FAP Nation

Let's have a wank at FapNation! Fap-Nation, what a name! I don’t know about you fucks, but I like to mix it up every once in a while. Sometimes I don’t want to watch the usual professionally shot, hardcore face fuck that I like to jerk off too. I need to take a step back from porn with real people and shit every once in a while. Comics, games, and hentai can be fucking awesome. Drawn porn can be a lot more interactive, at least for now. I’ve seen studios take steps in the choose your own adventure genre in regular porn lately.But there’s a charm to drawn porn that you don’t get with regular porn. There’re no stakes or anything. You don’t have to worry about the people involved or any of that shit. And the scenarios are fucking wild. Everything from SFM videos where grotesque aliens fuck chicks with massive tits, comics where schoolgirls suck off their teachers, and games where you juggle relationships with the hopes of getting laid. It’s got something for everyone! And the genre lets you explore the darker fetishes without silly things like human rights getting in the way. Looking at you Guro freaks out there.A Massive Hub for Everything and Anything Drawn or AnimatedFap-nation.com hits on every single one of these genres and more. Fap Nation is a massive hub of drawn porn. Western comics, hentai, SFM, all sorts of games, and even siterips. It’s one of those sites that makes others useless. And they are bringing in over 7 million views every month. That’s made even more impressive considering that they’ve only been around since 2017. In two short years, they have fucking exploded in growth. At first glance, it looks like they have a ton of content, but you never know. Let’s dive in and check it out.The homepage has a dark purple theme that makes it great for night viewing. A slideshow banner up top runs through what I assume are some of their more popular games. It doesn’t really say. A header up top lets you jump around from “Games, Comics, Tools, Requests, and Support.” All of the previews run down the middle of the site with “Latest Games” up top followed by “Latest Comics and Artwork.” It’s a simple layout that I can get behind, though I’d like it, even more, to get behind some of the sluts in these previews, damn.A Variety of Sexy Games Available Across Most Operating SystemsSince they are what’s displayed most, I’m going to start with their games. They have games for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. There are works in progress here, so if you only want finished games hit “Completed Games,” or, if you want them all, you can hit “Browse All” to check out the entire inventory.Regardless of which page you pick, you’ll get taken to a page with fuller previews of the games. You get a title, studio, date uploaded, tags, a short description, a preview image, and a download button. None of the games here are streamed on FapNation. But the download source they have is on the up and up, so no worries there. And their selection is massive. Hundreds of pages of porn games to choose from. But with such a big selection you can expect some big fat stinkers in there. I tried out quite a few. Some were excellent, sexy, and engaging. Others had choppy graphics and sounded like they’d been written by someone with the English language skills of a bruised banana.I definitely don’t recommend “Desired Love.” It was their newest game on there and the best you got was a couple of shitty tit shots. With a ton of crappy dialog and a long buildup. I personally had a lot of fun with this game called “Claire’s Quest.” It’s this dark fantasy, dystopian game with a really sexy art style. Plus, the tits on Claire were fucking awesome. If you’re a fan of Rick and Morty, they have a game on there called “A Way Back Home” that was also fun.Full Comic Series! The comics aren’t set up all that differently. Preview set up is the same and you have to download these as well. Usually, they will download with each page being individual images, so you’ll have to use an image viewer to flip through them. The quality issue was the same here. Some of them are fucking awesome, with beautifully drawn big breasted cowgirls scissoring each other. Others look like some 14-year old’s crusty sketchbook full of sonic OC’s. But at least it’s all free.Site Rips, Animations, and HentaiThe main difference with comics is that they group together a range of different shit on this tab. Comic siterips, hentai, western comics, and animations. Well, there’s only like a half dozen animations on there right now, so I guess that doesn’t count. But there’s a lot here worth checking out aside from comics. The siterips are pretty fucking great. You’ve got rips from popular sites like Milftoon and Hibbli3D. The list is rather small, but I’m sure they’ll add new ones. They update all of their content often enough, too.I’d skip on the “Tools” section myself. It’s just a bunch of off-site links for stuff you don’t need like “Comic Viewer” and “Flash Player.” The “Make a Request” section is lackluster. I expected, you know, some guides on how to make requests or something. Nope. It just tells you to email them. It’s great that they have user input and shit available but come on. At least put some bullet points there for us.Good Mobile Site… if Your Device Supports the ContentThe mobile site is actually pretty great. Just keep in mind that you will only be able to download content from the site that your device supports. Most of the games are made for desktop, so you’ll be shit out of luck with that usually. But the comics work just fine as long as you have a .zip or .rar reader on your phone. If you’re an iPhone user then you’re probably not going to be able to get much here, unless you find the galleries that just download the uncompressed Images. But those are few are far between. Other than the logistics issues, it’s a decent mobile port. A few small changes were made to make it easier to navigate and it worked out pretty well.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesMy favorite feature about Fap-nation.com is the wide range of content they have that you can fap to. Comics, games, hentai, and siterips. It’s pretty impressive how much they have here. Usually, sites focus on just one of those things, but this site manages to include them all without the content being trash. Well, some of it is. But a good bit of it is made by individual developers, so some bad ones are expected. Most of the content is great.I also liked that everything needed to be downloaded. I’d normally be bummed that they lacked streaming services but downloading everything means they have a ton more space to work with. That fact lets them pump out all of this content in different categories. Plus, in-browser games are often really fucking bad anyway.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsMy main suggestion for fap-nation.com, aside from taking it easy on the redirect ads, would be to include some more filter options. Let me sort out some of the games by popularity, upload dates, ratings, and all that good shit. It’s annoying having to sort through and finally find something that you think will be good only to discover that it has a consistent 1-star rating across the board. Some simple filter options would fix just about every navigation issue that this site has.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, Fap-nation.com is definitely worth a visit if you love any kind of drawn porn. There’re so many different kinds of porn here to nut to. Comics, SFM, games, siterips, and more. Plus, it’s all completely free. It’s a fucking no brainer. Check out some of the awesome content they have here and join the fap nation. I don’t know if that’s their slogan, but it should be. Anyway, yeah, sites fucking great. Go check them out.