Games Of Desire

Let's play "GamesOfDesire"! I’ve been a porn expert for a long time now, and I know that when it comes to porn fans one of the largest demographics out there are the gamers. Serial masturbation is a pretty common activity for most gamers worldwide, and it’s not hard to see why they make up one of the largest porn-viewing demographics in the world seeing as how a large chunk of the porno industry caters to them.There is a fuckton of cosplay videos out there with sluts dressed up as popular video game characters, and gamers go crazy for that kind of shit, but one way to take this way of consuming pornography to the next level is to offer them some authentic, interactive XXX games.‘Games of Desire’ is a fine example of XXX content being crafted explicitly for people who prefer to get off on interactive porn-themed games as opposed to videos with real-life women on it. It has a large selection of browser-based flash games fit for casual players or hardcore pros who love nothing more than cumming to a playable interactive experience featuring hot drawn babes.It’s a Haven for ‘Meet-n-Fuck’ GamesI know all too well that the one thing all gamers and porn-addicts love is an intimate, authentic connection. Now while they probably may not be able to get that in real life, they can get the next best thing with this site’s ‘Meet-n-Fuck’ games. ‘Meet-n-fuck’ games are role-playing games where you play as a protagonist who can actually talk to women as opposed to the person controlling him – you go around and meet different babes, click through a few conversation options and before you know it you’re fucking some random girl you just met in the ass.These kinds of games are the bread and butter when it comes to interactive XXX games because they allow the person playing them to get emotionally invested into the girls they’re trying to fuck by clicking their mouse a few times. If you’re ever in need of a more intimate fapping experience and you’re okay with jacking off to drawn sex, then this site has a whole treasure trove of precisely that kind of stuff waiting for you.Plenty of Parodies to Choose FromSince gamers are familiar with all things nerd culture, it’s only natural that this XXX gaming dedicated website provides some interactive parody games where you get to fuck your favorite cartoon, video game or anime character. I’ve come across some familiar faces on some of this website’s games, having had the pleasure to sodomize Raven from Teen Titans, butt fuck Samus from Metroid Prime and make an oral creampie in the mouth of Tsunade from Naruto.I know that there are tons of lonely nerds out there who would love nothing more than to neglect real-life girls that they maybe have a chance with in favor of fucking one of these drawn sluts right here on this website. If you ever want to be the protagonist of your own fuck-filled fantasy story and fuck your favorite fictional female characters, then you should definitely pay a visit to Games of Desire.The ‘New Porn Games’ Section is Perfect for Seasoned GamersMost newcomers will be at the least intrigued if not aroused by the vast assortment of XXX games this site provides, but I’m sure that veteran XXX gamers who have had their fair share of porn games since the early 2000s will definitely like what this site has to offer. If you’re one of those rare few people that can only be sexually attracted to video game characters, then I strongly urge you to check this site out if you’re ever in need of satisfying an urge. There’s much more intimacy when jerking off to interactive porn anyways. An intimacy that no VR headset or JOI video will ever be able to deliver.Hentai Games GaloreI’ve noticed that there are three main categories of drawn porn not just on this website but on most XXX domains on the World Wide Web: There’s 2D cartoons, 3D porn, and the cult classic Hentai. Not only are there Hentai games available on this site, but there are so many that it’s almost impossible to choose which one you’re gonna fap to. If you’re one of the many otaku gamers out there who would love to bust their balls and splurge to sexy anime babes, then you can be sure that you’ll find what you’re looking for on this site.I’ve played through a few ‘Meet-n-Fuck’ Hentai games on here already, and I must admit I was tempted to flop my meat out and give myself a little self-love while playing them, because they really do a hell of a job at immersing you within their world. I’ve been reviewing porn for so long I might as well have a Ph.D. in it, and let me tell you, very few formats of pornography can deliver the sheer level of intimacy alongside visual eye-candy which a nicely drawn ‘Meet-n-Fuck’ Hentai game brings.Need a Second Hand?As soon as I noticed the ‘Multiplayer’ category, I saw that took the gaming aspect of itself as seriously as it does its porn. Browser-based multiplayer games are pretty hard to find, and finding ones with porn might as well be like finding a needle in a haystack, but this game does indeed feature two multiplayer porno games that you can check out. You can play alongside people from all over the world who are just as perverted and in need of a ‘hand’ as you – there’s the immersive RPG ‘MNF Club,’ which has been made thanks to the hard work put in by the developers of this site.Then there’s ‘Online Sexy Blackjack,’ which like the previously stated game is also made by the developers of the website. I personally prefer Online Sexy Blackjack more than MNF Club because it has much more immediate entertainment value – I mean who can resist beating your opponent in a game of blackjack and getting to fuck their sexy cartoon avatar with a brutal fuck machine?The 'Game Collections' Category has Games Featuring Characters from your Favorite FranchiseSometimes the only XXX game that will do the job for you is one that features characters from your favorite franchise getting sodomized in all kinds of different ways. The ‘Game Collections’ section on this site contains categories with games which are grouped via the franchises which their featured characters belong to.So if you, for example, have a hard-on for Marge Simpson and wanna see here get in a POV doggy style position then there’s a whole collection of games with the Simpson’s characters waiting for you right in this section of the page. The same goes for a good number of other franchises such as Game of Thrones, My Little Pony, Family Guy, One Piece, Naruto, Super Mario and so on. No matter where your fandom lies I’m sure you’ll be able to find your favorite franchise on this section and get off on games featuring your favorite fictional characters.Are You a Developer Who Likes Making XXX Games?Computer programmers spend a lot of time in front of the PC, and it wouldn’t surprise me if at least half of them have an affinity for good porn. Now with that being said, I’m sure that there are a good number of developers out there who would love to showcase their programming skills in combination with their insatiable hornyness and large capacity for all things perverted in the form of a XXX game.That’s right- you can upload a whole game of your own creation on this website and be happy knowing that thousands of lonely dudes out there could be violently masturbating to something you made. Now this may be a long shot for most people reading this, but who knows, maybe one of you fits this demographic and might just take it upon themselves to create the most perverted erotic fantasy game that will help some guys blow their loads.