It would be fair to say Fenoxo Play has something of a cult following. The simple-looking Fenoxo blog gets 4 million views a month, even though it’s utterly baffling for a first-timer. Who the fuck is Fenoxo? Why should I care? What’s with the big-titted, big-dicked centaur busting a sloppy nut toward the bottom of the page?The subtitle of the site is Home of NSFW Ramblings. Hey, we’re in the same business! Well, not exactly. I’m more of an all-around porn guy, but Fenoxo has something uniquely perverted for the real freaks. Come with me as I take a tour of Fenoxo’s Blog and his collection of hentai games.Who the Fuck is Fenoxo?There’s no About Me section on the blog, just references to a creator called Fenoxo, Fen, Fenny, or Fenfen. Some of the entries reference Fen in the third person, so it seems like multiple people are actually posting.Google is a little more helpful. It turns out Fenoxo is a Pervy Writing Minotaur, the coder, and brain behind a number of sexy games, and has the ability to suck his own dick and fire portals from his anus. It seems like he probably edits his own entry on the Smutosaur Wiki, too.I’m getting thousands of Google hits for Fenoxo, and they all seem directly related to the dude. He’s Internet famous, even if you’ve never heard of him before. His claim to fame is dirty games. In particular, Corruption of Champions seems to have won the hearts and minds of deviants.Before We Corrupt the ChampionsIf you are brand new, scrolling through the blog entries will give you an idea of what’s in the games. Right now, I see talk of an effete centaur fuckboy you can meet in the Old Forest, a well-armed dinosaur bitch with huge tits and an enormous clit, and there’s a girl-on-girl scene with tentacles that may or may not be consensual. The art varies in style a bit, but it maintains a hentai flavor throughout.Most of the entries on the front page will be difficult for newbies to understand. They talk about the different games and the status of upcoming ones. If you get hooked on Fenoxo’s work, I’m sure you’ll hang on for every post. Updates come every couple of days.A November 2018 entry is going to be a bummer for a lot of people. It seems they’re cutting the most obtrusive incest content from one of their games to comply with Patreon’s terms of service. In classic porno style, the sisters are now going to be step-sisters.Time for CorruptionNow that we’ve looked at the front page, let’s get to the meat of the site. The first link in the header, PLAY, is where all the best stuff can be found.Trials in Tainted Space (TiTS), Alder’s Fall of Eden, Corruption of Champions, and Corruption of Champions II are all playable from this "fenoxo play" page. They’ll all run in a window, or you can get an iOS or Android app for TiTS or CoC. A download for CoC2 is coming soon.Since Corruption of Champions seems to be the one that put Fenoxo on the map, I decided to check out the sequel. The warning on the opening screen includes this gem:“CoC2 contains many weird and exotic fetishes, including but not limited to: sexually invasive tentacles, overly-amorous monster girls, furry futa femdom, uncontrollable breeding urges, and horny demon sex-wizards. You’ve been warned.”That warning’s just going to encourage you, isn’t it? I clicked New Game and got…A wall of text. There was some backstory about mages who thought they were better than gods, and some stuff about wolf-people, orcs, and cat-people. A few pages later it asked me to choose a name and a race. I named myself Cocklord and chose Lupine, because a few broads have told me I’m nothing but a dog.The next page asks me to choose a class, explaining this will determine how my character fights, as well as Cocklord’s perks and talents. I get it now. Corruption of Champions is a fantasy RPG, like Dungeons and Dragons only with monster rape.By the time I finished the character creation process, I was 7’6” Golden Male Lupine Noble-Scion Warrior with a Bodybuilder frame and Brown eyes. Pale was my only choice for skin color, but I least I was bestowed with a 10” cock. Along with his Well-Hung talent, Cocklord lived up to his name.CoC2 generated a detailed, full-page description of my character that included a flat tongue constantly dripping slobber, a fuzzy golden tail above my toned dog ass, and average-sized pink areolas. A paragraph goes into deep depth, and wide width, about my canine cock. Naturally, it retracts into a sheath when flaccid.Where Are The Titties?If you’re a newbie to Fenoxo’s work, taking your first go with one of his games, this may be where disappointment begins to set in. Like the blog where we found it, the game is mostly text. In fact, if you thought the blog looked skimpy in terms of images, the game is downright barren.There is sex in this game. In fact, every element seems to radiate kinky fuckery of every kind. It’s just aimed at an audience willing to build an elaborate picture in their mind while they’re basting the ham.The kind of shit in a Fenoxo game just wouldn’t fly in a typical porno, anyway, as we’ll see. This is a deep niche smut for a deep niche market.It’s obvious from the moment you create a giant-cocked hero that Corruption of Champions ain’t your typical fantasy RPG. Early in the game, you team up with a pink-haired cat slut who looks like she might be into it. A pic of her face is the only image we’ll see for a while aside from the text. A couple fights later, you run into a temple and see this:“On the altar is a naked, insensate cat-girl with her wrists tied by leather straps. Her chest heaves with heavy breath, shaking a pair of succulent pale mounds atop it. Blonde hair laced with purple dye spills down in wild curls around her jaw and over her colorful ears, mussed and flecked with dirt.”After another big fight to rescue this chick, we finally get another pic. This time, it’s a red-skinned chick with bat wings, giant breasts, and a huge axe. In the text, she’s playing with her black, pierced nipples until creamy milk pours out.A couple of pages later we learn that she’s also got a huge horse cock she was hiding and a glistening horse cunt behind her sack. You can suck her off, refuse, or try to get a better offer.Non-Interactive Ratfolk EroticaFenoxo’s games are deeper than you’d expect from interactive Literotica. The combat and skill systems are well-developed, and there’s lots of room to take different paths along with the storylines.That said, they’re a definite time investment. They’ll appeal to the RPG fan who wants to get lost in the world for hours at a time, even if that means reading long segments with a soft dick.The Fiction section of Fenoxo (often misspelled as "fenexo") has a couple of dozen stories and novellas. If you’re into the kind of stuff you’ll find in a Fenoxo game—like squirrel girls and psychic minotaurs, lactating and feminization—these dirty little yarns will trip your trigger. Since they’re non-interactive, you can scroll right down to the sex parts if you’re in a hurry.Given how excited Fenoxo’s fanbase gets about the material, it’s not surprising the community here is active as hell. There’s a hopping forum, as well as a Discord group. If you want to talk to someone about dick-boob centaurs, there are probably a bunch of people on right now. As I write this, more than 2,000 members are online.Fenoxo’s blog has stories and games that will appeal to only a very specific audience, but that audience is going to eat this shit up. I can’t think of anywhere else to go if you’re looking for a deep, interactive reading experience with fantasy settings and the weirdest sex you could ever imagine. These games are next-level nerd porn.