that you never get to fuck her. It’s not a game you fap once too and are done. It’s one that you get fucking invested in.Hot, Varied Sex Scenes with Plenty of Fetish ContentThe sex scenes are great. It’s not fluid style animation or anything, but the sheer variety of shit you can do is awesome. The sounds are sexy, the dialog makes sense, and the scenes are sexy. Definitely the kind of quality content you could jerk off too. And, hey, if you don’t feel like fucking around with the story. You can start the game in a cheat mode that gives you infinite money and gets rid of stats. All you have to do is go around and pick who to fuck. But it says that mode will only be available for a limited time, so get in on that shit while you can. Or you can download the game with all of the character paths unlocked, which makes fucking them even easier.Well-Written Dialog and Good MusicThe entire game has some great dialog and sounds design even outside of the sex scenes. Ambient noise, music, and more makes the whole thing come to life. And the characters have a surprising amount of depth. I don’t want to spoil any of the plot, but each character feels like an actual person. They enjoy talking about their lives, going out and experiencing different things, and more. It makes no one playthrough the same as another.It’s hard to cover every aspect of this game in one review, but I’ll run through the basics. You need to upgrade stats to romance certain characters. Stats are upgraded by hanging out and doing different things with other friends. But there’s only a certain amount of time every day, so you can only juggle so many activities. Text friends, make plans using the calendar and earn money by doing a bunch of different tasks. That’s basically it, but there are so many other cool mini-games and such to delve into as well.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesDamn, I like a lot about this game. But my favorite feature is something a bit vague. It’s the attention to detail here. Every character feels different and unique. The gameplay is smooth, and its fun working to balance all of the tasks you’ve got going on in a given week. I went in just trying to fuck someone as quickly as possible, but that ended up taking a back seat. I wanted to see how these relationships developed and how the game progressed. Something that regular old porn games just cannot even begin to achieve.Also, I can’t bring these awesome sex scenes up again. Finally, a fucking porn game that makes the wait worth. They weren’t lying when they boasted about all those fetishes. You can fuck a lactating cowgirl, eat out your hot teacher, and fuck all these chicks every which way. It’s fucking great. The fact that there’s an actually enjoyable game built around those scenes is the icing on the cake for me.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsI don’t have many suggestions here. The game is fun to play and jerk off too. I encountered a couple of glitchy moments and the game crashed once, but those are all being worked on. It by no means took away from my experience. I look forward to the new scenarios, characters, artwork, and other cool shit that the team plans to put out. My biggest suggestion would be to donate to those hard-working people’s Patreon if you like the game.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, SummerTimeSaga is a surprisingly fun adult dating sim. Romance your favorite chick, get laid, hang out with friends, and more. It’s one of the most fun times I’ve had with a porn game in a long time. Seriously, I can’t believe this shit is free. There is more content packed into this game than some AAA video games. If you like these kinds of dating games, then I highly recommend you give this game a try.